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Off the Rails - Market Highlight
Special Store Cattle Sale
Friday 10th February 2017
1600 (1100) 
End of a huge week at TRLX

Hot, hot and did we say hot in Tamworth today at the end of a huge week that started with the $70 000 pen of bullocks sold by PPA on Monday, built up to the Landmark Classic Cattle Sale with 4400 cattle yesterday and wraps up with today's sale. Combined with last Monday and next Monday’s Prime Cattle sales that takes the number of cattle sold during the past 7 days close to an estimated 9000 plus head. Listen and watch Scott Simshauser's market wrap on our Facebook page

Some outstanding weaner steers today with top price of $1190 for a beautiful run of Angus x Hereford weaners (pictured above left), 6-8 months from one of our top vendors, NT & E Higgins, Nowendoc selling through CP with Chris Paterson saying Paterson topped at $1190. Yearling steers sold to $1350 ($1460), for good growthy steers (pictured above middle), 15 months old, sold by B&S on account Geoff Carlon. Other good results in the steers included:
  • Top quality, vendor bred Angus weaner steers, 9-10 months sold by IML on account of Seolta, Tamworth made $1120. Selling agent Ben Goodman described them as “renowned doing cattle”;
  • Elders kicked off the steers with March/April drop Angus & Angus x steers, 250 -280kg by Bowen Angus sires sold on account of Parraweena Pastoral Co topping at $1100;
  • Beautiful Angus x steers, (pictured above right)  8 -9 months, sold by DCM on account of HBS Holdings made $1100;
  • Outstanding quality Shorthorn steers, 7-8 months (pictured below left) sold by DCM on account of R K McDowell made $1080;
  • Lighter steers "ready to turn themselves inside out" sold by B&S on account Carlon made $1060; and
  • gus yearling steers sold by G&C on account Bretandra made $1210. Garvin and Cousens clients Bretandra consistently top the market, whether it be for their store or prime cattle.
The heifers mainly comprised weaners with top price of $1050 for the March/April drop heifer weaners (pictured above middle) sold by ELD on account Parraweena.  Yearling heifers sold to $1000 ($1000). Highlights included:
  • Heifers sold by IML made $1050;
  • Hereford heifers sold by Pitt Sons on account TRA Green made $1000; and
  • The Higgins heifer weaners sold by CP topped at $950.
Cows and calves sold to $2200 ($2100) for Limousin cows with big calves at foot sold by DCM. Other highlights included Red Angus cows and calves (pictured above right), cows re-joined to Angus sires sold by Pitt Sons on account  HST Partners.
Check out our Facebook page for more photos and for live posting while the sale is in progress.

24th February
1500 cattle expected

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