September 2022 Newsletter 

Avast Ye Hearties,

It's almost time for our pirates to go back to school.  But we have one more event to make your summer memories last a little longer:  

Our Annual Outdoor Movie Night!

On Saturday September 3rd, Michelle & Drew have generously agreed to organize and host our annual movie night.

Boat in, walk in or drive to 451 Philrick Drive on Philrick Bay 
Bring your own chairs or blanket.
We will be serving hot buttery popcorn thanks to Pete Crawford and crew. 
Kids movie starts at 6:00 and will be showing:
FEATURE FILM starts at DUSK and we will be showing:

Social Director Needed

Sue has been doing double duty (and more) for a few years. It's time to elect a new Social Director. 

Sue has agreed to be the Regatta Chair for at least 3 more years. Whew!
Tabatha and Theresa are going to host the Winter Carnival.
Michelle and Drew have been hosting Movie Night.

We need a Social Director to develop events, help coordinate contests and look after welcome baskets, which have been averaging 15 per year, but we only have 5 leftover from last year to hand out, and still one not spoken for  

Contact Sue to discuss if you're interested in filling this position or joining the Social Committee. 

Shoreline Stabilizer Plant Kit Draw

Draw Date: September 8th
Draw butterflies to your property and naturalize and stabilize your shoreline with this beautiful assortment of native plants. Enter the draw for your chance to win.

Winner MUST pick up their plants on Saturday, September 10th from 37 FR85 or make arrangements with a neighbour to pick up for them.
Shoreline Stabilizer Plant Kit Draw
Big Bald Lake Crossword Puzzle 
We developed this fun crossword puzzle using words that describe our lake and activities. Click on the image below to play the crossword online or print a copy. Play as a family or on your own.
Puzzle Book Draw

Draw Date: September 28th

When you're done playing the crossword, you can enter our draw for your chance to win the Great Canadian Cottage Puzzle Book with over 350 pages of puzzles. Contest is open to all Big Bald Lake residents and their families. Membership is not required.
Puzzle Book Draw
Summer Bingo
Participants won pottery birds made and donated by Sue Flanagan.

Congratulations to Kathy Mako who won the draw for the Indigenous Bear Puzzle purchased from the Avant-Garden Shop in Peterborough and donated by Nancy Boyce.
Milkweed Seeds Draw

Thank you to all our participants who entered our draw and will be helping the endangered Monarch butterflies by planting milkweed seeds this fall.
Congratulations to our Common Milkweed seeds winners: 
Kathy Mako
Ria Whatman
Brayden Aloe
Jennifer Vanleeuwen 
Mike Goulding

Congratulations to our Swamp Milkweed seeds winners:
Pam Dickey
Brenda Thomas
Kev Mako
Julie Whitley 
Sue Flanagan
Annual General Meeting & Pizza Lunch

Sunday, October 2nd, 11 am

Official notices will be sent to residents soon.

We’re meeting in person at the Buckhorn Community Centre in the 1st two cabins. Join us to talk about lake issues and to discuss changes to our by-laws in accordance with the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA). 

Delicious pizza from Pizza Alloro will be there, so give us a wave if you plan on attending so we can order enough food. 

  • Approval of 2021 AGM Minutes
  • Approval of 2021-22 Financial Statements
  • Appointment of Auditor
  • Vote on financial statement auditing frequency
  • Election of Board Members

There will also be presentation boards for :
• President’s Report including Social Committee Report
• Treasurer Report
• Membership Report
• Environmental Report 
• By-law changes

Please note that this is subject to change if there is a COVID lockdown or outbreak 
Online Directories

Directories were updated and posted to our Membership page on August 23rd.

The directories are locked and the password hasn't changed. If you're a BBL resident and need the password, email us at

We'll include a link to unlocked PDFs in the AGM notice which goes to residents only. We'd like you to review your information and let us know if changes are required.

We will have extra expenses this year including a financial audit and legal fees to make changes to our by-laws in accordance with the new Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA).  Your membership payment is very much appreciated.

What are our other expenses? Social events, prizes, welcome baskets are obvious expenses, although we're fortunate to have many donated prizes.

We pay for FOCA membership, corporation insurance and water testing at a lab. We also pay for our website domain name, hosting, security certificate and now we pay for e-mail. We do not pay for maintenance as that is done by a volunteer.

Membership renewals were sent out on August 8th. You may contact us at if you are unsure as to whether your membership is paid. If you got a notice, then your membership has expired. Any membership payments received now will be credited to the 2022/23 fiscal year or subsequent years if you have already paid.

BBLCA Membership Payment Page
Municipal Election 

Election day is Monday, October 24th

Be sure to visit Voter Lookup to verify that you are on the Voters' List and will receive a Voter Information letter in the mail.

You'll be able to vote online, by phone or in person.

If you're a Canadian citizen and own property in Trent Lakes, you should be able to vote here as well as where you live full time.
All Candidates Meeting

Saturday, September 17, 2022, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Hosted and moderated by Cavendish Community Ratepayers Association Inc. (CCRAI) at the Cavendish Community Centre, 18 Community Complex Drive, Trent Lakes
Household Hazardous Waste - Buckhorn

The Buckhorn Transfer Station accepts hazardous waste from:
June 1 to September 4
Sunday: 11:00am - 4:00pm
Wednesday: 8am - 4:30pm

Extended Dates have been added:
Sunday, September 11, 2022 11:00am - 4:00pm
Sunday, September 18, 2022 11:00am - 4:00pm
Sunday, September 25, 2022 11:00am - 4:00pm
Our Green News 

E.coli Results

E.coli results were very good on August 15th. Thank you to Rich Corbin for taking water samples in these 5 locations and for delivering the samples to Lakefield for testing. 

Phosphorus Testing Results

Phosphorus results are available the year following the testing. Here are the results for 2021. Also included are the average Secchi Depth (water clarity) and Calcium as supplied by the Lake Partner Program and made available through Kawartha Lake Stewards Association (KLSA).
John Boyce, who does the phosphorus testing, also kept these detailed records for water clarity.

Lights Out!

I was fortunate enough to hear, but not actually see, a Whip-poor-will one night this summer.

From Ontario Natural Resources and Forestry:

Lights out! Like most land birds, eastern whip-poor-will migrate at night to avoid birds of prey and the heat of the day.
DYK? Recent work by our science staff found that skyways (sky highways) can be treated as unique ecosystems. Light pollution from buildings and streetlights can alter migratory patterns of whip-poor-will, which prefer to migrate in the darkest skyways available.
House and garden lights can affect the sleeping habits of wildlife (and people!). Try using motion detector lights that don't stay on or coloured light bulbs.

Poison Ivy! Recognize it, avoid it.

Not everyone is allergic to poison ivy, but for those of us who are, you can get poison ivy just by walking through where it used to be, so don't think you're safe with fall arriving.

Poison Ivy may be difficult to identify. It spreads by runners. It can be very small or tall and bushy depending on how established it has become.
Leaves are reddish to green when starting to show in May, but will turn solid green. The leaves turn red when it dies off in the fall. Leaves can be shiny or dull, droopy or upright. There are always three leaves, two opposite each other with a third lower leaf.

Advertising income helps us to keep membership fees low and offer more great events and contests.

Advertising costs $40. Repeat ads in the same calendar year cost $15 each time.

We will place your ad in the newsletter each time, which has over 260 subscribers and once on our Facebook page which has over 600 followers. We also place the full ad on our Advertising page for one year and a temporary link on our home page. 

Contact us at if you'd like to advertise.
Thank you to Lynn for her continued support of our association as an advertiser and past sponsor and presenter.
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