Sept. 6th, 2018
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Cannabis “Starts” Operation in Salinas
PHOTO-ESSAY.  I went on a tour of the Commercial Cannabis operation, Pacific Reserve Nursery in Salinas, with Dustin Cline and Eric Hollister, of Keiki’s nursery, today (2/7/2018).  James Fryn, a consultant and partner with Pacific Reserve, lead the way. Pacific Reserve started 2 years ago and so is a mature example of what a G-4 Agricultural permit can acheive in the City of Half Moon Bay. A G-4 permit will allow growers to grow “starts”. Starts are the little plants, like you get at your local nursery, to start your tomatoes or your herbs. “Cuts” are the branches that are cut from the adult “mother” plants, and then transplanted and rooted.

Number 21855: One Coastsider’s Experience In The WWII Japanese Internment Camps

KHMB PODCAST.  A poignant recording of Naomi Patridge, a Half Moon Bay public figure, sharing her experience during World War Two as a Japanese-American. Naomi recently told her story about being in Japanese internment camps during WWII to the Half Moon Bay Historical Association. She shares the little known Japanese history of Pescadero, where Naomi lived before being moved into the internment camp at Tanforan Race Track in 1942, and her experience throughout the rest of the war. Listen to her entire story at the link below.

Let's Talk About Housing Presentation
PRESENTATION. City of HMB is deciding how to spend $2.1 million in housing funds. Many people were surprised at the statistics of the SMCo Home For All survey presentation, held earlier in August.

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Marriage Prep 101

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You have come to the right place. Marriage Prep 101 has been established for over 15 years, helping thousands of couples create the relationship of a lifetime!

Conflicts and tensions happen in all relationships: Learn conflict management skills that help!

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HMB History Assoc. Jail Museum

The HMB History Association has opened a small museum in the historic HMB Jail to be able to share and celebrate Coastside History, while the larger Johnston Barn Museum work progresses. As part of the initiative, we have trained volunteer docents  to educate museum visitors.  

Come by and learn about the Spanish Land Grant Era, Bootlegging and Prohibition, Maritime History, the Ohlone Indians, the various immigrant communities who settled the Coastside, prominent historic buildings in town and the stories behind those who built them… and much more!




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Community Invited to Participate in Poplar Beach Gateways Plan

Input is needed as the City of HMB plans to improve parking/access, address erosion and bluff restoration, and make other improvements at the Poplar Beach and bluff top park area. September 17, 5:30 pm at the Poplar Beach parking lot. 

Poplar Beach Gateways Plan is a multi-year project to create a plan for the Poplar Beach and blufftop park area. The purpose of the plan is to improve parking and access, create a phased program for erosion mitigation and bluff restoration, create welcoming “gateway” elements (such as special signage or other features), and initiate work on the easterly re-alignment of the Coastal Trail between Poplar Street and Kelly Avenue. This project area is located on City-owned property along the bluff top between Poplar Street and Kelly Avenue.



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Bedtime Stories ~ Skippyjon Jones

PODCAST. Enjoy the adventures of a Siamese kitten, that believes he is a sword-fighting Chihuahua called Skippito Friskito! Skippyjon enters his closet to find himself in the desert of old Mexico. He then finds the band of chihuahuas called the Chimichangos. They are looking for El Blimpo Bumblebeeto Banditio whoo keeps stealing their frijoles (beans). Skippito Friskito to the rescue!

Michelle Dragony has fun as she riffs on the voices of Don Diego, Pintolito, Poquito Tito, Rosalito and Tia Mia. Beautifully written by Judy Schachner. Published in 2003 by Dutton Family Books.

1 Hour Bedtime Story Mixes ~ Listen In!

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This series is produced in the studios. 

How to Use Bedtime Stories as an Independent Reading Tutor!

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