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Mexican Grub, Margaritas, and Feisty Conversations
6:30 - 8:30 pm  at
Temple Terrace Vallarta's
9255 N 56th St,     33617

We are growing and booming here in Hillsborough County.  The message is out that the #DuopolyIsDone  and it is time for the #RiseOfTheLibertarians.   NOW is your time to join in the exciting movement as we celebrate wins of making FL Dept of Transportation back down, stopping the tolling of the Howard Franklin, getting Medicinal Marijuana approved, growing Solar rights, approving same sex marriages.   2018 if a GREAT TIME to be a HILLSBOROUGH LIBERTARIAN.  Get involved now - send an email to Chair@HillsboroughLibertarians and get involved today.   We sent two representatives to the LNC National Convention and they will be providing their report and update at this month's meeting online.  (see below)

We are currently forming three event committees to work on the following:

1.  Home School and School Choice Outreach event to happen in OCTOBER 2018
       (thinking second Saturday right now)

2.  LPHC Annual Convention 3rd Saturday in FEBRUARY 2019.   

  • Local Liberty Awards
  • Volunteer Appreciation Recognition
  • Election of the Next Leadership Team
  • meal, speakers, and auction

3. A  Freedom Music Festival that we are looking at the 3rd Saturday in MARCH 2019 right now.

We have a current outreach activities where we are trying to reach every Libertarian Voter in Hillsborough County face to face.   We are listening to what is important to them, connecting them to what we currently have going on that aligns with that interest, sharing our recent wins, and asking for them to connect with us and consider contributing their $36 annual donation for 2018 to help us continue these wins.

We are collecting petition signatures from our LPHC voters above and other registered voters in Hillsborough County at Occupy the Polls at both Early Voting, and Election Day

 1. regarding redlight cameras in our state to be on the 2020 ballot

 2. requiring taxing authorities to seek voter approval prior to tolling existing roads and highways.

On the heels of celebrating the wins to prevent the tolling of the Howard Franklin Bridge and then stopping the TBX / TBNext project to toll I-275 from Wesley Chapel to Tampa 
we are currently reforming an ACTIVIST GROUP with sign waves, attendance at meetings, sharing information with all of us and more because Florida Dept. of Transportation is now beginning the fight to toll I-75 near Apollo Beach. 

We continue to be a voice of LIBERTY in Hillsborough County at City Meetings, County Meetings, School Board Meetings, MPO Meetings, and many more.  Consider joining us at one of these events in a gray or yellow shirt.  Even if you show up late and do not speak your presence alone speaks volumes to the board as we are a visual reminder of Liberty and the U.S. Constitution.

We are current seeking Libertarian Candidates and preparing and training volunteers to support Libertarian Candidates for the 2020 and 2024 elections. 

Hillsborough County is so large that we found we could not get us all together at any one single location for our  monthly gathering.   As such we have decided to join the digital age and have moved our 
Monthly Membership Meetings to an ONLINE FORMAT where all Hillsborough Libertarian Members have the opportunity to attend and speak up.   Our monthly membership meetings (Second Sundays) can be found on  If you desire to speak up and participate in the meetings you can register in advance at the link provided within each of the events on our calendar at     Our next membership meeting will be Tomorrow, July 8th.    The Zoom Room opens at 7 pm.  Introduce yourself and share what part of Hillsborough County you are from or what types of activities you like to be involved with.  The meeting will be called to order at 7:30 pm.    Business can go quickly as we encourage each of our committees and officers to share agendas, motions and monthly reports and updates online in advance   For example, see the 2018.07 Meeting Agenda 

Your Hillsborough Libertarians are vibrant, active and fun ! 
Now that we are done with the business side of our Political Party,  Come out an join us at an existing social or form a monthly social in your own area of Hillsborough County.
Geezers' Gathering in South Tampa Socials (3rd Weds)   
hosted by some of the folks who began this local party.
Feisty Conversations in Temple Terrace Socials (Fridays/Saturdays at Vallarta's)

We could not even begin to dream about all of this let alone make it a real liberty lifestyle without YOU, Your Donations, and Your energy, knowledge, skills, and abilities. 


All registered Libertarian Voters [LPF] 
who reside in Hillsborough County
agree with the LPHC Non-Aggression Statement, and 
complete the LPHC Application including contact info and if /where you would like to be involved are 
welcome to JOIN IN THE DISCUSSIONS and DECISIONS in our closed group at

All others who support the efforts of the Hillsborough Libertarians with actions and/or dollars are welcome to JOIN THE DISCUSSIONS in our Supporters group at 

Let your donation to speak for your favorite activities !   Your dollars equal your votes of what we should focus more on by clicking on the meme of your favorite activity when you donate at    We are providing torch bearing bumper stickers to all of our Hillsborough Libertarians who make a donation of $36/year.   That is only $3/mo to support our efforts to protect Libertarian Principles right here at home.

Love, Laughter, Liberty,
with lots of coffee.

~ Susan
Susan Stanley, Chairperson
Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, FL  |  (813) 421-3730
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