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Tamworth Prime Cattle Market Highlight
Mon 5th December, 2016

Total yarding - 1300 (1805)

(NB. Figures in brackets are last week's prices/numbers)

Hot weather hits
Numbers dropped this week, despite expectations of a slightly bigger yarding following several days of intense heat across the slopes and plains, and the market remained largely unchanged from last week.

Vealer steers sold to NQ (449c/kg), yearlings to 391c/kg (411c/kg) and grown steers sold to 327c/kg (333c/kg). Highlights included:  
  • Angus steers (pictured below left) sold by DCM on account RT & L Wilson made 391c/kg and averaged 293kg/$1145;
  • Angus and Angus x steers sold by CP on account Bykowski made 328c/kg and averaged 391kg/$1278;
  • Angus yearling steers sold by IML on account Retaru sold to 352c/kg and averaged 401kg/$1411. Heavier steers from the same vendor made 339c/kg and averaged 427kg/$1447; and
  • Angus steers (pictured below) sold by Pitt Sons on account Maryland made 303c/kg and averaged 610kg/$1842.

Vealer heifers sold to 342c/kg (401c/kg), yearlings sold to 334c/kg (363c/kg) and grown heifers sold to 305c/kg (302c/kg). Highlights included: 
  • Angus heifers (pictured below left), straight off their mothers, sold by NLP on account Ron Sheehan made 342c/kg and averaged 322kg/$1100;
  • Heifers sold by DCM on account Greenaway made 320c/kg and averaged 368kg/$1177:
  • Charolais yearling heifers sold by G&C on account Avard made 325c/kg and averaged 365kg/$1186;
  • Milk tooth heifers sold by DCM on account Forest Lodge made 321c/kg and averaged 353kg/$1246;
  • Angus x yearling heifers sold by CP on account Talmine sold to 327c/kg for the lighter heifers and 310c/kg for the heavier heifers. They averaged 370kg/$1209 while the heavier came back at 394kg/$1288;
  • Angus x heifers (pictured below middle) sold by Pitt Sons on account Salter made 295c/kg and averaged 550kg/$1622

Cows sold to 243c/kg (248c/kg). Highlights included:
  • Angus cows sold by G&C on account Grant Family Pastoral made 234c/kg and averaged 568kg/$1329;
  • Santa cows (pictured above right) sold by G&C on account Davison Partnership made 236c/kg and averaged 595kg/$1404; and
  • Cows sold by G&C on account Dc & FL McLean made 236c/kg and came back at 715kg/$1687.  

Bull numbers halved from last week with 35 selling to 260c/kg (269c/kg).

Last store sale 2016 - Friday 9th December
Last prime sale 2016 - Monday 19th December

First prime sale 2017 - Monday 9th January
First store sale 2017 - Friday 13th January

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Friday 9th December - selling starts at 11am
End of Year Special Store Cattle Sale

2000-2500 cattle expected.

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