REMINDER: Fireworks in Trent Lakes - Labour Day Weekend

Fireworks will be permitted in the Municipality of Trent Lakes on Labour Day weekend - Saturday, September 5th to Monday, September 7th from 8 pm to 11 pm each day. Fireworks are not allowed at other times or before that weekend. Fireworks are not allowed during fire bans. Please be cautious if it is windy. The current fire risk is HIGH.

We keep hearing fireworks so please remind your renters, your family to not set them off. We ask you to remind your neighbours if they are setting them off but if you don't want to confront them you can call the municipal office at 705-738-3800 ext. 233 or if it is after hours, use ext. 311.

Fireworks will not be permitted again until New Year's Eve.
Just touching base to bring you up to date on a few things we're working on:

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Saturday, September 5, 8pm.

Movie Night

We are going ahead with our outdoor movie night, once again we want to thank Michelle & Drew Hemming for graciously agreeing to host during COVID19, for John Boyce for setting up and taking down the screen and for Pete Crawford for the use of his equipment which allows us to have these annual events.

We originally were going to do a boat in only movie night but because we are currently in stage 3, we feel we can also continue to have people attend in person.  Please bring your own chairs, you must wear a mask until seated, set up your chairs 6 feet apart from other attendees.  Please bring your own food and bring home your garbage.  No washrooms will be available this year due to COVID19, we're trying to spread only joy.

REGISTRATION is required for COVID19 contact tracing. You can vote on your movie choice using the registration form on the website.

451 Philrick Drive, See map below for boating directions.

Please let us know if you are coming so we can have contact tracing information available should more than joy be spread.  
Movie Night Registration & Voting
Another Invader in Our Lakes: Starry Stonewort
Local Peterborough Educator and Naturalist Drew Monkman recently published an informative article in the Peterborough Examiner: Starry stonewort is making its aggressive presence known in Peterborough-area lakes. The article gives a good background on the invader and strategies to help prevent its spread.

Should we create a volunteer group to try to manage the spread? Currently Catalina Bay seems to have the biggest issue with this but it is in a few bays and it can easily spread with boat traffic to all the bays.  Contact us if you are interested in helping.

IMAGES below are from Big Bald Lake in the spring. This weed has been submerged during the summer.
E.coli Test Results have been good this summer. We had one high reading at Jump Rock, but levels had dropped when retested. E.coli levels are higher after a heavy rainfall due to waterfowl droppings being washed into the lake, so use caution. Also, boat traffic in shallow areas can stir up droppings from the bottom of the lake. We are unable to test for Phosphorus this year because the lab is not accepting that type of test, but we continue to test water clarity. Results can be found on our Environment page.

BBLCA Membership Fees not being collected in 2020

We are not collecting membership fees in 2020. If you have already paid for 2020, your fees will be applied to subsequent years. We are currently unable to receive cash or cheque payments.

Municipality of Trent Lakes 
Public Notice 

This notice is to advise the public that the Council of the Municipality of Trent Lakes has approved a new Licence of Occupation Policy which outlines the process for dealing with dock encroachments on municipal road allowances.
Encroachments If you have a dock encroaching upon a municipal shore road or road allowance without the express permission of the Municipality: 

Contact the Municipal Office to discuss and obtain a Licence of Occupation to recognize and allow the encroachment, or Remove the dock, and any of your associated property immediately before it is identified as a violation under the new policy.   Violations If encroachment items are not removed, the Municipality may seize and impound the encroaching items or any items being stored on the Municipal Lands and all removal costs incurred will be the responsibility of the owner or person responsible for the encroachment. Anything impounded and not claimed by its owner within thirty (30) days, may be disposed of by the Municipality at its discretion.

Application for Licence of Occupation If it is your intent to apply for a Licence of Occupation, you are asked to contact the Municipality of Trent Lakes Municipal Office for a copy of the Licence of Occupation Policy which includes the application requirements and applicable fee.

If you have questions or require more information please contact:
John Eisinga Chief Building Official 705-738-3800 or 1-800-374-4009

To view our website please visit
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Peterborough County Road 36, Trent Lakes, ON K0M 1A0  Tel 705-738-3800 Fax 705-738-3801
New Advertiser
We'd like to welcome our new advertiser - 
Discover Eating
Offering catered meals at your cottage.

Go to our 
Sponsors & Advertisers page to see all our ads. Advertising includes a one time posting on our Facebook page.

Please contact us at if you'd like to advertise on-line with us. The cost is $35 per year. We accept e-transfer payment.
Winners of the Make a Boat Contest:
Parker (7) Brock (5) and Kayla (10) 
Won a bag of Craft Supplies donated by Sue Flanagan
Annual General Meeting:

Board of Directors

President: Tabatha Dean
Treasurer: Angela Gill
Social Director: Sue Flanagan
Environment Director: Rich Corbin
Secretary: Brenda Thomas
Director: vacant

We're planning on doing a Board Shuffle; BUT we still require a new social director
please contact Sue at for details.
  • Angela Gill is stepping down as treasurer but remaining as a board member.
  • Tabatha Dean is no longer moving fulltime to the lake so she's stepping down as president and will become the new treasurer.
  • Sue Flanagan will be stepping into the president role

All shuffles subject to vote, if you would like to stand for any of these positions please let us know.  The AGM will be a virtual event this year, an email will go out with updates from board members and you will be able to vote similarly to how we did the quarry vote on line. Please let us know by return mail if you have any questions or concerns you would like us to address in our minutes.

Thanks and we hope you are enjoying your summer on the lake
The silver lining about COVID19, lots of people were able to work from the cottage
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