August 2022 Newsletter 

Avast Ye Hearties,

The pirates are converging, It’s time to batten down the hatches and prepare to collect boundless bounty! 


On Sunday July 31st, all non pirates need to slow their rides and ensure the safety of our pirates. There are 14 locations this year with some activities going on and we anticipate the events being completed by noontime by the island with the osprey’s nest.  So PLEASE, PLEASE, drive slowly, besides the fact that it’s the law, it’s just common sense not to want to submerge any pirates or you could be cursed by Davy Jones’ locker. There will be some inexperienced landlubbers on the waters and we need to ensure everyone has a safe experience. 


Thanks mateys


Admiral Sue will see you on the waterfront

Arr’some Pirate Regatta 
Water Only Event

Sunday July  31st

Regatta participants will use non-motorized boats and visit different locations to take part in challenges and collect prizes along the way.

Dress up as pirates!
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED  We need volunteers to put up and take down a clotheslines with toys on it between two islands on Saunders Bay. Sue did this on her own last year and will again this year if need be, but it would be much better if someone from Saunders or Walsh who is closer could volunteer. Or if someone with an aluminum boat could drive Sue to do it.  

This needs to be done the morning of the regatta and immediately after the regatta! The after part is the hardest for Sue as she is generally exhausted at this point. Thanks 

Regatta locations are on the north side of the lake to make it easier and safer for everyone. Let us know if you need to put your canoe in on the north side. 

If the route is too long, you can do just part of the route, but the pirate treasure bags will be handed out at the first location and there are some very special goodies at the last location.

We are very grateful to our 14 hosts and donators who are making this a really special event. We have 40 participants and have closed registration.

Click on the map below to view a larger image.
Summer Bingo

Ends August  31st

Find and take a photo (if possible) of items on the Bingo Card.
Prizes are for a straight line

Use the Summer 
Bingo Entry Form on our website as you get a BINGO and you can keep track 

Prizes for all participants: pottery bird ornaments made and donated by Sue Flanagan.

We'll have a random draw from the entries for the Bear jigsaw puzzle purchased from The Avant-Garden Shop in Peterborough and donated by Nancy Boyce.

Bingo Entry Form
Labour Day Weekend Movie Night 

Saturday September 3rd 

Keep an eye open for an event on Facebook giving you all the details.  
This is a very popular event that can be watched by boat or by land. 
Thanks again to Michelle and Drew for hosting. 

Fox 40 Marine Safety Kit

Congratulations to our winner:

Tabatha Dean 

If you're a Regatta participant, make sure everyone in your boat is wearing their life jacket and has their safety equipment.
Beaver Fever

Cautionary Tale  

Just an FYI that I have been suffering from Giardiasis after swimming at what I call Swim Island, others call Blueberry or Party Island.  So do be careful, your dogs can also get this BUT they can get vaccinated to prevent it. If you or anyone in your household hasn’t been feeling well, it’s best to talk to your doctor. 

Additionally, Nancy suffered from swimmer’s itch in June. It is spread from waterfowl to snails and is prevalent in shallow water. The rash may look like a lot of small insect bites and the spots can blister.
Trent Lakes Update
From Carol Armstrong, Councillor for Galway Cavendish Ward
We always appreciate Carol's updates to keep us informed about what is going on at Council. We have posted Carol's June newsetter to our Links page on the website.
Kelly Burrows Trio Concert on the Lake
Saturday, July 30th, 3 pm
From: Kelly, Robert and Dan
We are looking forward to the 3rd Annual Big Bald Lake Boat Concert. Saturday, July 30th at 3pm.
We are so pumped to be doing this again this year.....thanks to Northern Leisure Marina and Bobcaygeon Brewing Company for their support.
We ( Kelly, Dan and Bob ) invite all Kawartha boaters and family for an afternoon of live music and fun on Big Bald Lake! 🎤🎹🎸😎
 It will be at the same location as last year. (See map)
Our Green News 

Endangered Monarchs and Milkweed Seed Draw

Our beautiful Monarch Butterflies have been listed as endangered as of July 21st.

Please help protect our milkweed plants and plant butterfly-friendly flowers!  The Monarch presence is definitely behind compared to last year.  

To help the Monarchs, we are drawing 10 names for Common Milkweed and Swamp Milkweed seeds. Seeds are to be planted in the fall. 

Draw Date: Friday, August 26th
Milkweed Seed Draw

High E.coli Reading on Saunders Bay Resolved

On Tuesday, July 19th E.coli tests in Saunders Bay showed high levels. The reading was 56 cfu/100 ml. The government's threshold is 100 cfu/100 ml, so the reading was a concern, but not considered unsafe for swimming. The government wouldn't close a beach with that reading. Water is normally tested in the centre of the bay. The water was retested on Monday in three locations. Results were acceptable, although the levels were higher at the foot of the bay. 

Tips on Protecting our Lake and Yourself

  • Don't feed geese and other waterfowl.
  • Naturalize shorelines.
  • Don't swim after a heavy rain.
  • Clean up and properly dispose of any animal waste from geese and dogs.
  • Don't overload your septic - spread out your laundry loads.
  • Have your septic tank pumped out every three years.
2022 Lake Stewards Newsletter
This year's newsletter has some very good articles including related ones on Power Outages in Cottage Country, Preparedness for Extreme Weather Events and Emergency Preparedness in Remote Areas.
Thank you to Brian, our repeat advertiser from Big Bald Lake. As we recently experienced a very prolonged outage at the end of May, many of us were extremely thankful to have a generator to keep the lights on. If you don’t currently have one, don’t be caught in another power failure without a generator, contact Brian for a quote. 
Thank you to Lynn for her continued support of our association as an advertiser and past sponsor and presenter.

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