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Tamworth Prime Cattle Market Highlight
Mon 29th August, 2016

Total yarding = 770 (1607)

(NB. Figures in brackets are last week's prices/numbers)

Numbers down as winter draws to an end but big week ahead. 
Numbers were well down this week with agents saying it will be a few weeks yet before we see any numbers of well finished cattle. The MLA quoted most categories as cheaper, a trend that reflected the quality of the yarding, but the returns are still very good for producers. It also marks the start of a big week with the Northern Santa Group Breeders 40th Annual sale tomorrow, (Tuesday 30th), Longyard Limousin Sale on Wednesday 31st, Special Store Cattle Sale on Friday 2nd September and our Annual Spring Lamb Show and Feature Sale next Monday 5th September.


There were no vealer steers sold to quote (444c/kg), yearlings sold to 428c/kg(431c/kg) and grown steers sold to 377c/kg (374c/kg). Highlights included: .
  • Heavy steers (pictured top left) sold by PPA on account EJ & JH Crowe made 316c/kg and averaged 776kg/$2452 with a second pen from the same vendors making 337c/kg and topping at 610kg/$2053;
  • Angus/Angus x steers sold by DCM on account Kerry Schofield made 344c/kg and averaged 598kg/$2057;
  • Angus/Angus x steers (pictured top right) sold by G&C on account Cameron Partnership made 365c/kg and averaged 511kg/$1865;
  • Angus steers sold by DCM on account NA & KJ Herring made 380c/kg and averaged 421kg/$1600;
  • Angus/Angus x yearling steers sold by CP on account “Logie” Nowendoc made 398c/kg and averaged 398kg/$1584;
  • Yearling steers sold by G&C on account RJ & SK McCulloch made 398c/kg and averaged 368kg/$1464;
  • Angus yearling steers sold by PPA on account El Porko made 393c/kg and averaged 367kg/$1442;
  • Charolais x steers sold by CP on account HJ & NT Robards made 392c/kg and averaged 362kg/$1420;
  • Angus steers sold by CP on account DJ & SA Stewart made 401c/kg and averaged 340kg/$1364 with Red Angus from the same vendor making 400c/kg and averaging 284kg/$1136;
  • Angus steers sold by DCM on account NGD Enterprises made 406c/kg and averaged 315kg/$1279;
  • Angus vealer steers sold by PPA on account T Hellman made 416c/kg and averaged 270kg/$1123; and
  • Angus steers sold by LMK on account TG & EN McCulloch made 423c/kg and averaged 259kg/$1095.  
Vealer heifers sold to 370c/kg (398c/kg), yearlings sold to 390c/kg (388c/kg) and grown heifers sold to 354c/kg(339c/kg). Highlights included:
  • Charolais yearling heifers sold by G&C on account Wagait Partnership made 369c/kg and averaged 446kg/$1645;
  • Angus heifers (pictured bottom left) sold by DCM on account NA & KJ Herring made 377c/kg and averaged 414kg/$1560;
  • Charolais x heifers (picrued bottom right) sold by IML on account G & J Littlejohns made 390c/kg and averaged 347kg/$1358; and
  • Angus x heifers sold by CP on account Wahnica Partnership made 381c/kg and averaged 337kg/$1285.
A limited number of cows sold to 284c/kg(279c/kg). Highlights included:
  • Angus cows sold by CP on account “Logie” Nowendoc made 270c/kg and came back at 610kg/$1647.

A limited number of bulls sold to (279c/kg).

Disclaimer: All information is correct at the time of publication. While every effort is made to provide accurate figures no responsibility is taken for errors in reporting. For further details contact the selling agents.

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Friday 2nd September - selling starts at 11am
Special Store Cattle Sale

1500-2000 quality cattle expected
Contact your preferred TLSAA agent for further details, check our website or our advertisements in the Northern Daily Leader (Wed & Thurs) and The Land (Thurs).

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