March 21st, 2019

Hwy 1/Hwy 92 Traffic Snafu Prompts City of HMB to Push for Better Inter-Agency Coordination

VIDEO. As many of you know, the evening of March 12 brought significant traffic delays to many frustrated residents of Half Moon Bay and the greater Coastside. The unexpected closure of the Tom Lantos Tunnel on Highway 1 required Coastside residents who use that route to take Highway 92 instead. However, on 92 there was planned PG&E tree trimming with a lane closure occurring at the same time.

Temporary Safety Fencing to be Installed on Eroding Bluff Near Poplar Beach

The City of Half Moon Bay will soon be installing temporary safety fencing along the bluff adjacent to the Coastal Trail at several locations near Poplar Beach, due to encroaching erosion which is threatening to undermine parts of the bluff (see photos below).
Due to the significant amount of rainfall we've recently received, significant additional erosion along the bluff adjacent to the Coastal Trail has become more evident. After examining the bluff and trail area and assessing the amount of erosion there on Tuesday, the City decided, in an abundance of caution, to install safety fencing to alert trail users and maintain the public's safety in the area of erosion. Temporary fencing has been ordered, and installation is anticipated to take place within seven-to-ten days.
The City reminds trail users to stay on the paved Coastal Trail, and stay away from the edges of the bluff. The dirt trail closest to the edge of the bluff - and where significant erosion is occurring - is not the formal Coastal Trail. In fact, that area is sensitive habitat and is damaged when walked on. Walking on the dirt path also contributes to the erosion.
The City has been monitoring and evaluating erosion on the bluffs throughout this area for some time, and as part of the Poplar Beach Gateways Plan is working on adaptation strategies, toward developing a more permanent solution. Community members may be interested in reviewing the "Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail Existing Conditions & Trail Planning Recommendations" document, which is foundational to the Poplar Beach Gateways Plan effort.
In the meantime, the temporary fencing is an important step in assuring public safety while community members utilize the trail in that area.


City HMB Planning ~ Measure D Growth Control Review

VIDEO. There are 71 allocations for 2019.

Jill Ekas, the HMB Community Development Director, has signed 17 so far, all outside downtown.

Currently, 47 are allocated downtown and 24 outside of downtown.

Only 6 are left for outside downtown

Jill suggests transferring half of the downtown allocations to outside downtown.

This move is to accommodate the issuance of more ADU Measure D certificates, that are occurring outside of downtown.



City HMB Planning ~ Housing Element Annual Progress Report 

ARTICLE / VIDEO (podcast).  Each city and county is required to prepare a Housing Element Annual Progress Report (APR) on the status of implementation of the jurisdiction’s housing element. The APR must be prepared using forms and definitions adopted by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD).  >>> See AGENDA

Jill Ekas, Community Development Director for City of HMB, explains.



Carnoustie Phase 4 ~ Last Subdivision of Ocean Colony

ARTICLE / PHOTOS / VIDEO.  Planning staff are recommending approval of PDP-18-074 to the City Council an application for a Coastal Development Permit, Use Permit, Architectural Review, Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map and Planned Unit Development Plan to allow the creation of eight new lots, construction of a new cul-de-sac, frontage improvements and construction of eight new two-story single family residences, based upon the Findings and Evidence contained in Exhibit A of the Draft Resolution, and subject to the Conditions of Approval in Exhibit B.

PROJECT BACKGROUND Subdivision History Ocean Colony consists of 23 individual subdivisions, which comprises the Half Moon Bay Country Club (Ocean Colony) Planned Development District. Carnoustie Phases 1-3 was the most recent subdivision to be added to this Planned Development District. In 2018, the remaining home in Phase 3 was completed.

History Lecture ~ The Lost Town of Purissima

VIDEO. Site of Purissima from Verde Road near Highway 1, May 2008.

Located on José María Alviso‘s Rancho Cañada de Verde y Arroyo de la Purisima in a rural area four miles (6 km) south of Half Moon Bay, the village was one of the earliest settlements on the San Mateo County coast, founded in an agricultural area in the early 1850s. The community was badly flooded by Purisima Creek in January 1862, the same month that much of northern California experienced its worst floods in history. Some fields and buildings were swept away.



The Story of An Old-Growth Redwood ~ Methuselah

ARTICLE. Towering above the skyline just west of Woodside, CA, is a massive old-growth redwood. Its name is “Methuselah” and it is the oldest and largest living tree in the Santa Cruz Mountains (outside the trees in Big Basin State Park). ~ Article by Justin Garland, Redwoods Program Manager, Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST).

It’s huge. When you first see Methuselah, it’s hard to fully comprehend what you’re looking at. It’s so massive compared to the other trees in the forest it seems like it should have a different descriptor – it feels like more than just a “tree”.


Half Moon Bay High School Surf Team Results from Manresa

Final Results:
Ella Catalano-Dockins (6) women’s longboard
Emma Stone (1) women’s longboard
Emma Stone (1) women’s shortboard
Dayton Lindsey (4) men’s longboard


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A Grape in the Fog

A Grape in the Fog is a charming wine bar in Pacifica, California, where we celebrate the best of coastal living and lovely boutique wines from around the world. Located one block from Rockaway Beach, we boast a constantly changing wine menu, available by the glass, flight or bottle.

Join the Foggy Grape Society
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From $45/month.

400 Old County Road, Pacifica, CA. 94044 /  650.735.5854 


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City Council Priority Setting/Strategic Planning Workshop


To follow up on those Listening Sessions, the community is now invited to the CityCouncil‘s Priority Setting/Strategic Planning Workshop:
Tuesday, March 26, 2019
NOTE: 1 – 6 pm
Ted Adcock Community Center
535 Kelly Avenue
Part of the discussion at this workshop will include how to incorporate new ideas, issues, and concepts gained from community members at the four Listening Sessions. The goal is to integrate that input as development of the City budget for next fiscal year gets underway.
Please plan on attending this City Council workshop on March 26!

This Study Session will cover creek restoration related to Draft Ch 2 - Development as part of the HMB Local Coastal Program (LCP) and Land Use Plan (LUP) update.
Can't make the meeting? Coastside Buzz will share the video of the meeting. Stay tuned!


Communicating with Medical Professionals ~ A Village of the Coastside Presentation

Navigating our health care system can be a daunting experience, often leaving older adults and family caregivers confused and frustrated by an unsympathetic and bureaucratic system. This workshop will help to clarify the current realities of the health care experience for older adults and caregivers. Participants will learn to use effective communication techniques and powerful communication tools to be a better advocate for themselves and for the person for whom they are caring.
Christina Irving, LCSW and Clinical Services Manager, FCA will facilitate this event.

This Village of the Coastside event is open to the community, so feel free to tell your friends and neighbors.


ARTIST TALK ~ Miaja Peeples-Bright “Beasties Become Miaja” at Sanchez Art Center

Maija Peeples-Bright hails from Latvia, whence her family fled from Russian invasion to refugee camps in Germany, and eventually to the U.S. She had planned to follow her father into the study of mathematics, but took an elective art class and fell in love with art instead. Switching majors in her third year, she studied with Wayne Thiebaud, Robert Arneson, and William T. Wiley at UC Davis. Obviously, she loves animals as well as art, and lives amidst her own works depicting her “beasties” and her large collection of work by other artists. To receive a written missive from this artist is to experience her fun-loving, funk-inspired soul. In her writing she takes every opportunity to recognize her animal spirits, such as talking about what one “otter” do to correctly write a caption; she hopes the articles she is sending will be found “ewesful”; and, of course, her note closes with “Beast wishes.” It’s serious fun!




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Bedtime Stories: Mr. Peabody’s Apples

PODCAST.  Mr. Peabody’s Apples is about the kindly Mr. Peabody, a dedicated teacher and Little League coach who one day finds himself ostracized when false rumors spread through his small town. Mr. Peabody silences the gossip by standing up for himself and teaches his town that words can hurt just as much as sticks and stones.  Mr. Peabody’s Apples is a beautiful story about how we must choose our words carefully to avoid causing harm to others.  Read by Michelle Dragony.


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