June 25th, 2020



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What Are Social Bubbles? Your Family, Co-Workers, Workout Partners and The NBA

Social Bubbles!  This allows up to 12 members from different households or units who agree to only socialize with members within their bubble as if they all belonged to the same household.  They can’t mix or be in any other social bubble for 3 weeks.  Example would be 6 couples meeting outdoors for the block happy hour without face coverings and 6 feet of social distancing (or if you prefer, the old clicks in high school – only they never made it 3 weeks!).  All in all, it provides a more controlled environment for infection control while giving people more options to socialize within the health order.


InPerspective: A Beginners’ Guide to the Climate Crisis

OWN VOICE. ~ InPerspective by Gregg Dieguez                                             

The science that proves our current Climate Crisis is human-caused is over 150 years old. Despite climate change skeptics, who insist that ‘fancy computer models’ are unreliable, you already learned the proven science behind this Climate Crisis in grade school – it doesn’t require a computer to understand. And you’ve experienced that science firsthand, as when you get in the car on a hot day: if the Sun’s energy can’t escape as fast as it enters, the car heats up.



Mayor Eisen: Masks Required, New Elections, Budget, 4th of July, Playgrounds…

To maintain your own health, to keep your family safe, and to help keep the coronavirus from spreading in our community, I strongly urge you: continue to observe all social distancing and other public health protocols that we’ve been using for the last few months. Many public health professionals say that this is not over – not by a long shot – and I agree. While regulations are relaxing, we cannot relax in our personal efforts to contain COVID-19. Each of us is responsible for taking appropriate measures – social distancing, face coverings, etc. Your community is depending on you to continue doing the right thing.



SAM GM Explains the 6 Month Budget Process for the Sewer-Water Joint Powers

VIDEO. Imagine a sewer agency and two water agencies (Granada Community Services District (GCSD) and Montara Sewer and Water District(MSWD)) coordinating inter-related budgets.

GCSD is sanitary (sewer and solid waste) and park ~ not a water district.

MSWD is sanitary and water.

SAM has no water services at all.



Part 2: Indigenous History in the Bay Area: Ethnobotany and Land Stewardship

California ecosystems have evolved with thoughtful active management by diverse human communities over thousands of years. This session will examine some of the interactions Indigenous Peoples of the Bay Area had with our landscape. We will highlight specific plant and animal relationships, as well as stewardship practices using examples from our local landscape. 



What’s BID? Business Improvement District. What Does It Do?

VIDEO. At the Half Moon Bay City Council 6/16/2020 meeting, Matthew Chidester, Deputy City Manager presents on the Business Improvement District (BID).

$1 per room, per night goes into the BID which goes into marketing hotels to the public, which increases TOT (Transient Occupancy Tax).

Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) is historically the City’s single highest revenue source, accounting for approximately 40 percent of the annual operating budget.

TOT revenue typically grows year-over-year, and in recent years has been over $6 million annually.



Princeton Harbor Big Wave Project Moves Forward With Sewer Line Construction

VIDEO. General Manager Chuck Duffy, during the General Managers Report, at the GCSD board Meeting on 6/18/2020, updated the Big Wave construction project in the harbor, near the airport.

Big Wave has submitted their permit application for construction of sewer main to the Big Wave project. The pipe will go down Airport Rd. (see map below).



New $200 Annual Fee for Professional Dog Walkers in City of Half Moon Bay

VIDEO. City of Half Moon Bay tries to create a system to monitor and recoup costs for professional dog walking by modeling after other cities. Meeting date 6/16/2020.

John Doughty, Public Works Director, said that they are regularly seeing people with 8-9 dogs per walker. They’re concern is that poop is not being picked up as some walker let all of their dogs off leash, like at Wavecrest. John owns a dog and walks his dog locally, so he has first hand experience seeing this.



CUSD Demographics: Enrollment is Declining; So ADA Income Will Fall

VIDEO. Projected enrollments for Cabrillo Unified School District 2019-2024.

Presented by Thomas Williams of Enrollment Projection Consultants at the CUSD 6/18/2020 board meeting.

Kindergarten enrollments are falling.



Charmin TP Commercial Frustrates the Sewer Authority Mid-Coast Board

VIDEO. Public Service Announcement from Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside (SAM).

SAM Director, Rick Lohman, speaks to the “flushable wipes” problem.


It costs SAM a lot of labor hours fixing machine parts that are built for dissolvable Toilet Paper.

Read below about AB 1672 which will redefine the marketing of “Flushable” Wipes.



SAM Approves $350,000 SCADA and Electrical Support Services Contract

VIDEO. Sewer Authority Mid-Coast General Manager, Kishen Prathivadi, presents at the 6/22/2020 meeting.

Impressive SAM fact: Their electrical has not gone down since 1989, even with PGE PSPS.

Report SAM does not have a Certified Electrician on staff and therefore has always reached out to Electrical Contractors to address routine electrical maintenance and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) support services at SAM facilities.



HMB City Planning Considers PGE Vegetation Control South of Hwy 92 Near Hilltop Market

VIDEO. City of Half Moon Bay Planning board really digs in on this very necessary project considering visual corridors, invasive species and whether or not to use herbicides to control the eucalyptus, once they are cut down. Plan is to removes 79 trees and 115 brush units in a 540 square foot area.

Cypress trees will have to be cut down as they were planted right on top of PGE gas pipe and other utilities.

If anyone can tell me how those trees got there,

I’d love to know as no one in planning  knows.



GCSD Considers Burnham Park Preliminary Landscape Plan

VIDEO. Site Design:  Central The center of the site is the most active part of the park. Just north of the Burnham Creek riparian zone, a large “Village Green” lawn, surrounded by a walking path, covers the entirety of the existing gravel parking lot. This large lawn flows north to meet a central gathering plaza located at the end of Avenue Portola.



HMB City Council Discusses “8 Can’t Wait” With Our San Mateo County Sheriffs

VIDEO. Check out the 6/16/2020 the City of Half Moon Bay City Council’s Coastside Law Enforcement Study Session.

The City Council will accept pubic comment and discuss a variety of topics around law enforcement and law enforcement policies. This item will also include a statement from San Mateo County Sheriff’s Captain Saul Lopez.

At the 6/16/2020 Half Moon Bay City Council, Elected Head Sheriff Carlos Bolanos and Sheriff Saul Lopez explain how they manage the “8 Can’t Wait” on the Coastside.



Sewer Authority Mid-Coast ~ Add More Pumps or Add More Wet Weather Storage?

VIDEO.   When the Portola Pump is shut down for maintenance, sewage is stored in the inter-tie pipe running from Half Moon Bay to Montara. When a storm hits, storms water run off enters the system and adds to the effluent which make a normal backup, more critical. A few years ago 200,000 gallons wet weat

Approved an additional wet weather storage of 200,000 gallons bringing the total wet weather storage at Portola to 400,000 gallons.  200,000 gallons of storage is already placed at Burnham Strip in El Granada. Another 200,000 has been approved.



SAM Board Approves Installation RFP For Two New Pumps at Portola Pump Station

VIDEO.   This report allows the Board of Directors the opportunity to review and discuss the design documents and authorize the bid documents and bid procedure for the Portola Pump Replacement Project.



Storm Water Management Legislation on the Horizon

VIDEO. At the 6/8/2020 Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside (SAM) meeting during Director’s reports, Ric Lohman, reports from the LAFCO meeting that a bill started to move forward in the legislature to have sewer agencies start working with counties on storm water management.

A lot of storm water can get into sewer pipes. That mean that water no has to be treated. Bioswales are the latest thing to retain and detain water before it gets to the sewer pipes.



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TONIGHT!  Thurs. June 25th, 2020 @ 6:00pm
City of Half Moon Bay Vote and Candidate Study Session

Q and A.

Please join us next Thursday evening to get all your 2020 Election questions answered!

What district are you in?

Is your district electing a Council member this year?

What will your ballot look like?

Are you interested in running for an open district council seat?

How do you do that?

We’ll have all the answers!

Thursday, June 25, at 6:00 PM


TONIGHT!  Thur. June 25th, 2020 @ 6:30pm
San Mateo County Hosts Connect the Coastside; El Granada, Princeton and Miramar Focused Meetings by ZOOM

We received an overwhelming number of survey responses (the current count is over 600!). The results will be presented at the May 27, 2020, Midcoast Community Council (MCC) meeting and posted on the MCC website.

Given the high interest we’ve heard from the Coastside community in transportation matters, note the upcoming virtual community conversations hosted by San Mateo County Planning & Building. The meetings will be an opportunity to learn more about the Connect the Coastside transportation plan and share your ideas to improve transportation on the Coastside.  Katie Faulkner, San Mateo County Planning

Katie Faulkner, Planner III, County of San Mateo, Planning and Building Department,



Fri. June 26th, 2020 @ 12:00pm-1:00pm
Pt 3 Virtually Learn About Indigenous History in the Bay Area ~ Economy, Spirituality, and Culture 

For thousands of years, the Bay Area has been the home of many, diverse groups of Indigenous Peoples with complex cultures and relationships to the land. Join Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) and California State Parks for a three-part webinar series delivered by Mark Hylkema, California State Parks Archaeologist and Adjunct Professor of Anthropology at Foothill College. Mark will draw from over 40 years of experience studying the history of California native people, focusing on Indigenous cultures of the Peninsula and the South Bay. This is an exciting opportunity to hear Mark share his knowledge and experience in an online webinar format for the very first time! The event is also supported by the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District.


Mon. July 6th, 2020 @ 10:00am
REMOTE: Attorney General Public Hearing on Proposed Sale of Seton Hospitals

A public meeting will be held on July 6, 2020 at 10AM on the proposed sale of Seton and Seton Coastside, to AHMC by the current owner, Verity Health.

To attend the public meeting, use this Bluejeans meeting:

The 97 page analysis of the proposed sale is available from the Office of the Attorney General at this link .

A purchase agreement was entered into on March 30, 2020, but will not be final until approved by the Attorney General.



Sat. June 27th, 2020 @ 10:00am-4:00pm
Sunari Lifestyle Yoga Streetwear ~ Outdoor Market at Moon Mothers Nursery


Yoga Streetwear and Bohemian goods!

Saturday June 27th 10-4pmMoon Mother’s Nursery, Princeton Harbor, 401 Prospect Way, Half Moon Bay, California 94019

Yoga Streetwear, Upcycled Vintage Design Bags, Kantha Quilts (twin=$50) and more!

Summer has begun! Come stock up on Sunari Lifestyle for chillin around town or maybe just a little bit of inspiration to get working out again! Outdoor markets happening throughout the summer! 



Every Day from 10:00am to 5:00pm
Filoli Gardens Are Open Daily. Register Online.

Before You Visit
  • The Garden and Estate trail are open, the historic House is closed at this time
  • The Clock Tower Shop is open with Filoli-made products, plants for your garden and other special items. All purchases are credit card only, no cash or checks
  • Online advanced tickets are required for all visitors, including members 
  • No seating or drinking fountains are available
  • Visitor and Education Center restrooms are the only available restroom facilities onsite
  • Daily capacity is capped to ensure necessary space for social distancing
Visiting Guidelines


Wednesdays 2020 @ 2:30pm - 6:30pm
Pacifica Coastside Farmers Market Opens With Single Entry, Single Exit, May 6th

California defines Certified Farmers’ Markets as “essential services” in the Shelter in Place order. When we open for the season there will be several changes in place to support the wellbeing of our farmers, our staff, and our shoppers. We are asking the community to keep these protocols in mind, and be as committed to keeping our local farmers, ranchers, fishers and foodmakers healthy during this remarkable time as we are committed to doing the same for you.


Saturdays 2020 @ 9:00am-1:00pm
Half Moon Bay Coastside Farmers Market Opens With Single Entry, Single Exit

No One will be allowed into the market area before 9 AM, and/or all required sanitation protocols are in place. 
  • The first 45 minutes of the market day are reserved for Seniors.
  • Help Us! Keep six feet distance between you and fellow shoppers. We need everyone to be observant and respectful of this basic requirement.
  • Do not handle anything you do not intend to buy. If you touch it, you have to buy it.
More Live Music Coming Soon.....

CoastViews Music Weekly Entertainment Guide


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August 4th, 2020 @ 5:00-9:00pm
National Night Out 2020 ~ Crime and Drug Reduction and Some Disaster Prep?

Coastside Agency Meetings GOING REMOTE!

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HMB City Council ~ 1st / 3rd Tues. @ 7:00pm

HMB Planning ~ 2nd /4th Tues. @ 7:00pm  

HMB Parks and Recs ~ 4th Wed. only @ 6:00pm 

Sewer Authority Mid-Coastide (SAM) ~ 2nd / 4th Mon. @ 7:00pm  

Granada Community Services District ~ 3rd Thurs. only @ 7:30pm 

7/2/2020 Montara Water & Sanitary District Meetings ~ 1st / 3rd Thurs. @ 7:30pm (second meeting often cancelled, so call ahead)

Coastside County Water District ~ 2nd Tues. only @ 7:00pm 

Midcoast Community Council Meeting ~ 2nd / 4th Wed. @ 7:00pm 

Coastside Fire Protection District ~ 4th Wed. only @ 6:00pm

San Mateo County Harbor District ~ 3rd Wed. only @ 6:30pm

Cabrillo Unified School District ~ 2nd Thurs. @ 7:00pm

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Barterra Winery

Barterra offers the finest California wines from top vineyards located from Santa Barbara to Mendocino…

  • Pinot Noir, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sparkling from Carneros
  • Sangiovese from Silverado
  • Zinfandel, Syrah, Petite Sirah and Primitivo from Lodi
  • Viognier from Paso Robles
  • Sauvignon Blanc from Russian River
  • Cabernet Sauvginon from Alexander Valley
  • Reisling and French Colombard from Mendocino
  •    ....   and Special dessert wines from Madera


2020 Summer Youth Sailing Camp at the Half Moon Bay Yacht Club

Learn to sail! This is a safe and fun way for youth ages 8-16 to learn how to sail in either an Optimist (Opti) or Laser. Both boats are extremely popular recreational dinghies that also feature prominently in competition. Most certainly STEM! (science, technology, engineering, and math).


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Bedtime Stories 2-Hour Mix ~ Michelle Dragony Reads

PODCAST.   Here are almost two hours of BTS stories recorded by Michelle Dragony of Coastside Buzz from 2016 to 2019. Stay tuned for new podcasts in the new year.

Don’t you think this would make a great podcast for NPR? Could have lots of amazing, world-class guest readers!


Listen to More Bedtime Stories Podcasts.

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Teach your Kids to Listen and Imagine with Bedtime Stories

Prepare your child for a relaxing audio podcast experience. Whether in the car, the store, or before bed, let your child immerse their ears in their imagination. School is largely auditory. So, prepare your kid to listen and visualize a story without TV or video. Just listen!

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