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Monthly Meeting is TODAY
For the Libertarian Party
of Hillsborough County, FL

You are receiving this email because as of the end of April 2018 our files indicate that you are interested in staying connected with the details of the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County FL either as a voting member or as a supporter.   To become a voting member you must reside in Hillsborough County, be registered as a Libertarian Voter [LPF] in Hillsborough County, FL and agree with the LPHC Non-Aggression Principle.

I wanted to personally remind you that THESE VOTING HILLSBOROUGH LIBERTARIAN are the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County.  As such, these individuals DECIDE what happens with our Local Libertarian Party.  If you are eligible and you did not receive an email similar to this one that also included a link to the BAND group to vote, please visit our website and JOIN us, complete the application letting us know how you would like to be involved and agree with the NAP above so that we can include you next month.   In MAY 2018 we have over 300 voting Hillsborough Libertarians deciding our future.  Don't you want to have a say too?


FIRST - Let's CELEBRATE !!  We are a busy, growing, and active party in Hillsborough County.   In fact, we have consistently been one of the top 3 counties with the most registered Libertarian voters in the state of FL, and the state of FL has consistently been one of the top 3 states in the nation of Registered Libertarians.   We are furthermore, one of the top 5 states in the Nation for having Libertarians serving in elected positions.     THIS MAKES HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY FL  a place that others are watching and learning from.     

We want to continue to ROCK the LIBERTARIAN MESSAGE, continue to grow in numbers, dollars and force such that we can put our Libertarian values and principles INTO ACTION. We 
  • educate the public, 
  • seek out like-minded individuals, 
  • work together no matter the party to promote Libertarian ideals, 
  • seek out, vet, and support Libertarian Candidates that represent Hillsborough County residents at all levels, and 
  • hold all elected officials accountable.  

We've recently celebrated solar issues (although we want more), we celebrated legalizing medical marijuana (although we want more), we celebrated LBGT rights and acceptance (and seek to assist non-violent felons restore voting rights) we celebrated preventing tolls on the already taxpayer owned Howard Franklin Bridge, and stopping the tolling of I-275 privileged lanes ( although now they are redirecting efforts towards i-75 near Apollo Beach so we are reorganizing for more).    

Now, don't you just want to jump in this race car and drive freedom and liberty to great levels?  We could not have done this without knowing what was important to us, focusing our dollars and efforts, and working well with others.  It is true that we do not win every battle.  Although we put up a strong fight we have lost on immigration issues, gun rights issues, red light camera, and public education and health care issues.  These are important issues that Hillsborough Libertarians need to continue to focus on. You may have great ideas of other places we need to focus our efforts.  We unite online and at socials to hear what you think.  We have current efforts to survey all Hillsborough Libertarians during 2018 in preparation for the 2020 elections.    ALL OF OUR VOTES and IMPORTANT DISCUSSIONS can be found at any time using     We have a group for only voting members as well as an outreach group that is public and a Facebook page that is public. If you are receiving this letter please join us on the public group and join in the discussions over current issues.
Band can be used on your computer, phone or devise and is easy to use.  DEADLINE for current votes is this SUNDAY at 6pm and will be tallied at our MONTHLY BUSINESS MEETING on Zoom (info below)

To do all of these exciting things and more - - - 
we NEED YOU to participate in whatever fashion you can. 

We need to send mailers out to all the registered Libertarian Voters in our area (2600+)
This takes envelopes, paper, printing, postage - we need all of the above.

We want to go door to door and make phone calls in order to meet and know each of these Hillsborough Libertarian Voters by asking them a few simple survey questions to find out what is MOST IMPORTANT to LOCAL LIBERTARIANS. 
Can you help us with printing and door knocking or phone calls to gather this info, or even the database as we collect the information?

Running an authentic political party (any political party) takes resources of MONEY and TIME and ENERGY.     You do not need to contribute all three.   

We have simple opportunities to volunteer from 2 hours per day to 2 hours per month.  

We also seek out part-time election volunteers.  We need Precinct Captains and Area Leaders and Poll volunteers at each election that happens.  We need SOCIAL leaders to host gatherings monthly in their area of Hillsborough County.   We need social media volunteers, press release writers, and blog writers to share on our LPHC blog.  We host a FUNDRAISER Social in September and need all sorts of once each year support of seeking sponsors, venues, auction items, speakersdecorators, food, ticket sales, advertising, etc.       We host an annual convention where we appreciate our previous year's volunteers, elect the next year's leadership team,  and share the wealth of knowledge we as a group have learned regarding Living Libertarian. 

I am sending you, a current member of the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, FL  a PERSONAL PLEA as the 2018 LPHC Chairperson.   Although we have been growing steadily since 2014 we are hitting a tipping point where the limited resources we have been working with have run out and we have been pulling from the same 5 individuals to maintain our party.    This is NOT LIBERTARIAN in nature.    We need to all participate in whichever way we can.  

If YOU can contribute financially - PLEASE do so  We have current bills that are due and I really do not want to have to beg of these same 5 people.   If everyone does as little as $3/mo or $36/year - we cannot only cover our current expenses but continue to grow and make a difference here locally.    Current Bills due include Postage Box for next year $105.   Website/apps/ emails for next year $198,  postage for current postcards to mail $0.35 * 1165 local Libertarians (we have no email or ph # for).  

DONATING IS EASY     Click HERE to get to  Plus if you can donate $36 we will send you a KEWL  Hillsborough Libertarian bumper sticker.

SPEAK UP about OUR FUTURE   Because our county is so large we have moved our meetings to an online conference format.   You will need to pre-register to receive the link to the meeting.  This is so that our secretary (or a volunteer assistant) can verify your voting privileges prior to the meeting.  we only want current Hillsborough Libertarians determining the future of the Hillsborough Libertarians.   I am certain you agree with this and do not mind the small inconvenience.      The links to the invites are located on our google calendar which can easily be accessed via our web page  
Monthly Business Meeting - 2nd Sunday on 7 pm

Socialize With Us - we have regular monthly socials located throughout the county and more are growing each quarter.   Currently, we have a 
Geezer's Gathering    South Tampa Social on the 3rd Wednesdays/month hosted by Tyson R.
Feisty Fridays Temple Terrace Social on every 4th Friday hosted by Kevin O

Jason R is currently seeking help to coordinate one in east Tampa area
Laura and Christy are trying to coordinate one down by Apollo Beach Area
Susan S is beginning to coordinate on in Old Seminole Heights area

We have recently lost our Host for the Riverview 
We recently lost our host for the one in Brandon
and we are seeking to GROW in Plant City area.

Can you help HOST a social gathering in your area?   Can you make a donation?  Can you donate a roll of stamps or a box of envelopes?   Does your business have a meeting location, a copying machine, or storage location that we can use for free?  

I am excited to serve as your 2018 chairperson for the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County and look forward to working with you towards great accomplishments thru the 2020 election cycle.

Feel free to reach out to me personally at or at my cell phone at (813) 900-5994 or as your 2018 Chairperson of the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, FL at the information listed below.

Peace, Love and Liberty,

Susan Stanley, 2018 LPHC Chairperson
email me at 
Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, FL 
107 N. 11th Street  #724,   Tampa, FL  33602
(813) 421-3730

P.S.   If you are interested in joining me and others on the leadership team by either running a committee or a subcommittee please give me a call.  Let's grab a drink and chat.  I look forward to hearing your ideas and getting to know you better.


This e-mail and any attachment are intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, re-transmission, copying, dissemination or other use of this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. If you received this in error, please contact the sender and delete the material from any computer. 


This message is from the volunteer personally as indicated in the signature block and is not necessarily authorized or endorsed by the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County and is not endorsed by any candidate or candidate's committee.
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