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Your Birth Order May Affect You!

I have always found birth order, personal tendencies, the four humors (Hippocrates), DISC, etc, very interesting. We are NOT all alike! When I had four children, I had the opportunity to discover all kinds of unique bents to appreciate, admire and roll my eyes at.

Wherever you are in the mix – whoever you truly are, I have a coaching program for you! Read on and see where you fit in!

Business coaching for the first born. You are the take charge, ‘I get what I want’ type! Or are you? I know that kind of attitude reigns supreme, but the execution sometimes lacks direction. You might find yourself valuing more information before jumping into decisions. You may like to get other opinions before making your own choices. Although your essence and energy are commanding, sometimes, behind closed doors you are looking for the right answers, just like everyone else!

I have the answers when it comes to your business, so let’s get started – is next week good for you?

Celebrities in this birth order – Richard Branson & Shania Twain!

For the middle child. My sister, the middle child, always had my adoration! She can step in wherever needed. She can be bossy and people listen to her, or she can observe from afar, not caring if you make a mistake – she will laugh at you later! Lol

Do middle children really feel a lack of attention from their parents? Of course! But who doesn’t! (Well, “only” children). The problem comes when they are compared to others. Middle children need to become their own best version of themselves and find the comfort in NOT being their brother or sister (AKA  their competition).

I am here to give you all the attention you need, to focus solely on your business challenges and to point the way to your personal success. When would you like to get started? I can leave the ball in your hands because you are the kind of person who is dependable and actually follows through!

Celebrities in this birth order – Jennifer Lopez & Bill Gates!

For the baby of the family. This is who I am always attracted to and have married twice! So sensible and easy to get along with. Preferring others over themselves is a habit, if not a natural characteristic! If you are the baby of the family, then Coaching will help bring you to the front of mind – for yourself!!

Time to think for yourself, make your own decisions, value your unique opinion and preferences. With the help of expert insight, you will be able to decide how you want to take the reigns in your business.

Youngest children often make GREAT Buyer Agents; invite me to assess your business to help you improve where needed and excel where necessary!

Celebrities in this birth order – Jennifer Lawrence & Jason Bateman!

For the ONLY child – Come on, very seldom do ‘only’ children need, want or bother with Coaching!  No one can tell them what to do, and they are usually NOT a good team player…. They must really be in a rut to ask for help about getting coaching. Lol!

For the Only Child – they MAY recognize that in order for them to get to the top and to continue being the great leader that they envision in their heads, getting customized help and direction is the way to go! They want to get results fast and don’t want to make mistakes.

So, if you are reading this and need help, reach out immediately! There must be a reason your intuition lead you here to me. Trust me, whatever your business challenge, I can help. From Brand, to Leads, to Closings and beyond – and I promise, I won’t tell anyone you asked for help!

Celebrities in this birth order – Leonardo DiCaprio & Charlize Theron!

For the 2nd, 3rd, 4th but not the middle….   These muddled up placements are totally unique for each and every one. You see, it very much depends on how the rest of the siblings played out. For example, my oldest sometimes behaves like an ‘only’ because when I had my second child she had lots of care and attention from Nana and Aunty Tammy. Now, my second shows some tendencies of a first born…. free to be who she is and extroverted. When more babies came along, she developed an older sibling tendency, take charge, she likes to have her way character. Yes, second born out of four, but sometimes behaves like a first born…lol

Well, if I haven’t confused you enough, let me sum that up by saying middle children who aren’t exactly in the middle may have a bit of first or middle in them – but on their own, they are just perfect! As we all are.

Celebrities in this birth order – Madonna & John F. Kennedy!

Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, once commented that families that have four or more children also have tremendous opportunities to learn all kinds of great skills within the home. They learn how to get along better, how to share, they gain stronger empathy ….. so, good for you if you came from a large family!

No matter what kind of family you were born into, when you have a good sense of who you are, you are better able to serve your customer, no matter what industry you are in!

Now, how can I serve you?!!

(In case anyone is asking "Sue, where do you fit in?" I am an oldest child!)

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