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Hello <<First Name>>,

Welcome to your 1st issue of ReLovenship eNewsletter! For anyone searching for love, and those looking for love again after a failed relationship, this newsletter is for you.

As we travel across North America giving workshops, interviewing at radio stations and taking part in book signings, we meet so many people who have a lot of questions about finding authentic relationships. You are our core audience. The ReLovenship eNewsletter will be our forum of choice to bring you new coaching advice, breaking news and exclusive promotional offers each month. 

In this month's issue we talk about our journey leading up to this point, stressing the importance of having and keeping a clear goal for what we intend to have in our lives. In the "Coaching Advice" section, we focus on new relationships during the Holiday season and the important "DOs" and "DON'Ts" if you happen to kick-start a new romance at that pivotal time of year. 

We want our readers to be aware that our goal with this issue is no different than what it will be for future issues: simply to provide you with the tips that will serve as a foundation for a long-lasting, blissful relationship. We hope you enjoy!

A word from Mario & Diane

This may surprise you, but we're no different than most people when it comes to pursuing our dreams. We, too, have had big ideas that we didn't act upon and, therefore, that never materialized. For instance, Mario wanted to be an NHL hockey player and Diane a superstar professional dancer! Though we never achieved those objectives, we did get close on a few occasions. Typically, it was always just a few minutes before the alarm clock woke us up in the morning... 

Jokes aside, we believe in the power of dreams and setting goals. In fact, ever since we got together, we've made this a practice and a critical component of our relationship. A few times a year, we sit down and review our goals in all areas of our lives. As a result, we've been blessed with the manifestation of several of them, but more importantly, with the understanding of a big revelation: the BIGGER the goal, the more FOCUS and DEDICATION it will take. 

In that regard, 2015 has been a landmark year for us — a year in which seeds planted long ago blossomed. You see, we've had this big dream of bringing hope, inspiration and the easing of pain to individuals who are seeking their ideal life partner, in spite of however many heartbreaks or sentimental setbacks they may have had before. We wanted to jump in and get involved because we saw pain all around us, but even more so, because we've been there and know how painful and lonely it can be.

So we pushed ahead by publishing a book, which provides a step-by-step methodology, hands on perspective from folks who have been in the trenches... plus a feminine and masculine point of view on romantic relationships. Since then, the response has been overwhelming from readers, our social media feeds and traditional media. For all that we are very grateful. Now we're taking our dream to a new level by bringing our material to group coaching, live classes and sharing monthly insights in this eNewsletter. 

We believe that everyone has the capacity to choose and act towards what they intend to create in their lives. A blissful relationship is no different. It starts with a clear decision. For us, the decision and goal at the top of our accomplishments is without a doubt the one we made long before we met each other: to no longer settle or compromise for the relationship we wanted. And here's the best part: You, too, can make that decision. Further, we think that if you tag along, we'll teach you a few things that will help you fast-track the process. 

What People Are Saying

"Dear Diane and Mario, thank you for joining me on my show the" brighter side of life" The Kim Pagano Show. What a great reminder of what couples should do, to cultivate love again. Some great heartfelt tips. We all look on the outside to fill our love tank, love and happiness is an inside job. Thank you again."

Kim Pagano
Host of The Kim Pagano Show

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"ReLovenship is written with the thoughtful relationship seeker in mind. I appreciate the attention the authors pay to the promotion of self-esteem and self-awareness. They make the point that the healthiest relationship you can have with someone else is the one that enhances you─not creates you. I've already referred the book and the website to several of my clients."

Pamela Brewer

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"Unlike most books on the market on relationships written by psychologists and psychiatrics, Mario P. Cloutier and Diane Sawaya Cloutier utilize their personal experiences, mistakes, and outcomes in their book, Relovenship: Look Within To Love Again. "

Robert Ahanes 

Coaching Advice

The Holiday season! Some of us love it, others despise it. Depending which camp you're in, this could likely influence your decision about the guy or gal you've just started dating. Nonetheless, it remains a daunting question... "Should I or shouldn't I go alone to the family gathering?" You rationalize, "Everybody will be there, so this would greatly facilitate introductions." 

Life would be so much easier if we could have a one-size-fits-all answer to loaded questions. And this is one! Why? Because it triggers all kinds of other questions YOU should be asking yourself. Here are our top three:


  1. What do I want this new relationship to become?
    The answer here determines if you'll need to go to #2... Do you want it to be a long lasting relationship, or, are you still not sure if this person is a good match for you? If it's the latter, stop here and know that your relatives will have your undivided attention when you all sit together around the turkey.
  2. Why should I be accompanied to the family event?
    Be honest here. Is it because you just want to shut up Aunty Jane? Is it because you're so lonely during the holidays? Or, are you just afraid he or she will forget about you and you'll end up alone again? Whatever it is, be truthful and assess the real reason that makes you contemplate asking anybody to spend an evening with Aunty Jane this early in a relationship.
  3. How many of my meaningful people will be attending? 
    This is a BIGGY for us. One of the personal laws we never compromise on has always been: "Meaningful People Deserve Befitting Introductions." Who are those people in your life? Your parents, your children, your siblings? If they are that meaningful, please don't put them through a group introduction with your new flame. They're worth more than that. Besides, what's the rush? You and your new love are in it for the long run, aren't you?
About Us
Authors Mario P. Cloutier and Diane Sawaya Cloutier are not psychologists, but rather, they are individuals who each experienced real-life relationship sorrows of breakups and divorces before finally attracting a blissful relationship. They became romantically involved in 1998 and married in 2001.
Through their own experiences and learnings with past relationships and ensuing search for their soul mate, they have become trusted advisors to other "true love seekers."  Their intention is to bring inspiration, hope and provide tools that demonstrate that you can still attract “the one,’’ the soul mate or the ideal life partner in spite of how many heartbreaks you may have experienced.
In their book, Mario & Diane often tag-team to share their own experience and address readers of their own gender. They are also ongoing contributors to the Huffington Post.
Diane Sawaya Cloutier’s constant desire to learn has led her to develop a passion for personal development and relationships.

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