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In this issue No.11, Sept. 2016: Could Indecision Lead to a Mismatch?

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Decisions. For many of us this is a simple exercise. You weigh in the pros and cons, make a decision and... move on! 

However, for others among us, the simple act of "deciding" or "choosing" can be excruciating. Particularly when it comes to resolve if the person we are with is really
The One... In fact, "indecision" on that matter, is one of the most recurring theme people seek relationship advice for. 

In this month's issue our coaches address this topic of "indecision," when an individual is not sure if he or she is really dating
The One. And although they have a lot to say on the matter, they zero in on their Top 2 Advice To Conquer Indecision And Know If He/She Is The One
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A Word From Mario & Diane

Indecision. The word is often defined as "a wavering between two or more possible courses of action."  However, as benign as it may sound, we really look at "indecision" as an affliction. Why? Because if we never confront it, it can be paralyzing. 

One of our daughters readily admits that she has the hardest time making the simplest decisions. It's been one of her personal traits since her early days. If you ever eat out with her (or worst...wait to her) you'll know what we mean... The restaurant menus just offer tooooo many possibilities! 

"Can I have a few more minutes? I really don't know what to have..."

Over the years it's become a running joke in the family. Of course "indecision" in that context is not harmful. It's either just testing your patience as an accompanying guest or... make you starve to death before she can finally make up her mind! 

But as we said above, in the context of a sentimental relationship, it can be paralyzing. It can stop you from taking the necessary decisions needed to be with the right person. We see this a lot. In fact, the single most question we get from indecisive people
and their relationship is this one:

How can I be sure if he or she is the one for me?

Well, the plain truth is, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BE SURE! Although SURE does not always equate to error-free... And there will be bumps on the road whether he turns out to be Mr. Right or not. It's just the way it goes.

Sadly though, too many of us get blind folded in a relationship. We get stuck too long in the infatuation phase and we simply refuse to look at the signs that are ALWAYS there for us to see
IF... we are willing. For that reason, if you are of the "unsure" type and are afflicted by "indecision," not knowing if he or she is The Onewe hope the Top 2 advice we share below will keep it simple enough for you and will help you move forward with confidence.

Planet of The Apes, Charlton Heston,

Top 2 Advice To Conquer Indecision And Know If He/She Is The One

#1  A Blurred Vision Will Get You In The Ditch
Have you ever driven in a blizzard? Or riding your car at night on a poorly lit road behind a messed up windshield with no water fluid left in the tank? Yes? Well then you know those are strong warnings to stop the car before you get in the ditch. Your relationship is no different.

If you and your partner do not have a CLEAR vision of what you want your relationship to be, or, if you "kind of have" one but you are not quite sure if the two of you are in alignment with it... WARNING! It's time for you to pause and start to define for yourself what your vision is. Then if the two of you can't agree with it... what is there left to debate about???

#2 Are You Embarrassed?
Okay, now we're dropping the bomb on you. The 800-pound gorilla is in the room so don't pretend you ain't seeing it!

Are you embarrassed with him or her in public? Does he or she make you want to shrink smaller than Peter Pan when he/she tags along on your nights out with your friends or family? Or worse, do you simply avoid social outings to spare you the aggravation or discomfort? Come on. If he/she were "The One" you would be very, very proud to be accompanied with that individual. Not the other way around.

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What People Are Saying

Below are some comments made by Media personalities on Mario & Diane's work. If you read their book, they would certainly appreciate your review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Beyond book sales, reviews are authors' true legacy. 

"Mario & Diane,
It was our great pleasure having you "ON POINT!" Reading "RELOVENSHIP" speaks openly about the shortcomings of your lives and past relationships which gives the reader hope. RELOVENSHIP illustrates the Power in the prefix "RE," which means to do again, to Re generate and to Re Start... Though you may have experienced hurt in past relationships there is an opportunity to heal one’s self, through self-truth and the power of God!"

Carlette Christmas - On Point Talk Radio Host

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"I recently interviewed Diane and Mario on Radio MD. They offered great advice about love and relationships, and they were very fun to speak with. Love and relationship advice are always popular and this couple has plenty of great advice on keeping those relationships strong.

Melanie Cole MS

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"ReLovenship™ Look Within to Love Again! is an excellent book by Mario and Diane Cloutier which emphasizes the importance of taking control of your thoughts and goals before seeking a potential partner. This book advocates the need to become reacquainted with oneself and learn to truly love oneself before seeking a partner. As a step by step guide, written from the male and female perspectives, the advice is refreshingly sound and direct and I had many views in common with the authors. I hope this book will inspire people to create a powerful intention of being happy, successful and finding the right partner."

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