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Tamworth Prime Cattle Market Highlight
Mon 19th September, 2016

Total yarding = 540 (1290)

(NB. Figures in brackets are last week's prices/numbers)

More rain but no one complains
Numbers were impacted by wet weather again today but after years of drought nobody is complaining with those who did manage to get cattle in benefiting from the low supply. Prices for yearling and grown steers were up from last week as were the best of the yearling heifers and bulls cracked 300c/kg again for the lighter weights.

Vealer steers sold to 444c/kg (450c/kg), yearlings sold to 414c/kg (402c/kg) and grown steers sold to 383c/kg (375c/kg). Highlights included: .
  • Angus steers sold by ELD on account of Glenungra Park made 444c/kg and averaged 205kg/$910;
  • Angus steers sold by DCM on account of AJ Fullbrook made 396c/kg and coming back at 337kg/$1334 with the black baldy making 395c/kg and averaging 343kg/$1355;
  • Angus steers (pictured above left) sold by ELD on account of Peter and Tim Smith sold to 415c/kg and came back at 349kg/$1448 with the heavier steers making 405c/kg and averaging 355kg/$1437;
  • Angus steers sold by CP on account Riamukka Pastoral Co made 398c/kg and averaged 365kg/$1452;
  • Angus steers (pictured above right) sold by IML on account of Advantage Grain Services, Caroona made 390c/kg and averaged 396kg/$1544;
  • Angus steers sold by ELD on account of Bundarra Grazing made 391c/kg and averaged 409kg/$1600;
  • Milk/2 tooth Angus/Angus x steers sold by LMK on account western client sold to 390c/kg with the heaviest making 385c/kg and averaging 437kg/$1686;
  • Angus steers sold by PPA (pictured below left) on account Wheatacres made 383c/kg and averaged 444kg/$1700;
  • Charolais bullocks sold by CP on account PL & SU Pickles made 310c/kg and averaged 631kg/$1956; and
  • Charolais steers (pictured below right) sold by NLP on account Randot made 352c/kg and averaged 698kg/$2457.

Vealer heifers sold to 385c/kg (411c/kg), yearlings sold to 386c/kg (389c/kg) and grown heifers sold to 314c/kg (344c/kg). Highlights included:
  • Angus x heifers sold by CP on account Wendouree made 337c/kg and averaged 433kg/$1460;
  • Angus x heifers sold by IML on account M & N Bradfield, Caroona made 346c/kg and averaged 421kg/$1460.
Cows sold to 289c/kg (290c/kg) for cow sold by IML on account of Kimberley Grange Pastoral Co, Gowrie. They came back at 611kg/$1762. Other highlights included:
  • Hereford cows sold by B&S on account of JC Jamieson made 285c/kg and averaged 623kg/$1775; and
  • Angus cows sold by G&C on account Grant Family Pastoral made 282c/kg and averaged 571kg/$1610.

Bulls cracked the 300c/kg this week, selling to 349c/kg for the lighter weights. Highlights included:

  • A bull sold by G&C on account of Black Spring Partnership made 303c/kg and came back at 975kg/$2954; and
  • Angus bull sold by G&C on account Grant Family Pastoral made 300c/kg and came back at 995kg/$2985.


Disclaimer: All information is correct at the time of publication. While every effort is made to provide accurate figures no responsibility is taken for errors in reporting. For further details contact the selling agents.

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