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Do you feel like giving up?

If you and I were sitting down together for a talk, I would ask you how you are feeling.
We would nurse our foamy coffees with barista heart artwork and you would take a minute to consider whether you felt comfortable enough trusting me with your insecurities, challenges and worries.
I would begin by letting you know that I am discreet and respectful of your business and that nothing would go any further – it never does.
I don’t share millionaire agent’s special marketing plans, I don’t share unique branding content we create, and I certainly do not share the private struggles of top producers.
But, back to you.
Is there something blocking your progress?
Would you be able to drum up the courage to share?
If you did, what would you say…..

I know there is a lot of competition out there. This summer I visited a brokerage in San Diego and the manager of a Coldwell Banker brokerage shook his head as he told me the over-population of agents in their city with  a 1.4 million population, there are around 40,000 licensed real estate agents!

In my home city there are 1.3 million people and we complain with the 5600 agents we have right now!

I know on the west coast of Canada, there was a huge surge of real estate activity with the Asian market taking advantage of the product – which in turn inflated the home prices so much many locals have no chance to buy their own home. Then within a few years the government imposed burdensome taxes and then a new rule was brought in to the real estate industry that is virtually wiping out an Agent’s opportunity to ‘double end’ a deal.

Last month I was speaking with a struggling agent in Ontario who is concerned about the commissions being slashed from the competition around him – which in turn slashes everyone’s income…..

I know an agent, who after 20 years of good business in the industry, is faced with foreclosure because of some calculated risks going wrong.

There are many stories around you that you don’t see posted on social media or bragged about online.
You may be keeping your own challenges close to your heart right now. Fear of the unknown, embarrassment, all kinds of useless emotions may be keeping you stuck.
If you and I were sitting together I would ask to hear your story. Say it out loud. Call out your fears and worries and take away their power over your success!

Then we would get hyper-focused on the real issue, and look for some real answers. I would try to discover WHY you got into this business, what you loved about it? We might brainstorm some ideas you forgot about while you were depressed. We would put our heads together and come up with some tactics. We would come at the problems from a different angle.

I would remind you that every stumbling block can be turned into a stepping stone – if you can solve it and get over it. Sometimes you need some help. Don’t feel bad about that! We are on this earth to help one another!
This industry has an 87% *failure rate in the first 5 years; I don’t want that to happen to you.
If you need someone to talk to, someone who will listen and has experience in your industry, someone who is a certified business coach (and sometimes pulls out her psychology hat too!), reach out and become the leader who can solve the problems you are faced with.
When I was bankrupt, eating food from the food bank and a single parent of four children, I read a book that changed the direction of my life. That life-changing quote that saved us was by Dr. Henry Cloud, author of ‘Integrity’. He wrote:
“Sometimes things don’t work out. Sometimes you have to MAKE them work out…"
I agree, and I can help.
Reach out anytime

*N.A.R. statistic

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