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September 2018 - Newsletter



Islandora AGM

The Islandora Foundation held its Annual General meeting on August 31st. At its peak, there were 37 attendees from various member institutions. The agenda, reports, and notes from the meeting are all available here.

Islandora Foundation Strategic Goals for 2018/2019

One of the major outcomes of the recent AGM was an updated set of strategic goals affirmed by our members:

These high-levels goals will provide guidance for Foundation staff, committees, and user groups to coordinate our efforts in the coming year to improve and promote Islandora and our community. Stay tuned to this newsletter for updates on our progress.

Islandora 7.x-1.12 is Coming!

The next release of Islandora in underway and a release team is forming under the guidance of a new team of Release Managers: Bryan Brown (Florida State University) and Brandon Weigel (British Columbia Electronic Library Network). Code freeze will take place on October 19, with an expected release date of November 30th. If you would like to make a contribution to Islandora and have a little time for auditing, testing, or writing documentation, please consider signing up for the 7.x-1.12 team.

Islandora 250

The Islandora Installations list has passed 250 known sites! Here are some of our favourite new additions to the list:

Islandora CLAW

Migration Sprint

The Islandora community has recently wrapped up a very successful sprint dedicated to migrating from 7.x to Islandora CLAW. We at the Islandora Foundation want to give a big thanks to everyone who put in time during this sprint, as well as the organizations who lent us their talent on the company dime. We also want to give a special shout out to the Metadata Interest Group, who collectively put in a ton of time and tackled some intense questions for those who want to use a migration to Islandora CLAW as a chance to do metadata cleanup. During the course of two weeks, we managed to accomplish a lot. As of right now you can:
  • Migrate over objects based on content type
  • Migrate ALL the datastreams (except AUDIT, which is a special case)
  • Extract metadata from any XML datastream and make it a Drupal field
  • Model authorities such as people, organizations, and subjects
  • Convert MODS to CSV using Cara Key's (LSU) XML2CSV tool
There's still some work left to do, though. On the horizon for the near term, be on the look out for:
  • Migrating the AUDIT datastream
  • Modeling more/different types of authorities
  • Examples of extracting authorities from FOXML
  • A workflow for those who want to use OpenRefine to reconcile linked data authorities during the migration process
Moving forward, this is an excellent chance for people to try out the tools we're developing and point them at their existing repositories. Our migration tool, originally developed by Jared Whiklo (University of Manitoba), is available on Github. And if you want to give modeling authorities a go, check out our new controlled_access_terms module, which was made by Seth Shaw (University of Nevada Las Vegas). If anyone has feedback/issues/questions, please feel free to create an issue or post a message on the mailing list


Weekly meetings to discuss development and the Islandora CLAW roadmap take place every Wednesday at 1:00 PM Eastern time, and newcomers are very welcome. Please consider joining us to check in and learn more:


Community Projects




Open Call for Testers: ISLE 1.1 Release Candidate

Dear Islandorians,

The ISLE project is seeking Testers for the ISLE 1.1 Release Candidate.

Testers can have any skill level and do not need any docker experience. We will offer support to help you get set-up and be an effective tester (and give you cool laptop stickers!). This is a great opportunity to learn how easy ISLE is to use AND to help the community by reporting your experiences. Signing up to test is easy:

  1. Open the ISLE 1.1 RC Testing Matrix
  2. Select one test scenario (tab) and add your name and email to the top of the next available column; please record results to each individual test (row) in this same column.
  3. Review ISLE Release Process: How to Test for instructions on how to test.
  4. Questions? Please ask here.

We will hold ISLE Release Calls for testers to meet and discuss every two weeks (more frequently if required). (And here are the ISLE 1.1 release notes.)

Thanks for all you do.

The ISLE Maintainers: Ben R, Carolyn M, David K-C, Francesca L, Mark S


ISLE Shout Outs!

  1. A big shout out to San Jose State University, Providence Public Library, and the Berklee College of Music as the newest institutions testing ISLE. Big Appreciations to Jessie C, JBent, and Yamil S for working with ISLE and asking great questions!

  2. A big shout out to Marcus Barnes for your excellent suggestion to enable technical Cookbooks for ISLE.

WANTED: ISLE is looking for 1-2 DevOps Maintainers who have familiarity with Islandora Stack and *Nix environments. No Docker experience necessary (Ben Rosner will help you gain Docker familiarity and level up in a friendly manner). Contact: Ben ( for more information.

ISLE Interest Group: Next meeting is Wed, Sept. 26 @ 3PM EDT via Zoom:



Please participate in our short survey!

The Islandora Collaboration Group (ICG) has funded a planning phase for a Liberal Arts Sprint for Institutional Repositories (LASIR). The ultimate goal of the project is the addition of robust IR features to the Islandora digital repository ecosystem. As part of the planning, we are conducting information gathering and public polling about the current state of IR's - specifically hoping for feedback from institutions using or thinking of using Islandora as an IR. Please consider spending a few minutes adding to the body of knowledge on this topic by participating in our 10-question “Islandora as Open-Source Institutional Repository Solution” survey:  



iCampCA November 7 - 9

The last Islandora Camp of 2018 will be in sunny San Diego, CA from November 7 to 9, hosted by San Diego State University. Islandora Camp features:

  • Day One: General and introductory sessions about the software and the community that uses and supports it
  • Day Two: Hand-on workshop training with tracks for Developers and front-end Admintrative users, featuring both Islandora 7.x and Islandora CLAW
  • Day Three: Sessions on specific sites, tools, and topics of interest to Islandora users

Registration is now open and the full conference schedule is available:


The Islandora Conference is coming back in the fall of 2019. Full details are coming very soon.
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