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August 2018 - Newsletter


The Islandora Foundation has welcomed a number of new and upgraded members since our last newsletter in 2017. To find out more about our members, and the benefits of joining, please visit our membership site.

Welcome to New Members



This new Member is the library for the Research Institutes within the ETH Domain: Eawag, Empa, PSI & WSL. As a scientific library, they support these institutes with literature and technical information for research, teaching and consulting.

Louisiana State University

Longtime users of Islandora, LSU's latest big Islandora project is the Lousiana Digital Library, a stunning multi-site that encompasses 17 Louisiana archives, libraries, museums, and other repositories, with more than 144,000 digital items. Collections run the gamut from photographs, maps, manuscript materials, books, and oral histories. 

Amherst College

Currently the owners of a custom Fedora 3 digital collection (ACDC), the team at Amherst College are explorers on the bleeding edge of Islandora, working with Islandora CLAW and Fedora 4. They have played an active role in development and discussions for the future of Islandora and we look forward to working more closely with them as members of the Islandora Foundation.

Welcome to New Collaborators


Leiden University Libraries

Leiden University Libraries is a longtime user of Islandora, with some amazing customized ingest tools behind their digital collections. They have been active participants at Islandora Camps, including a recent session at iCampEU18 about their Conditional Access Rights module.

Welcome to New Partners


University of North Carolina Charlotte
UNC Charlotte logo

A longstanding Islandora site, UNCC is probably best known in our community through the efforts of developer Brad Spry, an expert in deploying Islandora on Amazon Web Services, and the architect of some very slick front-end interface tools to make ingest more appealing to archivists. UNCC's Goldmine repository features digitized oral history interviews and other materials documenting the history and culture of the area.

Islandora Collaboration Group


ICG logoThe Islandora Foundation is pleased to announce that this former Collaborator has become a Partner.

Most members of the ICG consortium are liberal arts colleges in the eastern United States, but the organization has grown beyond its initial region and welcomes new members. They have spearheaded the development of Islandora Enterprise(ISLE), a tool designed to significantly ease the process of installing and maintaining Islandora, and have expanded their development efforts to include the LASIR project, which will extend and improve Islandora's services as an institutional repository.

In addition to many contributions by its members to Islandora releases, camps, and community support on the listserv, the ICG introduced the concept of the 'hack/doc' to the Islandora conference, modelled on their own successful bi-annual internal hack/docs.

Current members of the ICG include:

  • Barnard College
  • Colgate University
  • Five College Compass: Digital Collections
    • Hampshire College
    • Mount Holyoke College
    • Smith College
  • Grinnell College
  • Hamilton College
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Vassar College
  • Wesleyan University
  • Williams College

As a Partner in the Islandora Foundation, the ICG has nominated David Keiser-Clark to our Board of Directors. Based at Williams College, David serves on the steering committees for both ISLE and LASIR, and has been a member of the Islandora Coordinating Committee since 2017. 

Florida State University

FSU logoAnother Collaborator upgrading to Partner, FSU has been an extremely active member of the Islandora community, with a great team of people who have participated heavily on release teams, on the Islandoracon planning committee, as Committers, and on both the Coordinating Committee and Technical Advisory Group.

As a part of this new Partner membership, the Islandora Foundation also welcomes Jean Phillips to our Board of Directors.


Islandora Bibliography is now a GitHub Repo

Have you published a paper about how you use Islandora? Given a public presentation? Had an Islandora-related poster accepted at a conference? We'd like to put it in our bibliography.

Once a static page tucked away in our Resources section, Islandora Bibliography has moved to GitHub to make it easier for the entire community to contribute to the list and keep it relevant. If you know of a good entry that we're missing, please check out and send us a pull request.

Islandora CLAW

The Islandora CLAW project has made tremendous progress in recent months, as demonstrated by this video from the recent Open Repositories conference in Boseman, MT. 


August will see the kick-off of our largest development sprint to date, with a team of 21 volunteers tackling the vital issue of migration from Islandora 7.x into the new platform, with support from the Metadata Interest Group to help see us through the mapping of MODS to RDF.

Islandora CLAW's Drupal modules have been added as sandbox projects. It is our intention to promote these to full projects once Islandora CLAW is released, so that our modules can be distributed through and made available under the 'drupal' namespace on Packagist. Not only will our modules be available somewhere other than just Github, but Islandora will also get exposure to the wider Drupal community.

This does not mean that Islandora CLAW development will adopt Drupal's workflow, as Islandora CLAW encompasses more than just Drupal modules. As of now, there will be no impact on day to day development, which will continue as-is on Github. However, the subtleties of its inclusion in the release process will need to be discussed and ironed out as the team works through the initial release.

Here are the Islandora CLAW modules on



Weekly meetings to discuss development and the Islandora CLAW roadmap take place every Wednesday at 1:00 PM Eastern time, and newcomers are very welcome. Please consider joining us to check in and learn more:


Community Projects



The ISLE project has maintainers (more testers wanted) who are currently testing ISLE Release Candidate v1.1. Final beta release estimated for August 31. Improvements include: The six images (Tomcat, Solr, Fedora, Apache, Proxy (Traefik), ImageServices) have been aligned to Docker best practices, slimmed down, and S6-supervised; all images have been rebased to Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic).

Please consider participating with the new Islandora ISLE Interest Group (IG).

Try installing ISLE yourself using the ISLE Documentation.

How to Join




Phase I has begun! This phase will center on the five areas of development that we have identified as community needs for Islandora Scholar. We have been working with the Islandora IR Interest Group to learn more about desired features, open issues, and current development. We are also beginning our outreach to non-Scholar users for their thoughts and feedback on this phase. Our goals include full wireframes for new functionality and atomic visual designs of new functional components.

Phase I will inform the specification of work that will be completed for Phase II, with an estimated deliverable of Spring 2019.

How to Join

  • LASIR meetings are open to everybody! They currently occur within the public IR Interest Group meetings. Schedule is the fourth Thursday of each month at 3PM EST.

  • Subscribe to the LASIR Google group for updates, meeting announcements, and collaboration



iCampCA November 7 - 9

The last Islandora Camp of 2018 will be in sunny San Diego, CA from November 7 to 9, hosted by San Diego State University. Islandora Camp features:

  • Day One: General and introductory sessions about the softare and the community that uses and supports it
  • Day Two: Hand-on workshop training with tracks for Developers and front-end Admintrative users, featuring both Islandora 7.x and Islandora CLAW
  • Day Three: Sessions on specific sites, tools, and topics of interest to Islandora users

Registration will is now open at our usual USD rates of $450 Early Bird and $495 Regular. Read more at:


Islandoracon 2019

Our call for potential hosts to express their interest has closed and we're just about ready to announce a place and time. Stay tuned to and @islandora on Twitter to find out where and when the 2019 conference will be held.
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