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June 2019 - Newsletter




Islandora 8 1.0.0 is Now Available


The Islandora Foundation is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Islandora 8 version 1.0.0! This is an important milestone for the Islandora project, and is a testament to our wonderful and vibrant community.  Built using Drupal 8 and Fedora 5, Islandora 8 faithfully integrates the two as invisibly as possible, giving an experience that is both more Drupal-y and more Fedora-y at the same time.  Islandora 8 unlocks all of Drupal's features along with its entire ecosystem of contributed modules, all the while quietly preserving your metadata in a Fedora 5 repository behind the scenes. Read more.

Islandora 8 Development Priorities Survey

The 1.0.0 release comes with many great features and tools, but our team is still hard at work to make it even better. If a feature you need isn't there yet, we want to know about it so we can prioritise development. We have a Technical Roadmap, but it's a work in progress that can and will be adjusted based on feedback from our community. By completing this survey, you provide us with invaluable data we can use to determine where to focus our efforts for the next release of Islandora 8. Take the Survey.




Full Schedule Available

The full schedule for Islandoracon, from Half-Day Workshops on October 7th to our Use-a-Thon on October 11th, is now available.

Logo Contest

One of the features of Islandora events is a t-shirt given to all attendees. Every camp and conference has its own logo. We want to give a free registration and an extra t-shirt to the Islandoracon attendee who comes up with the best logo to represent our third conference. Read more.

Introducing the Islandoracon Use-a-Thon

Islandoracon has always had a 'hackfest' component, but we've yet to do the same thing twice. We're trying a new format this year to give all of our attendees a chance to work together, learn new things, and produce a tangible benefit for the rest of the Islandora community: The Islandora 8 Use-a-Thon.

How it works:

Islandora 8 is more tightly integrated with Drupal than Islandora 7, and very flexible, so many use cases can be solved with a combination of configuration and Drupal contrib modules

Over the week of the conference, teams will take a use case and work to demonstrate how it can be done in Islandora 8 (with configuration and Drupal contrib modules), including documentation (“recipes,” for our shared Islandora Cookbook). Points will also be given for identifying gaps that may need further development work and creating issues to document those gaps.

On Friday, October 11th, we will gather at the Vancouver Public Library where teams will have the morning to finish up work and prepare a brief presentation describing what they have done. After lunch we'll watch presentations, pick winners and award prizes, and officially end Islandoracon.  Read more.

New Islandora 7.x Committer: Marcus Barnes

In recognition of his many contributions to Islandora and the Islandora community, the Islandora 7.x Committers have asked Marcus Barnes from the University of Toronto Scarborough to join their ranks and we are very pleased to announce that he has accepted. Read more.

Islandora 7.x-1.13 Release Team Seeking Volunteers

The next release of Islandora 7.x is planned for the end of August, under the guidance of Release Manager Jared Whiklo (University of Manitoba). Work will commence on July 1st, with the start of Auditing. Before then, we need to fill up our release team with volunteers to audit, document, test, and maintain each of the many modules in the Islandora 7.x release. You can learn more about each of these roles here, read up on the release process here, and sign up for the team here.


Community Projects


Islandora for All: ISLE Updates

  • ISLE for Islandora 8

    • The Islandora Collaboration Group is crowdfunding to refactor ISLE for Islandora 8.
      We are seeking pledges of $4,000 towards a $64,000 goal. If we don't reach the goal, then you don't owe anything. If we exceed our goal, then we will set aside the addition as a contingency fund towards additional work on ISLE, utility tools for migrating to Islandora 8, or outreach. This Infographic: Islandora for All offers a visual overview of how we all benefit from the ISLE and LASIR projects. 

    • Why now? Islandora 8 migrations must be completed by November 2021
      300+ institutions use Islandora 7 which has an end of life of November 2021 (see ICG Timeline). ISLE will play a significant role for helping existing Islandora institutions more easily migrate their repositories from Islandora 7 to Islandora 8. Migrating includes data objects, metadata, themes, and customizations. Having strength in numbers and banding together with ISLE will help offer us all some ease and peace of mind.

    • What have we already accomplished?
      The ICG proposed an ambitious goal for crowdfunding and building the initial version of ISLE; we completed it in May 2018. The subsequent grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to fund the Islandora for All Phase II of ISLE and LASIR is nearing completion. The steering committees are beginning to view demonstrations of the 14 deliverables -- and they look amazing. The grant funded project is on schedule to be publicly available by September 30, 2019. ISLE is maintained with bi-monthly releases containing security and feature updates, and updated documentation. Seven institutions are currently using ISLE on live production servers, and 20 more have expressed plans to move their Islandora to ISLE within the next 6 months; others are seriously looking at migrating to ISLE from proprietary platforms. Islandora for All is resonating with many people and institutional use cases.

    • Want to learn more? Contact David Keiser-Clark.

  • ISLE 1.1.2 release scheduled for end of June

  • Islandoracon 2019 (October 7-11, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

  • ISLE: Live Sites (7)

Islandora for All: LASIR Updates

  • In line with its goal of making Islandora an attainable and enhanced institutional repository solution, the Mellon-funded LASIR project has been working on a series of enhancements and additions to the Islandora Scholar solution pack. Born-Digital and the LASIR steering committee have nearly completed work on a new Matomo module that will support detailed collection and reporting of usage statistics (including templated reports that can be delivered to scholars). The project team has also undertaken work to improve discoverability of IR content. This includes extending the Islandora Google Scholar module to automatically generate aggregations of IR content by year, a requirement for repositories that wish to be included in Google Scholar, and adding embedded JSON-LD metadata to object pages. Over the summer, the project team will complete work on a Scholar Profiles module, which will give faculty members their own landing pages populated with all of their deposited content, and a webform module that will enable unmediated self-deposit workflows.



Have a project going on that you'd like to share with the Islandora community? Let us know at



Drupal GovCon

Our Technical Lead Danny Lamb will be at Drupal GovCon July 24 - 26, in Bethesda, MD. 

Islandoracon 2019

Islandoracon buttonRegistration is now open! Our Early Bird discount has been extended to July 6th.

This third iteration of our conference will be held October 7 - 11th in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The main conference will be hosted by Islandora Foundation Partner Simon Fraser University, at their downtown location in Harbour Centre
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