June  2022 Newsletter 

Power Is Back On
Severe weather in May caused a lot of damage to our surrounding areas and hydro was out for days, longer for some than others. We hope that everyone on the lake is safe with minimal damage. We would like to thank the hydro workers, many of whom came up from the States to get us power, thank the neighbours who strung power cords to their neighbours without generators or offered showers and charging centres. You really see we have a strong community on the lake. 
Arr’some Pirate Water Only Regatta 

Sunday July  31st

We have decided to have a similar regatta as last year, non-motorized boats will travel a path to get prizes along the way. Dress up as pirates. 

Give us a wave if you can do any of the following:
  • Host a location
  • Donate approximately 30 - 40 prizes 
  • Set up and take down the water clotheslines in Saunders Bay and area
Summer  Bingo

Ends August  31st

Find and take a photo (if possible) of items on the Bingo Card.
Prizes are for a straight line

Use the Summer 
Bingo Entry Form on our website as you get a BINGO and you can keep track 

Prizes for all participants: pottery bird ornaments made and donated by Sue Flanagan.

We'll have a random draw from the entries for the Bear jigsaw puzzle purchased from The Avant-Garden Shop in Peterborough and donated by Nancy Boyce.

Board Meeting Update 

Rescheduled to July 

Unfortunately we had to reschedule our board meeting due to my close contact COVID concerns and our schedules won’t match up again until July, after our fiscal year end.  

We are still planning on an in person AGM in September. Make sure to email any concerns, suggestions, etc., you would like us to address. 
Canadian Flag Etiquette
  • Do fly the Canadian flag at the same time you are flying any other flag.
  • Do fly the Canadian flag higher than all other flags whether side by side or on the same pole.
  • If the Canadian flag is part of a group of flags, give it centre stage.
  • Don’t let your Canadian flag get ratty.
Canadian Flag Draw 

Contest closes Saturday, June 25th

We hope to see lots of Canadian flags displayed with pride on Canada Day and all summer. If you need a flag, enter our draw for your chance to win. 

Thank you to Dave Smith's office (MPP Peterborough-Kawartha) for donating two flags.
Enter Now
We still haven’t managed to get a hike in with our hiking group, but we are working towards it. I am away most of June so looks like July unless the ladies go without me.  If you're still interested in joining, email me at and I will put you in touch with the group. 
Our Green News 

Spongy Moth (aka gypsy moth)

Caterpillars are still quite small, but already doing damage.  Scrape whatever eggs or caterpillars you can find on your trees. You may want to put up packing tape with Vaseline on it on the lower part of your trees to prevent caterpillars from crawling up from the ground. In mid-June the caterpillars will be big enough to come down in the afternoon to get cool and rest. You can then catch them in a burlap trap. Watch this video with Tracy of Logan Tree Experts to see how to properly install a burlap trap.

Control Gypsy Moth - How to Install a Burlap Trap

Tick Prevention

Who knew ticks were like vampires, afraid of the garlic.  Here’s an article about what to do by Cottage Life
Thanks James for advertising with us again. James' crew just finished staining the Boyce's cedar house and garage. They were efficient and meticulous, finishing the entire job (cleaning and 2 coats) in just 1 1/2 days.  The Flanagan’s have used James 3 times, to stain their garage and house and do interior painting as well. Sue and Nancy highly recommend James.
Thank you to Lynn for her continued support of our association as an advertiser and past sponsor and presenter.

You may contact us at if you are unsure as to whether your membership is paid. Any membership payments received will be credited to next fiscal (July 1 to June 30).
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