6:30 - 9 PM @ Windmill Taphouse ~ 116 N. Kings Ave. 33510
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to come party with Libertarians & Non-Party Affiliated and other Hillsborough Liberty Lovers
Libertarians and Liberty Lovers

Tuesday, Nov. 21st       7 - 9 pm  
The Windmill Taphouse
116 N. Kings Ave, Brandon 33510

Business Discussion (short) & Beer
Supporting Zemina Campaign
The 2018 Libertarian Movement is READY FOR YOU.
Communications Committee:   Working on our new website for 2018. It's looking very professional, political, and inclusive.
Campaign Committee:   Working on our updated grid of open positions to run candidates in for 2018.  Seeking candidate to run for BOCC District 2.
Membership Committee:  Mailing each LPF registered Hillsborough voter and providing a bumper sticker, letter of updated vision with a link to the LPHC Presentation, and an invite to participate and donate.
Development Committee:   Planning our 2018 Fun Fall Fundraiser.
Libertarian Learnings:   Coordinating quarterly FREE educational outreach opportunities OPEN to the public to be held at Public Libraries throughout Hillsborough County.
Liberty Happy Hours  Coordinating Socials throughout the county.  Help us by planning one in your area.  (Adults Only & Family Friendly)
Social Media:  Creating fun memes, links to events, candidates, local and libertarian information.
Hillsborough County is a large county.  We have moved our business meetings online to the ZOOM platform.  It is accessible by both i-phones and androids and works will via desktops and laptops.  It even provides a call-in only line. 

We are trying to do everything we can to make it EASY for YOU to BE A PART OF the Libertarian Movement that is working to protect you from the duopoly climate.

All information will be available via the website
STAY CONNECTED to these email lists to be updated with all the current information, events, and how you can help make a difference.

Have any questions?   Contact our current chairperson.
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