July 19th, 2018
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Meet Luca Padua.
Shredding Monsters @ Mavericks

Video.  Olympic Channel presents a very intimate documentary of the best Mavericks day so far in 2018.   
16 year old local surfer Luca has been riding the giants of Mavericks since he was 13 and he is already shredding big waves better than most. See also Garrett McNamara, Jamie Mitchell, Aaron Gold, Emily Erickson, and Alessandro Marciano.

Proprietary link to Olympic Channel video of Luca Padua.

Watch the full documentary from there.

It will make you grin.

The History of Powerlines Productions and the Mavericks Wave

Photo-essay by NickBastone w/The Six Fifty.  “How two filmmakers with a camcorder and a jet ski made Mavericks world famous.”  Great Mavericks story. The birth of Powerlines Productions and the discovery of the Mavericks wave. Featuring Curt Meyers, Eric W. Nelson, Dom Padua, and Luca Padua.

Today owerlines Productions counts Kelly Slater as a fan.

Thanks Nick Bastone of The Six Fifty!

Other Stories

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Rent a STORAGE Space for your Kayak, Surfski, or Standup Paddle.  Wood and carpet rack covered with UV netting.
Check it out ~ 111 Vassar St. HMB
Opposite the HMB Yacht Club

NEW PRICE ~ $25 - 50/month. (Paid quarterly)


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HMB Concert in Park ~ Jazz!
with Rose and Hit Waves Unplugged


The City’s Family-Friendly Concert Series – Free at Mac Dutra Plaza!

Half Moon Bay Recreation is pleased to offer a variety of musical styles at its Concerts in the Park program. Everyone is invited to join friends, family, and your Half Moon Bay neighbors to enjoy free live music in Downtown Half Moon Bay.

Upcoming Concerts:

Join friends and neighbors for these free shows in 2018. All are from 4 – 6 pm at Mac Dutra Plaza, corner of Main Street and Kelly Avenue in downtown Half Moon Bay:


Mon. 9am  7/23 ~ HMB Kayak Kids' Camp
Mon. 7pm 7/23 ~ Pacifica City Council
Tues. 5pm 8/7 ~ National Night Out ~ City / County will give you
$100 for a block party!

Mon. 7pm 7/23 ~ Pacifica City Council

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Bedtime Stories ~ How to Record and Edit Your Own mp3 Podcast
for Bedtime Stories!

“Watch this instructional video on “How to Record and Edit Your Own mp3 Podcast for Bedtime Stories!”  Anyone can record a podcast.

  • Are you a parent that works late, or travels a  lot? How would your little one like to hear your voice before they nod off to sleep?
  • Grandma and Grandpa can’t usually be there all the time. How comforting to remind your child of their grandparents, and that their voice read to you, too, when you were little. Nostalgic for parents and grandparents.
  • Friends of kids. Know a kid that you just love a whole bunch? Read a Bedtime Story for them for their birthday, or Christmas, or just cause you’d like to share a story you loved when you were a kid.

Push the button and let the kids listen.  Great in the car, or while your doing chores, or making dinner!  From your phone, or your computer.  With book, without a book.

If you like to read bedtime stories contact the Buzz Studios and come on down and record!

If you enjoyed listening to this bedtime story, you may enjoy reading it too. Find the book at Inkspell Books in Half Moon Bay!

Thanks for listing to Bedtime Stories on Coastside Buzz.

This series is produced in the studios. 

How to Use Bedtime Stories as an Independent Reading Tutor!

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