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Tamworth Prime Cattle Market Highlight
Mon 27th June 2016

Total yarding =1376


The market edged even higher today as continuing rain and demand for both feeder and slaughter cattle pushed prices even higher. Like most of the region, it was bitterly cold at TRLX but that didn’t stop the buyers with steers up at least 15c from last week, heifers up to 19c/kg dearer and cows up by as much as 20c/kg.

Vealer steers sold to 370c/kg (368c/kg), yearlings sold to 387c/kg (372c/kg) and grown steers sold to 380c/kg (371c/kg). Highlights included: 
  • Heavy Charolais x yearling steers sold by IML on account Danny Perkins made 361c/kg and averaged 601kg/$2170;
  • Angus steers (pictured top left) sold by CP on account FW & JH Paterson, Gloucester sold to 387c/kg and averaged 447kg/$1732. The same steers made 370c/kg and averaged 448kg/$1660 at last week’s Tamworth sale. Heavier steers from the same vendor made 365c/kg and came back at 531kg/$1942;
  • 104 Angus and crossbred yearling steers (pictured top right) sold by B&S on account Scott Baker, Yarrowitch sold from 335c/kg - 378c/kg and averaged 355.8c/kg, 519kg and $1846;
  • Milk and two tooth steers sold by CP on account Isabella and Bradley Cameron, Loomberah made 357c/kg. Grandfather, Bob Cameron, says that he bought them as poddy calves and took them home in the back of his ute but they definitely didn’t fit in the ute this time – they averaged 525kg/$1875;
  • Angus steers sold by G&C on account Hodgson made 378c/kg and averaged 440kg/$1663;
  • Limousin x yearling steers sold by IML on account Craig Pike sold to 375c/kg and averaged 393kg/$1475 with the heavier steers making 357c/kg and averaging 434kg/$1550;
  • Charolais x vealer steers sold by IML on account Retaru sold to 369c/kg and averaged 327kg/$1208 for the lighter calves with the heaviest calves making 368c/kg and averaging 349kg/$1285;
  • Angus steers sold by DCM on account Hones made 354c/kg and averaged 349kg/$1235;
  • Angus x steer weaners sold by B&S on account Chris Gainey made 370c/kg and averaged 308kg/$1140; and
  • Angus steers sold by PPA on account Tim Dew made 367c/kg and averaged 301kg/$1105.
Vealer heifers sold to 353c/kg (346c/kg), yearlings sold to 375c/kg (342c/kg) and grown heifers sold to 350c/kg (318c/kg).  Highlights included:
  • Milk and 2 tooth heifers (pictured below) sold by CP for Isabella and Bradley Cameron, made 339c/kg and averaged 486kg/$1648;
  • Angus/Angus x heifers sold by G&C on account Wilkinson made 347c/kg and averaged 430kg/$1492;
  • Limousin x yearling heifers sold by IML on account Craig Pike, Werris Creek sold to 375c/kg to top the yearling heifers with the top pen averaging 393kg/$1473;
  • Charolais x vealer heifers sold by IML on account Retaru made 353c/kg and averaged 313kg/$1105;
  • Charolais yearling heifers sold by CP on account Relf, Walcha made 348c/kg and averaged 313kg/$1091; and
  • Angus x vealer heifers sold by B&S on account Chris Gainey made 344c/kg and averaged 307kg/$1056.

Cows sold to 289c/kg (271c/kg). Highlights included: 

  • Angus cows sold by ELD on account Zeals Pastoral also made 289c/kg and averaged 533kg/$1540 and the heavier cows making 285c/kg and averaging 651kg/$1855; and
  • Brahman cows sold by PPA on account Hilltop Partnership made 289c/kg and averaged 607kg/$1755.

Bulls sold to 292c/kg (313c/kg) for an estimated top price of $2556.

Disclaimer: All information is correct at the time of publication. While every effort is made to provide accurate figures no responsibility is taken for errors in reporting. For further details contact the selling agents.

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