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Hillsborough County  LIBERTARIAN call out to VOTERS to call your FLORIDA SENATORS TODAY!
Call for ACTION.
Hello Hillsborough Libertarians, friends and supporters.
As you are all aware, Florida had a school shooting in February, right in the middle of the 2018 legislative session.   Despite the $40.6 Billion dollar Home Land Security Budget, $8.7 Billion Dollar FBI Budget,
$400 Million Dollar Broward Sheriff Budget, $2.1 Billion Dollar County School budget, institutions spectacularly failed on nearly all levels, on nearly every step of the process for engaging a threatening and known reckless and rogue gun toting teenager – who was on record as a self-described want-a-be school shooter.  Never has a more spectacular fail occurred, as far as I remember.  It hurts that innocents were killed.  It doubly hurts when you know this failure was fully funded by our taxes and brought to you by your government(s).
So, these same incompetent politicians want to do what governments do, take your rights away, remove your access to easily defending yourself, while making an argument for building their Billion Dollar budgets even bigger.  This argument of theirs fits the definition of insanity- all be it, is presented in pin striped suits.  The legislature is in crazy mode, and we all need to pick that phone from our pockets, and begin dialing.  You should be able to phone all county Senators and Reps in about 20 minutes.  Please do that.  Please also e-mail these same people.  Make your presence felt and drive to these reps’ offices and hand deliver the message.  List of Senator/Rep contact details are in the below URLs.
Add the bullets and talking points you wish to add, and in your own words.  Below are the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County’s suggested bullets to speak to and write on and to deliver to your Senators, House Reps, and our Governor.  All of this is on track to wrap up in a couple weeks, as this 2018 legislative session wraps up. PLEASE, ACT NOW, ACT TODAY, and FOLLOW THIS BILL, and like Bills, UNTILL THIS EMOTION DRIVEN, LACK OF REASON, and OVERSTEP ONTO OUR EXISTING RIGHTS, GIVEN BY GOD, AND ANNOTATED IN OUR RESPECTIVE CONSTITUTIONS IS STOPPED AND VOTED DOWN.

  • Stop Messing with Law Abiding Gun Owners – PERIOD.
  • Laws do not prevent criminals from doing crimes; laws do not prevent murders from murdering.
  • The elected Sheriff already has the power to deputize citizens.A teacher is a citizen, can be deputized, can then be on campus armed, and will be empowered and protected by those deputized powers being attached to them.This is legal now, but does require a Constitutional Minded Sheriff to act and maintain that relationship with those deputized citizens.
  • Private or public budgets can now be allocated towards installation of gun safes in classrooms or teacher lounges, should a deputized citizen need to secure their weapon due to extenuating circumstances.
  • Nearly All Gun Free Zones on Public Property can reasonably be prevented from existing.A shorter list of exceptions, possibly court rooms, could remain.
  • Regarding the rest of the remedy, TELL THE POLICE TO DO THEIR JOBS, SANCTION ANY COWARDOUS POLICE OR DEPUTIES THAT COWAR AWAY FROM PROTECTING THE INNOCENT.Those officers should be brought up on charges and have their pensions and employment at risk.

Here is the Bill Preamble.  Absolutely sickening to hear these anti-gun promoters speaking in public, in suits, and on the mic.

S/SB 7026: Public Safety

GENERAL BILL by Appropriations; Rules
Public Safety; Citing this act as the “Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act”; establishing the Medical Reimbursement Program for Victims of Mass Shootings in the Department of Legal Affairs; establishing the Office of Safe Schools within the Department of Education; prohibiting a person younger than a certain age from purchasing a firearm; prohibiting the importation, transfer, distribution, transport, sale, or giving of a bump-fire stock in this state; creating the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission within the Florida Department of Law Enforcement; requiring district school boards to formulate and prescribe policies and procedures for active shooter situations, etc. APPROPRIATION: $400,000,000.
Produced by Kevin O'Neill
Political Action Chairman, LPHC
ALL DETAILS on this SPB 7025 are HERE:
Florida Senate;
Florida House, likely to see this Senate Bill in a week or so:
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