Jan. 17th, 2019

Mavericks Big Tues. 12.18.18 ~ Aerial Footage From Rob Cala


VIDEO. Photo-documenting the art of life in transit inspires me. Water is my thing. So is the desert. It’s all an adventure. I’ve lariumed mozzies in tropical climates and tread from Amsterdam to Manila, New York to Sydney, Port Moresby to Baja and countless miles road-eyeing California. It’s like stepping across time mining stories and deciphering how they relate to evolving modern views of us, them and the legends. When you need escape, for me, the road is one remedy – conjuring,  exploring and discovering the “-ologies and -ographies” of the planet. And even detonating the spin cycle of manufactured BS while manifesting ideas in motion. I sometimes record the narratives of the destinations explored in audio and image. In Papua New Guinea there is a word, wantok, meaning “someone who speaks my language”  Everyone has a story, so it’s easy to imagine the planet as one thread in the universal fabric of thought, feeling and spirit – of people having a conversation – about relatable experiences, no matter where you call home.  
Journey on, RC (or Rob Cala, or Ranger Rob Cala of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve).


Bike Tour with New HMB City Manager, Bob Nisbet, and Vice Mayor, Adam Eisen

Bike Rack with loose bolt. This is where Adam parks his bike when he is visiting city hall. Fix-it Ticket!

PHOTO-ESSAY.  Adam Eisen made a list of things around town that he wanted the new Half Moon Bay City Manager to see. Bob is a big bike rider. I joined the ride, as I’m on the HMB Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and because I like to ride bikes!

We started at 3pm from City Hall on Monday Jan. 7th, 2019 for a 2 1/2 hour tour, stopped only by dark. A great way to start the year.

This is where we visited…

Rip Currents 101 ~ Mavericks Big Wave Season

VIDEO. Watch for sneaker waves like the 2010 Mavericks Contest wave. Share these Rip Current videos with your friends who like to go to the Beach.

Local CERT trainer, Michelle Dragony, has curated 3 videos that will bring you up to speed.

If you see someone who is not paying attention, or does not seem to understand the danger, do take the time, to gently nudge them with the fact that at least one person dies every year at our beaches. Sneaker waves are an unanticipated coastal wave that is much greater in force and height than the waves preceding it.

Drowning can happen with one wave.


NEXT City HMB Planning Commission Local Coastal Plan (LCP) Land Use Study Sessions

Save the Last Date!  
Tuesday, November 27, 2018 – Study session on:
  • Chapter 6 – Natural Resources, and updated biological maps
Wednesday, December 19, 2018 – Study session on:
  • Chapter 5 – Coastal Access and Recreation
  • Chapter 7 – Coastal Hazards
  • Chapter 8 – Cultural Resources
  • Chapter 9 – Scenic and Visual Resources
Tuesday, January 22, 2019 – Study session on:
  • Chapter 2 – Development
  • Chapter 4 – Agriculture
Staff will also give a brief overview of the Introduction, Framework, and Development chapters, which will subsequently be posted online at

Other Stories 

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Max and Manny ~ 42 Encounters with Dogs

BOOK. Our labradoodle puppy Max was my present to my wife Elfa for our fiftieth wedding anniversary. After he became a member of our family, I started to record our experiences with him, as well as the behavior solutions that I learned from various books. These experiences, plus images of various dog lovers that I have photographed in the past have become the basis of this book, the second one in the series of "42 Encounters". Manny Kagan, Author.

Part of the 42 Encounters photography books series:
42 Encounters with Dog Lovers. It’s about the first 42 days of life with our dog Max, as well as tips and tricks he has picked up about caring for your baby fur child. 10% of each purchase goes toward a dog shelter or dog charity. Check it out on Amazon!


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City HMB Planning Commission Local Coastal Plan (LCP) Land Use Study Sessions

The Half Moon Bay Planning Commission is continuing its work on the Local Coastal Program (LCP) and Land Use Plan (LUP) update.  Since 2017, these documents have been prioritized for completion, prior to proceeding with completion of the City’s General Plan update.

The LUP consists of 9 chapters, or focus areas, several of which were reviewed by the Planning Commission in summer, 2017. Each chapter of the LUP undergoes an extensive process including review by the Planning Commission prior to presentation to the City Council for adoption.

The community is invited and encouraged to participate in upcoming study sessions on the draft LUP chapters. At each session, there will be an opportunity for public comment as well as a Planning Commission discussion and Q&A with City staff.


BEDTIME STORIES Theatre 1/19 @ 11am @ OPL

KIDS!  Michelle Dragony and her friends READ LIVE.

Enjoy breakfast at the Old Princeton Landing. Their new breakfast menu has something for everyone. Smoothies, hearty oatmeal, burritos, acai bowls, Bloody Marys! …. Relax with your kids in Brian Overfelt’s new Backyard, while your kids are entertained.

You want to read a story? Bring the book and join us on the stage.

What age? Bedtime Stories are fun for every age. Some kids will listen intently, others will dance and jump and semi-listen.

When you get home, or in the car…..

Next OPL Bedtime Stories Theatre
Sat. 11:00am, Feb. 19th, 2019 @ the Old Princeton Landing



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Bedtime Stories 2018 Mix ~ 1 Hour of Stories ~ Listen In!

Bedtime Stories read by:

  • Michelle Dragony:
    • A Sick Day for Amos McGee
    • Where the Wild Things Are
    • Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly
    • Ferdinand
    • Skippyjon Jones
    • The Tale of Pater Rabbit
    • The Tale of Benjamin Bunny
    • The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies
  • Diana Purucker:
    • Koala Lou
  • Liz Pinkham:
    • The Giving Tree
  • Rachel Sage:
    • Corduroy
  • Chris Devcich:
    • Froggy Gets Dressed
  • Joe Flambo:
    • The Crows of Pearblossom
  • Lorraine Sarullo:
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