January 2016 - Newsletter


Farewell to Mark Leggott

The Islandora Foundation would like to wish our founder, Mark Leggott, the very best of luck as he moves on to new adventures as the Executive Director of Research Data Canada. Mark has been a fixture in the Islandora community since it was just a handful of folks in Prince Edward Island with some big ideas about open source digital asset management, and while he will continue to track the project and will always be with us in spirit as our founder and mentor, Mark is stepping back from his duties at the Foundation.

Welcome to new Member: The Smithsonian Institution

Part of the Islandora community since 2011, the Smithsonian institute uses its own custom implementation of Islandora, known as SIdora, to support researchers in managing their own data as it is generated.


The Smithsonian joins the Islandora Foundation in 2016 as a Member.

Welcome to new Partner: The University of Toronto

With membership in several interest groups, participation in sprints, release teams, camps, and the Islandora Conference, the University of Toronto and the team at its Scarborough campus are a big part of the Islandora community. The Islandora Foundation is very pleased to welcome them as Partners, adding a seat on our Board of Directors to their engagement with Islandora.

Special Projects

Islandora CLAW

The Islandora/Fedora 4 integration, long known as Islandora 7.x-2.x, has a new working name that’s a little less alphanumeric. A self-referential backronym, CLAW stands for CLAW Linked Asset WebFramework. Mostly, it’s a way to refer to the project with something easier to say in meetings and presentation.


CLAW has also moved to its own GitHub organization, after spending its initial development period as a part of Islandora Labs. Development continues on the project in the form of monthly volunteer sprints, with the third taking place in the last two weeks of January. The recent focus has been on creating PHP services and improving how we handle the Portland Common Data Model. If you are interested in getting involved with the project, please check out the more detailed report from the Fedora 4 Interest Group included below.

Community Sprints

Following the success of our first volunteer community sprint in September last year, the Islandora community pivoted to focus our sprints on the future of Islandora.

A first and second CLAW sprint were completed in 2015, tackling user documentation, knowledge transfer, and PHP services. Sprints continue on a monthly basis, with the next one running January 18th - 20th.

Islandora 7.x-1.7 Release

Islandora 7.x-1.7 is due out at the end of April and we are gearing up to get the release under way. Our long time community Release Manager, Nick Ruest, has retired from 7.x-1.x to focus on CLAW, so we are very pleased to welcome a new Release Manager to the process: Dan Aitken. Known to many in the community as QADan, Dan actually transitioned out of QA a while back and now works as a developer for discoverygarden, Inc. He will be shepherding this fifth community-led release of Islandora with the help of volunteers like you, so please keep an eye out for the Call for Volunteers for 7.x.1.x and become a part of our Release Team!

Financial Updatelobometre100.png

Just as in our previous newsletter, the main fundraising goal of the Islandora Foundation is to have enough membership funding to hire a second employee in as a Technical Lead. In a fairly candid blog post in November, we outlined where we stand and where we need to be, with the help of a fundraising visual aid from our Lobstometre.


Since then, our membership revenue has gone from $86,000 to $100,000, through a combination of new memberships and renewed commitments from existing members. If your institution would like to become a member, or is already a member and would like to commit to upgrading to a higher tier of support, please contact the foundation at We’re getting very close to our goal, but we will need your help to put us over.


iCampFL May 4 - 6

Originally scheduled for March 7 - 9, iCampFL has been rescheduled so as not to conflict with Code4Lib - now you can go to both!


A Call for Proposals is open until the end of January and Early Bird registration lasts until February 15th.
Camp website.

iCampBC2 July 18 - 20

Islandora Camp first went to Vancouver in February 2015. We had such a great run that we’re going to do it again July 18 - 20, making Vancouver the first city since Charlottetown to host two Islandora Camps.


Our host, the British Columbia Electronic Library Network, invites Islandorians from all over to come to the Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre in downtown Vancouver for another great three days of BC Islandora.
Camp website.


The last Islandora Camp of 2016 will be held in Kansas City, MO, on the campus of the University of Missouri. We are still closing in on dates, but October is likely.

Open Repositories 2016

Members of the Islandora community will be attending (and no doubt presenting at) Open Repositories 2016, in Dublin, Ireland. We will make announcements of specific sessions and events as they are settled.

Islandora Interest Group Reports

Islandora Interest Groups are those Islandora Community Members that come together around a particular topic relevant to the Islandora ecosystem. They operate on GitHub. The purpose of the interest group is to provide a forum for information exchange, mentorship and development within a limited area of interest and to report findings, submit code, documentation, recommendations as appropriate to the Islandora Roadmap Committee on matters of wider interest relating to the area of expertise. The following are reports from some of the Islandora Interest Groups.

Fedora 4 Interest Group

Regular Meeting Time: Fourth Friday of the month at 1:00 PM Eastern.
Regular Meeting Place: FreeConferenceCallHD line (details are in each meeting agenda)
How to Join: Watch listserv for meeting agendas

Topics of Interest

This interest group serves as the rally point for Islandora CLAW. The members of this group also liaise and collaborate with the existing Islandora Foundation interest groups, as well as the Fedora, Hydra, and PCDM communities.


Finished Work

The initial goal of this interest group was to build community interest in Islandora and Fedora 4 integration; led by David Wilcox. That goal was accomplished with the group restructuring around the Islandora 7.x-2.x project, and beginning phase one of the project in January 2015. Phase one of the project ran from January 2015 - August 2015, and focused on building a solid foundation to allow for community development on Islandora 7.x-2.x; phase two.

Phase two of the project began in November with a goal of having monthly two-week community sprints, and moving to a weekly tech call for the project. The first CLAW Community Sprint, which was aimed at knowledge sharing and documentation. The second sprint focused on porting the existing services that are written in Java over to PHP.



Islandora Camp CT

Other Messages

We have received many community messages asking when CLAW is going to be finished. We have accomplished a lot in first year of the project as noted in the previous update. However, we are still in need of community resources. We need developers working on this project, and we ask that organizations consider contributing developer time for any upcoming community sprint. Questions about contributing developer time can be directed to the CLAW Project Director, Nick Ruest (

Ask not what CLAW can do for you, but what you can do for CLAW 😄.

Additionally, the group is looking to pivot from a Drupal 7 based CLAW to a Drupal 8 based CLAW. The group is working on a prospectus to take to the Islandora Foundation Roadmap Committee.

Metadata Interest Group

Regular Meeting Time: Second Monday of the month from 1-2pm EST
Regular Meeting Place: WebEx
How to Join: Watch Islandora and Hydra Community listserv for information 

Topics of Interest

  • Islandora Metadata Tools
  • Enhancements and fixes to metadata related issues in Islandora


  • Using “Issues” in GitHub to track potential enhancements for Islandora
  • Collaboration with Hydra Metadata Interest Group

Islandora Documentation Interest Group

Regular Meeting Time: Third Tuesday of the month at 2:00 PM EST
Regular Meeting Place: Skype
How to Join: Watch listserv for call-in information or send an email to the islandora listserv or documentation listserv.

Topics of Interest

Major points of discussion under consideration recently:


Summary of special projects or tasks taken on by the group:
  • Create a “documentation tip sheet" that covers some common formatting questions

Finished Work

Summary of any completed work, notable accomplishments, new tools & features, or other completed projects.    

Other Messages

  • Guests are welcome. You can show up for one or two meetings without ‘joining’ the group. We want to hear from anyone who has an interest.
  • We are actively seeking new members and would love to work more closely with other Interest Groups
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