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In this month's issue, in response to many requests, we look at How Many Millennials Approach Seduction & Dating. Although we like to see ourselves as True Love Advisors rather than Dating Coaches, the admiration and love that we have towards Millennials really motivated us to address this important topic.

Furthermore, we also believe that regardless of where we fall on the Generation Tree, seduction and dating are ageless. We just go about it differently...

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A word from Mario & Diane

So we were sitting on the beach with this friend of ours after a tough day in the office. This sounds good... doesn't it? Anyway, this friend of ours is a single dude in his early 30s. And while he was making his best effort to act like he was interested in what we had to say... he was truly doing what single dudes in their early 30s do when they're sitting on the beach. He was checking out girls pretending... he was not looking.  And the girls of course played it like they did not know that he was pretending he was not really looking, when, in reality, they all knew he was

Being in the field that we're in, we found the whole dynamic to be fascinating. Like a social experiment unfolding before our very eyes!  Clearly there was interest on both sides but nobody was budging! 

This went on for over an hour. Both of us were really into it, but, Diane was the one who initiated the questioning with our friend. Those of you who know her won't probably be surprised... asking questions is truly her thing! As for Mario, well he did what men in their early 50's do when they're sitting on the beach and they want to bail out from a conversation:
he pretended he was reading a book...
while being acutely aware of what was going on. In any case, the exchange kind of went like this between Diane and our friend: 

Diane: "Why don't you just go talk to them?" 
Friend: "No, no, no. This isn't something my generation does at all!"
Mario -raising an eyebrow over his book and thinking to himself "Well, that's very nice of you to share this insight with us DINOSAURS... from a previous GENERATION!"
Diane: "What do you mean?"
Friend: "I mean I don't know any of them. I would need an introduction of some sort, or else I'd look like a moron! It's like Facebook or texting if you will. There's a "code" to it." 
Mario: "Yeah, Yeah, like DINOSAURS must have had a code amongst themselves before they got wiped out from the Earth."
Diane: "Don't listen to him... Tell me more about the code."
Friend: "Well it's complicated, but let's say I'm introduced to this girl in a party somewhere and we end up exchanging phone numbers. Who-Texts-Who-First will pretty much dictates what happens next."
Diane: "Why wouldn't you call her instead of texting?"
Friend: "Because it's part of the code! If I text her and she responds fairly quickly, we're kind of cool. But if she stays quiet, after a little while I can look her up somewhere to see what she's up to. You know on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever... If she's posted something after I texted her, chances are from her own phone, she's basically telling me to buzz off."  
Diane: "Well maybe not. Maybe she's just focused doing what she was doing. Besides, couldn't you simply interact with her on the social media feed she happens to be on?"
Friend: "Big No No in the code. This would be like stalking her. I'm no stalker... At this point I'd rather default to my dating app to try to meet someone instead of looking like a clown."
Mario -from under his book replied-"Or a DINOSAUR."
Friend: "What's with him and the DINOSAURS?"
Diane: "Just let him be..."

What People Are Saying

Below are some comments made by Media personalities on Mario & Diane's work. If you read their book, they would certainly appreciate your review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Beyond book sales, reviews are authors' true legacy. 

"Mario & Diane,
It was our great pleasure having you "ON POINT!" Reading "RELOVENSHIP" speaks openly about the shortcomings of your lives and past relationships which gives the reader hope. RELOVENSHIP illustrates the Power in the prefix "RE," which means to do again, to Re generate and to Re Start... Though you may have experienced hurt in past relationships there is an opportunity to heal one’s self, through self-truth and the power of God!"

Carlette Christmas - On Point Talk Radio Host

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"I recently interviewed Diane and Mario on Radio MD. They offered great advice about love and relationships, and they were very fun to speak with. Love and relationship advice are always popular and this couple has plenty of great advice on keeping those relationships strong.

Melanie Cole MS

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"ReLovenship™ Look Within to Love Again! is an excellent book by Mario and Diane Cloutier which emphasises the importance of taking control of your thoughts and goals before seeking a potential partner. This book advocates the need to become reacquainted with oneself and learn to truly love oneself before seeking a partner. As a step by step guide, written from the male and female perspectives, the advice is refreshingly sound and direct and I had many views in common with the authors. I hope this book will inspire people to create a powerful intention of being happy, successful and finding the right partner."

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From Our Readers

“I found out about ReLovenship from a dear friend and I am SO glad I did. It is the type of self-help book that requires serious introspect. I recently went through a painful divorce. We still love each other very much, but the relationship was toxic. ReLovenship helped me answer the tough questions... I learned how to value myself, set my boundaries, and recognize my self-worth. I am so grateful for Diane and Mario's insight and would definitely recommend this book to others!” ─Nisha

“I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Mario and Diane at a book signing here in Florida. They are an absolute beautiful couple. They exude love. So here is my honest review of ReLovenship:
I deal with a lot of couples who come to me for relationship advice because they feel my husband and I have the "perfect" relationship. But nothing is perfect, especially not our relationship. I think God sent Mario and Diane to me, because I needed this book in my life.
I realized what was going wrong in our relationship. I was busy trying to figure out who I was and my husband was just there. I felt like he wasn't with me. I felt like he wasn't loving me the way I wanted. What ReLovenship has taught me is that I have find love for myself first. I’ve read the book and it has allowed me to work on myself. My husband isn't a reader, but he has it on the night stand as apart of his to be read list.
This book made me take a hard look at who I was and am. It made me think back figure out what my "stories" are and how my past affects my future. Chapter 4 made me take a hard look at my secrets. My husband and I had a heart to heart in therapy and I had to come clean of all the wrong I had done in our relationship. This book hands down help save my marriage. I plan on sharing it with all my friends whether they are single, dating, engaged or married. We all must focus on loving ourselves.”

“A true gem. I read Relovenship twice. As a professional matchmaker and dating coach I keep a copy in my office and highly recommend it to my clients. You can find love and with the right attitude and right tools you can succeed. Relovenship is definitely one of the right tools to help you in your quest for a fulfilling relationship.” Joan

"This book is ideal for everyone! It is not only a great book for anyone looking for love or trying to find their soul mate. It's also a wonderful book for understanding yourself prior to taking the next steps into a relationship. There are many chapters you will want to read twice and many pages you will want to highlight!" ── Robyn

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder

Coaching Advice: Challenging "The Code"

There was a time when it was the norm for parents to arrange unions for their sons and daughters. Needless to say, Seduction and Dating had a whole new connotation in those days... It was more a "mean to an end" than anything else.

And it's probably fair to say that those of us who were born before the 80s, have used different methods for dating than our younger friends.  Millennials and Gen Zers approach it from an unprecedented technological angle, an approach that many refer to as "the code."

But we can't help to wonder "Who wrote the code?" Zuckerberg? We don't think so... Although one could argue that his only motivation when he first started coding Facemash was to hookup with girls... but that's a whole different story. 

Look, we love you Millennials. We love you as work colleagues. We love you as community builders. We love you as idealists. We love you as children, after all, we have 3 of you guys! We just love you. PERIOD. And because WE LOVE YOU, we will look at some of your so called "code principles" and challenge them from a different perspective. Maybe not a better one, but one that we like to consider as "heart" based as opposed to "cloud" based... 

This seems to be at the top of "the code." We've heard it a lot, and, every time we're intrigued...  So you met the guy or the gal, you seemed to have had a connection, at least that's what you think, but you'll leave without asking if it's ok to be in touch again? Why the unnecessary suspense? Just do you both a favor and clear the air before going your separate ways. Besides, you've got better things to do than spying an imaginary potential flirt on social media in response to one of your text message...

Cool Talk
Ah the "cool factor!" This is absolutely one that transcends generations. We all love to show that "we are it" in spite of our age. Many Millennials like to play that card with the urban dictionary, using all imaginable dirty words in their texts, on their "wall" and when they talk. "B..." word, "N..." word, "F..." word, etc. They think it's so cool! Here's what we think: Respect is invaluable and it is shown and earned in the smallest gestures, including "small talk." If you are starting to date someone who constantly uses foul language in common circumstances, what will it be like when events will require more formality? Is this a behavior you will accept?  

Each Pays Its Own Bill
We think there's actually a lot of good behind this principle, something all generations can learn from. Long gone are the gender specific responsibilities in that area. But has it gone too far though? We think if both parties have been going out for a while, at one point the calculator app on your phone should be left alone when the waiter brings the bill... It's ok to let the other pay from time to time. Independence is good, but if one always needs to break things down to the penny, that could be a red flag. Mr or Mrs Stingy could become very annoying somewhere down the road. 

Better to say "Good Friends" 
We get that Millennials don't like labels. We also get that many want to avoid the "exclusivity" thing. But if you've been seeing each other for more than 4-6 weeks, what's wrong with Boyfriend or Girlfriend? Wouldn't it be fair play for both of you to know what this is about? Where this is heading? Just a thought... 

Don't Emoji Me Too Much
What's too much? We looked everywhere but couldn't find the answer. Is this about Too much Emoji or is it about Too Much Attention? Believe it or not, it was the same phenomenon when phones were parked in booths on street corners as opposed to resting in our pockets... If one was always chasing the other down with endless phone calls or unexpected visits at the beginning of a relationship, this was a recipe for failure. Indeed we think it's better to restrain the smiley faces when you're starting off if you don't want to get an angry one...

Leaving Your Options Open
Nobody wants to get hurt, especially if you have ever been. Maybe that's why many choose to stay noncommittal and say things like "Yes I'm seeing so & so but I'm keeping my options open in case I can find better."  REALLY? Is this a mutual agreement? If it is, maybe you two need to start looking for another way to kill time... We hear bowling alleys are in dire needs of new players... On the other hand if it isn't mutual, we think you're way better than that. Stop playing games with that other person. You owe it to him/her and to yourself.   

Waiting a Few Days to Wave Back
Some say it's 3 days. Other Millennials opt for up to a week before following up on a date so they won't look stupid. Question is: Would you rather take the risk to look stupid instead of missing out on a compatible relationship?  
Listen. There's no right or wrong waiting period. You gotta follow your gut. However we believe that if there is some kind of interest on your part, you should follow up sooner than later. Probably within a day or two. One thing is for sure, if you never swing for the fences, you'll never hit a home run! 

About Us
Relationship Coaches, Authors and Huffington Post Bloggers, Mario P. Cloutier and Diane Sawaya Cloutier have each experienced real-life relationship sorrows of breakups and divorces before finally attracting the blissful relationship each of them were longing for. They became romantically involved in 1998 and married in 2001. Through their own experiences, learnings and ensuing search for "what makes relationships work," they have become trusted advisors for seekers of true love.

Their intention is to bring inspiration, hope and provide tools to demonstrate that all can still attract “the one,’’ the soul mate or the ideal life partner, in spite of how many heartbreaks one may have experienced, and moreover, that it is possible to "live happily... EVEN after!" 

In their book, Mario & Diane often tag-team, speaking from a common voice to share their point of view on general themes, but they also make a point to address readers of their own gender in each chapters on specific issues, proving that men and women may process relationships differently... while ultimately seeking the same outcome!
Diane Sawaya Cloutier’s constant desire to learn has led her to develop a passion for personal development and relationships.

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