kg benchmark"> "Bracket creep" welcome as heavier cattle break through 400c/kg benchmark

The latest sale results from Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association (TLSAA).

Tamworth Prime Cattle Market Highlight
Mon 15th August, 2016

Total yarding = 1656 (1079)

(NB. Figures in brackets are last week's prices/numbers)

Prices up for heavier cattle as light cattle also set new highs
What can we say about the current cattle market? 400c/kg is fast becoming the new 300c/kg but while the 400c/kg prices have been common for lighter cattle over recent weeks, heavier cattle also bypassed the new benchmark today. The heifers almost hit 400c/kg as re-stockers scramble to rebuild their numbers.  

With prices at record highs, vendor Barry Smith said selling in such a strong market is a win-win – if the market does sustain the current prices they are still breeding cattle with more to sell but, at the same time, they’ve offloaded stock to give their paddocks a rest, adding that the higher c/kg for lighter calves balances out, making it worth selling now rather than feeding for another 6 months to reach to the same weight as the heavier calves.


Vealer steers sold to 440c/kg (416c/kg), yearlings sold to 444c/kg (427c/kg) and grown steers sold to 374c/kg (379c/kg). Highlights included: 
  • 4 and 6 tooth bullocks (pictured top left) sold by ELD on account Partridge made 341c/kg and averaged 702kg/$2400;
  • Steers sold by ELD on account GF & CD Summers made 370c/kg and averaged 565kg/$2090;
  • Steers sold by DCM on account C Lowe made 395c/kg and averaged 509kg/$2011;
  • Hereford steers sold by IML on account Benoni Pastoral Co sold to 390c/kg and averaged 443kg/$1727 with the heavier steers making 378c/kg and averaging 466kg/$1761;
  • Steers sold by IMl on account Grills made 395c/kg and averaged 445kg/$1757;  
  • EU accredited steers sold by B&S on account Olsland Pastoral Co made 400c/kg and averaged 400kg/$1600;
  • Charolais steers sold by CP on account Jason Taylor made 416c/kg and averaged 365kg/$1518;
  • Angus steers sold by DCM for MA & SL Ranger made 417c/kg and averaged 317kg/$1322;
  • Angus vealer steers sold by NLP made 422c/kg, averaging 277kg/$1168;
  • Vendor bred Angus weaners (pictured top right) in store condition sold by LMK for Barry Smith topped at 440c/kg for the lighter steers, averaging 179kg/$787. The heavier calves made 418c/kg, averaging 266kg/$1111; and
  • Angus steers sold by LMK on account WJ & JM Bacon made 444c/kg and averaged 227kg/$1007.

Vealer heifers sold to 440c/kg (379c/kg) for a top price of $1476, yearlings sold to 400c/kg (392c/kg) for a top price of $1610 and grown heifers sold to 353c/kg (348c/kg) for a top price of $2100. Highlights included:
  • Angus heifers sold by LMK on account Ennis made 353c/kg and averaged 515kg/$1818;
  • Vealer heifers sold by G&C on account CR & RE Clifton made 398c/kg and averaged 379kg/$1476;
  • Angus x Limousin heifers (pictured bottom right) sold by IML on account CPN made 398c/kg and averaged 369kg/$1468;
  • Charolais heifers, off the grain, sold by ELD on account DJ & JW Burr made 397c/kg and averaged 369kg/$1407;
  • Charolais x yearling heifers (pictured bottom left) sold by CP on account RJ Laurie, Nowendoc made 398c/kg and averaged 309kg/$1229 with the heavier heifers making 395c/kg and averaging 330kg/$1303;
  • Milk and 2 tooth heifers sold by LMK on account SR & HR Smith, Quirindi made 391c/kg and averaged 283kg/$1106;
  •  The heifer portion of Angus weaners sold by LMK on account Barry Smith topped at 390c/kg and averaged 237kg/$924; and
  • Angus vealer heifers sold by CP on account Jane Bennett made 440c/kg and averaged 169kg/$743.

Cows sold to 281c/kg (293c/kg) with top price of $2043 going to Sam and Kelly Newsome selling through LMK. Highlights included:
  • Shorthorn cows sold by PPA on account O Baldwin made 273c/kg and averaged 608kg/$1660.

Bulls sold to 348c/kg (293c/kg) for a top price of $2973. 

Disclaimer: All information is correct at the time of publication. While every effort is made to provide accurate figures no responsibility is taken for errors in reporting. For further details contact the selling agents.

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Friday 19th August - selling starts at 11am
Special Store Cattle Sale
1200-1500 quality cattle expected including outstanding cows and calves being offered by IML and LMK.

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