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Are your followers getting to know you?

I have noticed something very interesting on my Instagram feed. I wonder if you will notice the same thing:
Agents are using very creative names. I have various followers like:
.... you get the idea, I'm sure many of yours are the same!
What I realized though, is that when I notice a great post and 'like' it. My eyes see the username and I rarely go to their profile to see who the person is. Therefore, the person becomes the username.
The problem is that if I am actually looking for a Realtor, I want to remember a NAME, not a clever title. I don't know who any of these followers are unless I look at the profile page. And that is one click too many.

Can I suggest, that if you are loving Insta like me, updating your user name with your ACTUAL name might benefit your business? This way your followers will see your name every time they scroll through. They will be conscious about WHO is posting and you will then be able to build your reputation in their mind.

Think about it!
If you are not following me on Instagram, look me up! I am using my name Sue Styles_ Business Coach :)

I would be interested in your comments if you agree or even if you disagree!

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