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March is a time to celebrate and reflect on the achievements, leadership, courage, and strength of the women who helped shape America (and who are still shaping America)

Now more than ever, women are achieving great things in our nation! Here’s just a small snapshot of what’s going on with women in the workforce today…

Whatever path a woman chooses, the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is helping along the way

Seriously, see for yourself...


The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act started out on an unpopular foot (but it didn’t stay that way). Defenders of the status quo touted the plan as a giveaway to the rich at the expense of the middle class. This couldn’t have been further from the truth, and now, the numbers are speaking for themselves:

  • $139,997,520,000 has been invested back into the U.S.;

  • 4,000,000 (and counting) Americans are receiving special bonuses;

  • 80,000,000 Americans are expected to see decreases in their utility bills;

  • And an estimated 90 percent of American workers are expected to see increased pay under the new withholding guidelines!

You know who is among these beneficiaries? WOMEN.

Benefits for American workers are benefits for American women since they make up 47 percent of the U.S. workforce. Benefits for American businesses owners are benefits for American women considering the number of women-owned firms has grown 114 percent since 1997.

And that’s not all. Yes, tax reform is helping women in business, but it is also dedicated to relieving the burdens on American families.

Here’s how...

  • The average family of four will see a tax cut of $2,059 under this law, meaning women (who are often the designated family budgeters) will feel a financial weight lifted.

  • This bill also doubles the standard deduction, meaning more money will be tax-free. For single people, that means the first $12,000 earned is protected from taxes. For married couples, that’s $24,000, up from the current $12,700.

  • For all those working moms out there (70 percent of mothers), this plan expands the Child Tax Credit from $1,000 to $2,000, which will help with the cost of child care.  

  • And for those with non-child dependents (say, elderly parents or other family members who need care), there is an additional $500 non-refundable credit.

  • The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act preserves the Adoption Tax Credit which means a tax break for those mothers and fathers opening their hearts and homes to children.

  • It also expands 529 savings accounts so that parents are able to pay for education throughout a child’s life from kindergarten through college.

Tax reform is working. Americans are benefitting. Despite the lies which initially sparked unpopularity with the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, approval ratings are rising as more of you see the benefits of this historic legislation.


Tell us what you think about this! Your thoughts/opinions/questions/concerns are what is driving policy as well as our conversation. Don’t just sit idly by…



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