What would it take for you to WIN in your business?
This year the Calgary Stampeders won the Grey Cup! I celebrated with my home team and was so proud of their accomplishment! Their 2nd Cup since 2008.

[Photo credit- Johany Jutras/CFL]

After the victory, an interviewer was talking with defensive coordinator, DeVone Claybrooks. She asked him how he coaches for ‘effort’, since there had been such a stellar effort of his team. He immediately responded, “I don’t coach for effort, I replace effort.”
If they don’t come with the fire in their belly, the coach knows he will be fighting an uphill battle. The players have to come ready to play, wanting to play, determined to play. His team doesn’t need any ‘effort coaching’. He coaches their skill, tactics, and strategy.
Have you got the fire in your belly? Are you driven to succeed? I would implore you to dig down deep and stir up your motivation! Without the internal drive you will end up sitting on the sidelines idling.
(Please reach out to me if you feel like you have been on the sidelines!)

Once you identify your motivation and effort, if you want to win in your business for 2019 here are three tactics that will get you going in that winning direction.

Three MUST-DO’s to win in 2019:
1. Start with a PLAN.

If you take your business seriously then it will take you seriously. Do the work of writing out your goals and how you are going to reach them. Even go as far as creating a vision board with your goals, hopes and dreams on it!
I love to go away for an overnight to the mountains. I pack my walking shoes and hike with all my ideas and then come back to the hotel and brainstorm them all out (with a charcuterie tray and bottle of wine).
Then I prioritize, get rid of the waste, and work out the numbers with precision.
If you would like my top ten questions for business planning email me and I will send out this year’s worksheet!

2. Start Now.

Take the reigns of your time blocking and begin immediately. Don’t wait until after all the festivities to tackle something as important as your livelihood. Even during the holidays, you can schedule in 1 hour blocks to focus on one thing that will make a difference to your business. Review and improve things such as:
Is your Bio the best it can be?
Does your website attract your target market?
Do you have social media ads ready to go?
Is your marketing on brand – does it improve your reputation?
Have you got valuable content in your Seller/Buyer Guides?

3. Burn the Boats!

I saw one of Erin Skye Kelly’s recent posts about "Burning the boats" and I love her attitude around transforming your life!
There is no Plan B – be motivated enough to get what you want - or die trying!
I can assure you that growing your real estate business is not EASY -  it’s not easy or everyone would do it!
Yes, only 10% of agents across Canada can produce more than 25 deals/year.
Only 10%.
I want to help you to get there. And then I want to help you get to the top 5% and then the top 1%, to discover exactly how you can do up to 100 deals a year and more!
It can be done, and I know how.

Happy to help.

Start here with these three tips and you will end up right where you want to be at the end of next year – as I always say,

“Your daily habits will determine your yearly results!”

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