October Newsletter 

The AGM newsletter will be sent out to residents on October 15th.

All paid members can vote. Please consider stepping up to volunteer on the board or on a committee.  We have two positions available on the board of directors.  We generally communicate via email although we hope to be able to meet in person once it’s safe to do so again.  If you are curious and want to know more give us a wave.  

We're putting together our 2022 Calendar of Events with lots of exciting outdoor events and contests. Check out our website for details. Thank you to Tabatha and Theresa for volunteering to host the Winter Carnival & Chili Cook-off and the Big Bald Lake Beaver and to Michelle and Drew for volunteering to host Movie Night again. If you'd like to host an event or donate an item for a contest, contact Sue Flanagan at

And a special thank you to Nancy Boyce who wrote the majority of this month’s newsletter while I have been working on garment orders, welcome baskets and the Virtual AGM. 


Witches & Wizards Walkabout

The Witches of Philrick will be out walking with their brooms on Sunday October 31st at 2 pm (time to be confirmed). It’s a fun time to relive our childhood, get some exercise and socialize outside.  

Membership fiscal year started July 1st

We did not collect dues for Fiscal year 20/21 but we are collecting dues again.  Message us if you are not sure if you are current.  Membership is $35.00 a year or $100.00 for 3 years. We are no longer accepting cash payments during the pandemic. FOCA  has discontinued their payment option. We are accepting cheques and payment by e-transfer or PayPal.

Membership renewals have been sent out.  Thank you to the 129 residents who have already paid. Membership dues help us to continue to provide services.

Only paid members will be allowed to vote in the virtual AGM.

BBLCA Membership Page

Big Bald Lake Hoodies Draw

Congratulations to our October draw winner: Shayne Rheeder

We're having regular draws throughout the year to give away Big Bald Lake Hoodies.

Once you enter, we'll keep your name on the list and you'll be eligible for future draws until all the hoodies are gone. Good luck!

Go to the Draw Entry Form for your chance to win.

We will be adding two more sizes to the draw in October, we will have 2 medium sized and 1 2XL. If you want to change your preference but have already entered please email Sue with your new preference. 

And if you ordered garments they will be ready to pick up on Saturday October 9th from 9am to 2pm for pickup or on another weekend. 

Do you have a Christmas tree to donate?

We are looking for a donation of a NEW Christmas tree that we can decorate and donate to the BUCKHORN COMMUNITY CENTRE’s Festival of Trees Fundraiser. We are going with a nature theme tree and anything else anyone has to donate as a decoration for the tree or a gift under the tree would be great too.

Welcome Baskets

Sue Flanagan has put together 30 welcome baskets!

Thank you to our volunteers who are delivering baskets all over the lake: Debbie, Tabatha, Ria, Pam, Andrew & Marney.

If you're new or you know someone who is new in the past two years, please let Sue know at
Planting Volunteers Needed

Kawartha Lakes Stewards are looking for volunteers to help with planting some native shrubs and wildflowers on Sun Oct 3 11am-1pm (Big Bald Lake) or Mon Oct 11 10am-1pm (Sturgeon Lake), as part of the Natural Edge Shoreline Restoration program.

No experience is necessary, they are just looking for some extra hands to help with the fun! They will provide snacks and drinks.

Please contact Kim at if you can help. Thank you!!

The Municipality of Trent Lakes has created a COVID-19 Small Business Survey to better understand the continuing impact COVID-19 has had upon our businesses and we could use your help.

Many of the small businesses in Trent Lakes are home-based businesses or online. This would also include our many tradespeople who also have a home office that they operate their services from.

The survey is very important. It isn’t focusing on an entire region but right here, where we all live. It will give Trent Lakes business owners, and operators the opportunity to use their voice to help our local Council, Municipal staff, and the Trent Lakes Economic Development Advisory Committee a better understanding of the reality COVID-19 has had upon our business community specifically. Even if the businesses are doing okay, we’d still like to hear it from our businesses rather than make an assumption.

Please share the this message with your association members, some of whom may operate a home based business in your neighbourhood, or own or operate a business in Trent Lakes. Please also share on your social media. If you know an owner/operator of a Trent Lakes business not in your association, please still share this message with them and encourage them to complete the survey.

We are asking all business within Trent Lakes to participate. Answers could impact Council policies and decisions and will provide insight to economic development recommendations for Trent Lakes.

Link to the google forms survey:

The survey closes on Friday, October 9 at 4:30 p.m. 

I am grateful for any assistance you can provide in helping us reach our small businesses community of Trent Lakes.

Kind regards,

Lynn Holtz
Economic Development Officer

Municipality of Trent Lakes
760 Peterborough County Road 36
Trent Lakes, ON. K0M 1A0
P: (705) 738-3800 Ext. 223
F: (705) 738-3801
Toll Free: 1-800-374-4009

Gypsy Moths

Our burlap traps worked so well this summer that we don't have any gypsy moth eggs on the lower part of our trees. We have some higher up, but have noticed that they're being eaten by something. I consulted with Tracy of Logan Tree Experts and asked if the birds are eating the eggs. She said that's a possibility, but it could also be parasitic wasps. Either way, we're leaving the eggs until spring and then we'll see what's left. If you have a lot of eggs, you may want to clean up what you can this fall.

It can't hurt to draw birds to your property!
Nancy Boyce

Gypsy Moth Aerial Spraying

Zimmer Air Services Inc is now accepting applications for the 2022 spray season.

This year’s program will be organized by the Ontario Centre for Defoliator Control. You can find the application on their website:

Zimmer Air Services Inc
9742 Burk Line
Blenheim ON
office: (519) 676 9550
cell: (226) 627-4107

Starry Stonewort

See below for a map showing the location of Starry Stonewort in our lake. If you know of a location that doesn't show on the map, please let us know. 

Thank you to Doug Dewar for letting us know where he has seen Starry Stonewort in our lake, particularly in Catalina Bay. Thank you to John Boyce for identifying other areas and for creating this map.

If you would like to head up or join a Starry Stonewort working group, email us at

Some of the things that a working group could do is to work with other agencies to report Starry Stonewort sightings. For example, MNRF looks at EDDMapS when setting invasive species priorities. Another idea would be to create and post signs on the lake to advise boaters of the location of the weeds.

The map has been posted to our website Environment page. Click on the link below to see a larger image.
Aquatic Weeds as Fertilizer
There were a lot of floating weeds this summer as well as decaying plant material. Those weeds contain phosphorus and nitrogen. Try mixing them with dry leaves to make a great natural fertilizer for your gardens. Just make sure you have plants along your shoreline to ensure those nutrients don't get washed back into the lake.

This weed scooper is a modified fishing net. It works great!
No Mow Zone
We'll share information in January on how to order native plants for your shoreline. Here's the simplest way to create a natural shoreline. Don't mow the first couple feet of grass next to your shore. You'll be surprised how soon you'll have natural rushes and wildflowers. You can add native shrubs like dogwoods and willows next spring to hold the soil and native wildflowers such as swamp milkweed to attract Monarch butterflies. More to come on that, but in the meantime, check out our Environment page for plant ideas!

Should you be removing the weeds from your lake?

Excerpts from Cottage Life magazine
Original article by ANDREW CRUICKSHANK
Published: SEPTEMBER 14, 2021
Some cottagers have started using harvesters and other weed-clearing machines that seemingly clean up their waterfronts. While this may provide short-term swimming benefits, it can negatively impact your lake’s ecology and your long-term enjoyment of the lake.

Cottagers who choose to alter their shoreline, by cutting down trees and clearing aquatic plants, upset the ability of the environment to maintain ecosystem health. Without plants securing the soil, the shoreline erodes during heavy rainstorms, allowing runoff to filter into the lake.

When you don’t have aquatic weed beds there to trap those sediments at the shoreline, all that dirty water enters the lake. In the dirt are nutrients and when there are no aquatic plants to absorb those nutrients, algae take advantage of that, and you can actually promote algal blooms.

On top of algal blooms, lakes also have to contend with invasive plants, such as the Eurasian Water-Milfoil and Starry Stonewort, which displace native plants and can actually reduce oxygen levels in the lake from decomposing plants. But trying to clear these weeds, especially with a harvester, exacerbates their spread.

When people use mechanical harvesters, they end up breaking the plants into bits and pieces. Most of the biomass is removed, but there are always going to be little stragglers that are left behind. Those stragglers can turn into whole plants relatively quickly, just from vegetative growth. It’s likely that using mechanical harvesters help it spread and grow in more places.

Rather than trying to mow down and remove all the weeds in front of their property, what about just a small area where they can harvest and leave the rest to the animals and organisms that live in the lake.

Read the full article here:
Brian is a Big Bald Lake resident and repeat advertiser and is offering a fall generator servicing special to other lake residents.
Let's welcome this new business to the neighbourhood. They're right at the entrance to Catalina Bay. Thanks for advertising with us Brent!
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