Imaculum v3 - Due Early May

At The Photography Show 2018 we showed photographers the pre-release of Imaculum Version 3, and the response was overwhelmingly positive! Thanks to user feedback we have made huge progress regarding speed and functionality. We have also added a new keyword search feature which we think is very cool!

See the videos below demonstrating Imaculum's new keyword search feature, and Imaculum running super smoothly on a low powered (and very affordable) Intel Atom Windows 10 tablet.


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Keyword Search
Imaculum's new keyword search offers live filtering of images as you navigate the folder tree. The user only sees images relevant to their keyword search.
Imaculum now runs on Windows Tablets
We've worked really hard to make Imaculum run really smoothly on affordable, low powered Windows 10 tablets. These battery powered, touchscreen devices are really useful as viewing screens.

Blog - What's In A Name?

A short blog post about the origins of the name 'Imaculum'.

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