The latest sale results from Tamworth Livestock Selling Agents Association (TLSAA).

Tamworth Prime Cattle Market Highlight
Mon 6th February, 2017

Total yarding - 1263 (1375)

(NB. Figures in brackets are prices/numbers from our last sale)

After a slow start TLSAA President, Patrick Purtle, says that the market finished “a bit stronger” today despite continued hot weather as “competition for the one article” and no increase in supplies helps to maintain the market. Some very good heavy bullocks and feeder steers made good money with one pen sold by PPA weighing 25 590kg and returning over $70 000. The best heifers were those to feed and re-stock and some outstanding vealer calves, straight off their mothers, made $1200 - $1300.

Vealer steers sold to 398c/kg (420c/kg), yearlings to 382c/kg (387c/kg) and grown steers sold to 333c/kg (338c/kg). Highlights included:
  • Yearling Angus steers sold by B&S on account Rothbury Pastoral Co made 382c/kg and averaged 298kg/$1138;
  • Vealer steers sold by CP on account Higgins made 374c/kg and averaged 324kg/$1211;
  • Angus vealer steers (pictured below left), straight off their mothers, sold by IML on account Steph and Graham Smith, Coondarra Trust made 389c/kg and averaged 332kg/$1291;
  • Vealer steers sold by G&C on account Bretandra made 378c/kg and averaged 347kg/$1311 with the lighter steers making 390c/kg and averaging 323kg/$1259;
  • Angus yearling steers sold by PPA on account JW & SJ Jeffrey made 347c/kg and averaged 382kg/$1325;
  • Angus steers (pictured below middle in front pen) sold by B&S on account GW Betts made 349c/kg and averaged 441kg/$1539;
  • Yearling steers (pictured below middle in back pen) sold by B&S on account Demartra Pty Ltd made 333c/kg and averaged 530kg/$1765;
  • Crossbred bullocks sold by Pitt Sons on account Pat Morris made 284c/kg and averaged 731kg/$2076; and
  • 6 and 8 tooth bullocks (pictured below right) sold by PPA on account RD Pryor made 280c/kg and averaged 753kg/$2107.

Vealer heifers sold to 370c/kg (365c/kg), yearlings sold to 344c/kg (338c/kg) and grown heifers sold to 310c/kg (301c/kg). Highlights included:
  • Charolais vealer heifers sold by CP on account Higgins made 345c/kg and averaged 312kg/$1076;
  • Vealer heifers sold by G&C on account Bretandra made 351c/kg and averaged 315kg/$1105;
  • Milk tooth Angus x heifers (pictured below) sold by PPA on account Lumis made 344c/kg and averaged 329kg/$1131;
  • Angus x yearling heifers sold by LMK on account AR & SJ McCormack made 332c/kg and averaged 384kg/$1274; and
  • Heifers (pictured below middle) sold by G&C on account P & C Ryman made 327c/kg and averaged 401kg/$1311.

Cows sold to 248c/kg (257c/kg). Highlights included:
Hereford cows (pictured above right) sold by Pitt on account P & LM Lockyer made 245c/kg and averaged 654kg/$1602.

600+kg bulls sold to 263c/kg (261c/kg).

Over 5000 store cattle over two big days
Thursday 9th February – Landmark Classic Cattle Sale (3500-4000 head)
Friday 10th February – Special Store Cattle Sale (1500 head)

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