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Tamworth Prime Cattle Market Highlight
Mon 13th February, 2017

Total yarding - 1120 (1263)

(NB. Figures in brackets are prices/numbers from our last sale)

Numbers were down slightly this week with the heat undoubtedly a contributing factor after a very tough weekend across the entire region and surrounding areas.  The National Livestock Reporting Service (NLRS) quoted mostly cheaper trends for most categories except good quality light and medium weight yearling heifers which were “close to firm”.

Today marked the end of a big week at TRLX that saw four sales in 6 days, almost 7000 cattle sold and gross sales of around $8M. With no store sale this week we’ll be back at it again next Monday 20th and Friday 24th as the countdown starts for our weaner sales with our April 7th Virbac Weaner Challenge, an additional feature sale to be announced for Friday 5th May and the first runs of weaners expected around our 10th March sale.

Vealer steers sold to 385c/kg (398c/kg), yearlings to 367c/kg (382c/kg) and grown steers sold to 320c/kg (333c/kg). Highlights included:
  • Vealer steers off the top cows sold by IML on account Woodlands Pastoral made 380c/kg and averaged 259kg/$984;
  • Vealer steers (pictured below left) sold by G&C on account McRae Family Partnership made 374c/kg and averaged 326kg/$1219;
  • Limo x steers sold by LMK on account AJ & LE Laurie made 342c/kg and averaged 404kg/$1381 with the heavier steers making 331c/kg and averaging 437kg/$1446;
  • Charolais x steers (pictured below middle) sold by LMK on account JA & FE Budd made 339c/kg and averaged 444kg/$1505;
  • Santa steers sold by G&C on account MA & CA Cruickshank made 282/kg and averaged 554kg/$1562;
  • Angus steers sold (pictured below right) by B&S on account DE & RR Campbell topped at 340c/kg and averaged 468kg/$1591 while the heavier steers made 331c/kg and averaged 492kg/$1628.

Vealer heifers sold to 360c/kg (370c/kg), yearlings sold to 349c/kg (344c/kg) and grown heifers sold to 300c/kg (310c/kg). Highlights included:
  • Vealer heifers off the top cows sold by IML on account Woodlands Pastoral made 357c/kg and averaged 245kg/$874;
  • A beautiful run of Charolais x and crossbred heifers (pictured below left) off the tops sold by PPA on account Morgan Etheridge made 332c/kg for the lead pen and 325c/kg for the second pen. They came back at 403kg/$1338 and 401kg/$1303;
  • Milk tooth heifers sold by G&C on account JB Carpenter made 290c/kg and averaged 450kg/$1305; and
  • Heifers (pictured below middle) sold by CP on account of Talmine, Bithramere made 328c/kg and averaged 376kg/$1323.

Cows sold to 237c/kg (248c/kg) for big framed Charolais x Angus cows (pictured above right), rising 8-9 years and PTIC to Pine Creek stud Angus bull sold by IML on account Woodlands Pastoral. They came back at 588kg/$1393 for the lead pen.

Bulls sold to 310c/kg for re-stocker bulls to 450kg and 600+kg bulls sold to 260c/kg (263c/kg).
Friday 24th February
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