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August 2020 - Newsletter

Features Survey - Islandora 8 1.2.0 

After releasing Islandora 8 1.0.0 in 2019, we at the Islandora Foundation surveyed the community for what features users wanted next, and used the results to plan out community sprints and coordinate efforts for a 1.1.0 release that added five of the top ten features requested, including Paged Content, OAI-PMH, and OCR support. 

We would like to check in with the community once more, to continue to align our development roadmap with what you need from Islandora and would like to see in Islandora 8 1.2.0

Please take the survey to add your organization's priorities to our common needs. 

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Islandora Online

Throughout July and August, the Islandora Community gathered together for our first ever virtual conference. Stretched over four weeks, Islandora Online consisted of four live events that combined sessions, panels, and small group discussions, alongside social and networking breaks that gave our community a chance to connect while we are unable to meet face to face.

Session and panels recordings are available on our YouTube Channel.

Many thanks to the speakers, moderators, and guests who made the event such a success, and a special thanks to those whose donations helped us to offer the event free of charge.

Islandora Online focussed on four major topics:

  • Islandora 8
  • Islandora and Metadata
  • Islandora and Migration
  • Islandora as an Institutional Repository

Islandora 8 User Call

The Islandora community is starting up  a new bi-weekly meeting: the Islandora 8 User Call

Working in tandem with the Islandora 8 Tech Call, this User Call will be focused on experiences of people actually using Islandora, to create content, build sites, plan migrations, and more. We invite administrators, content managers, and others who experience Islandora mostly through the 'front-end,' and welcome technical users who would like to join in to help. 

The User Call will commence on August 20th, 2020.

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Updated Support Timeline for Islandora

With the Drupal community’s decision to extend Drupal 7’s end of life until November 28, 2022, as well as the release of Drupal 9, the Islandora Foundation has revised its version support timeline. We will be extending the period of security fixes for Islandora 7 to November 2022 to match Drupal 7’s end of life.  
  • Drupal 7 EOL (end of life) - November, 2022     
  • Islandora 7.x EOL - November, 2022
  • Last release with new features: November, 2020
  • Final release, bug fixes only: November, 2021
  • No new security fixes will be made: November 2022
  • Drupal 8 EOL - November, 2021    
    • Islandora 8.x EOS: No formal end of support is planned. Islandora 8 will transition into Islandora 9 as a relatively minor upgrade, not a migration.
  • Drupal 9 Release: June, 2020    
    • Islandora 9.x Ready: January 2021
There will be two more scheduled Islandora 7 releases. These releases are scheduled yearly and target release in November. The release in November, 2020 will be the last release to include any new features. The release in November, 2021 will only include bug and security fixes (no new features). 

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GitHub Branches Renamed

The Islandora community has, since its inception, tried to create an inclusive and welcoming place for everyone. To that effect, the Islandora Coordinating Committee has voted to rename our master branches to main in Github. We will also be scouring the codebase for any references to black/white lists and replace them with allow/deny lists.

We are aware that the branch renaming may affect those who have deployment processes specifically targeting a master branch. To provide time to adapt, we will be creating the main branch but will leave the master branch dangling for two weeks. This means users have until Wednesday, August 26th to change any code references from master to main. By the end of day on the 26th, we will be deleting the master branches entirely.
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