First Tokyo
Feel the Bern!

Saturday July 25


Location: Ark Hills 2F, courtyard area,
(near Plates restaurant there are many public tables,
bring or buy lunch and let's talk!)

Introductory meeting for Bernie Sanders supporters. This is open to any one interested in the getting involved.

At the first meeting we will assess our interests and ideas about the future direction of our actions.  The meeting will be facilitated so that we can meet each other and find out why we are all joining before moving on to assessing options, goal setting and action planning.


This event is not sponsored by Democrats Abroad Japan (DAJ). Party rules prohibit Democratic  organizations from endorsing candidates before the convention.


Discussion points

Key discussion points for our first meeting
1. Meeting each other - find out why we all are here
2. Confirming outputs for this meeting - what outcomes we want to see
3. Reviewing options for our group - i.e. educating people on issues, funding, campaigning, influencing the party agenda, getting directly involved in primaries, etc.
4. Discussing and planning - goal setting (and if time action planning including schedule)
5. Setting dates and action items for followup (if possible)
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