Sun Mar 10 4:30-8:30  1815 E. Diana Street, Tampa 33610
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  • 57 Red Light Camera's were approved for a 5 year contract in Tampa
  • Libertarianism:  small discussion groups review this WAY OF LIVING.
  • IMMEDIATE HELP NEEDED:  Writer/Editor - Help be our Drudge 
  • Feisty Friday Fiesta Social  (Host: Kevin)
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN Hillsborough today - here are our links.
  • DONATE to LP Hillsborough Today - Every DONATION HELPS 
  • Be A Delegate and IMPACT CHANGE at LP Florida Convention May 3-5
  • Keynote Speaker is Tom Woods and several other roasts, after parties, speakers and more at this annual event.   
  • Next Hillsborough Libertarian Meeting dates and links (report due dates)
    - Another Libertarian Group working the Toll Road issues
    - 2020 Presidential Libertarian Candidates???
    - National Debt and the Debt Ceiling
    - FL Education news
    - City of Tampa (sigh) 5 more years of ....
    - Hillsborough County agrees to add expense  to all middle schools
  • Did you miss the State Of The Affiliate Address before we head into convention?
RED LIGHT CAMERA      our loss for 5 more years
Will we be ready NEXT TIME ?
Tampa City Leaders APPROVED a 5-year contract with American Traffic Solutions on Thursday, April 4th for 57 Red Light Cameras.  As Libertarians we understand that we are NOT in favor of this.   It takes bodies to show up and speak up at these city meetings.    Our Political Action Krewe affectionately referred to as our LPHillsborough S#!T Stirrers are gathering tonight at Garibaldi's. (details below) If you are someone who get's FIRED UP and is WILLING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.   This is the KREWE 4 U !   
See link to article in the IN THE NEWS section below.
LIBERTARIANISM - Not just a political party or even a political theory, but    A WAY OF LIFE.   

Many find that when we learn about what being or behaving LIBERTARIAN like means, they find that they respond with: "I have always believed and acted that way".   Now, if we can keep spreading this excitement and share with others that we have a job for them, we will indeed be the POLITICAL MOVEMENT of the TIMES.      Come JOIN US as our current Vice Chairperson, Chris Kuyatt leads us through small group discussions over articles and white papers.        If you are a philosopher style person or just libertarian curious, then this is the Krewe 4 U.    Details for the next meetup can be found in the LP Hillsborough on-line chat  at               
Come join in the discussions today.

Here's a quick taste:    4 Basic Principles of Libertarians, by Maggie Novak 
                                    Published in The Libertarian Republic     April 05, 2019.
IMMEDIATE  HELP NEEDED      Be the LPHillsborough Drudge today

IMMEDIATE NEED for WRITER / EDITOR !! Volunteer willing to share current info that impacts Hillsborough Libertarians to our email list on Mailchimp. We can assist with Google Alerts Etc. We need someone who can read them each morning and share the links to relevant issues. Opportunity to write weekly op-ed if desired.

COMMUNICATION is CRITICAL - This is an important role. We someone who can commit to this role thru Feb 2020. Please contact our chair if you are interested in being our "LPHC drudge".

Feisty Friday Fiesta: Next gathering is Friday, April 5th at 6:30 pm at Garibaldi's Sports Bar and Grill.  1235 E Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33604  ( just east of Taco Bus on Hillsborough)
Look for group of tables towards the back with yellow & come on back.
Host:   Kevin O.

The business meetings of the official Libertarian Party Of Hillsborough County are held on the 2nd Sundays of each month.  All Hillsborough Libertarian Voters in good standing who have completed the membership form and agreed to the LPHC NAP (non-aggression principle)  may bring motions to the floor, vote on existing motions, and participate in YOUR POLITICAL PARTY.    Still need to register as a Libertarian Voter in Hillsborough Florida?  Click HERE.  Please register in advance for these business meetings so that our LPHC Secretary (and volunteers) have the opportunity to verify your voter registration status with the Supervisor of Elections via the link on the website calendar.  Thank you. 

 You can learn more about the party, their meetings, socials, and political activities by visiting their website at 
You can reach them at:   
But We CAN NOT REACH over 2500 local Libertarians and invite them to our convention and continue to keep making a difference without
PLEASE DONATE WHAT YOU CAN today.  Every dollar helps.  Thank you.
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