November Newsletter

We want to thank all the paid members for their input in our recent AGM email. We hope to be able to meet in person next year. The board, financials and last year’s minutes have all been approved.

From your comments you are happy with what we have done so far. Many requested more environmental issues be addressed especially in regards to Starry Stonewort and it’s impact on our lake. However, we did not get volunteers to sit on a Starry Stonewort committee. We are a small board and we need your help to accomplish the mandate you have requested, we need volunteers to help and to chair a Starry Stonewort committee.

Please reach out to us if you would like to meet for an informal meeting to discuss ideas of how we should proceed. The meeting will be held outside to ensure all of our safety. Then hopefully during that meeting someone will step up to lead and we can devise a plan to proceed.

AGM minutes and presentation materials have been posted to our website Documents page. A summary has been included on our home page. The board of directors was effective on Monday, October 25th.

Board of Directors:
President: Sue Flanagan
Treasurer: Tabatha Dean (acclaimed for 2 year term)
Social Director: Vacant (Sue Flanagan - acting)
Environment Director: Rich Corbin
Secretary: Brenda Thomas (acclaimed for 2 year term)
Director: vacant

Social Committee Events:

October 31, 2021: 2PM: Join us at the four corners of Philrick, Saunders and FR 87 to go for a walk through the neighbourhood.

December 26, 2021: Annual Boxing Day Parade.
Meet up at the 4 Corners and come back to the Flanagan’s for hot chocolate, bonfire and marshmallows afterwards.

Winner of the November Draw is: Olivia Crawford

Hoodies Entry Form

If you haven’t entered as yet, enter to win a hoody, now available in 2 more sizes: Available sizes medium, large, extra large and 2XL

Final Report for THE CORPORATION OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF TRENT LAKES - Buckhorn Sports Pad Feasibility Study. Council will be discussing the report on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. If you are in favour or opposed, we encourage you to write to the entire council and the clerk by this Friday at the latest.

Link to Buckhorn Sports Pad Feasibility Study

Green Cleaning

Liquid castile soap
can be used on its own or as a base for home cleaning and personal care as well. Try it as a laundry liquid, shampoo, shower gel or bubble bath. It's great for shampooing your dog too. You can even mix it with water to spray aphids, but be sure to rinse your plant leaves within a couple of hours.

To make a spray for cleaning your kitchen and bathroom, combine the following ingredients:

2 cups water
2 tbsp liquid castile soap
10 drops essential oil (thyme)

Thyme inhibits bacterial growth. Cedarwood, lavender, lemongrass, rosemary and tea tree are anti-fungal. You can also try lemon, lime, and patchouli essential oils.


You may contact us at if you are unsure as to whether your membership is paid for this fiscal year.

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