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August is here toooooo soon.  The summer is speeding along way too quickly but we hope you are all enjoying a wonderful summer on Big Bald Lake.
We almost forgot about our recipe contest.  Send us your favourite cottage recipes to win this great prize.
Deadline August 31st 
Social Committee Update:
1) We are still looking for a Social Director for the Board, email if you are interested   
2) We had a really poor weather week for the Canada Day Week capture the flag but we thank everyone for participating.  The winner of the $75.00 Huck's Gift Certificate was Monika & Trevor and winners of the Canadian flags, courtesy of our MPP Dave Smith, were Jenna & Erin and Ria & Randy
3) The Arr'some Pirate Regatta was a huge success with a water only course for Covid reasons. We are optimistic to return to a water and land based regatta in 2022 with our popular donut eating contest. It was great seeing so many familiar and new faces. If you have any ideas for future regattas please don't hesitate to reach out to 
4) Blue @BigBaldLake.Calm Hoodie draw - the winner is: Peter Crawford - Pete receives an XL. 
5) Enter the Recipe Contest (details above)
6) August Hoodie Draw is for a Forest Green Tree Design in either L or XL you can enter now on our website.  (I am wearing a large in image below)
7) Movie Night Fingers Crossed will be Saturday, September 4th, 8 pm, we will be watching Overboard the movie selected for last year's event that was rained out. Please wear a mask until seated in your own group and keep 6 feet apart from other groups.  No food or drinks will be provided, please ensure to take your garbage home with you.  Bring your own chairs and or blankets or boat in.
Monarch Release Opportunity
Are you interested in releasing a Monarch Butterfly? 
Contact Ria at 905-875-7429 or
to make arrangements to pick up a chrysalis at their cottage on Irwin Drive. 


We did not collect dues for Fiscal year 20/21 but we are collecting dues again.  Message us if you are not sure if you are current.  Membership is $35.00 a year or $100.00 for 3 years. Membership dues help us to continue to provide services.

BBLCA Membership Page
Gypsy Moth Control

Gypsy Moths are done for this year and the deciduous trees are starting to re-leaf. Don't give up on your coniferous trees yet as they may come back next year. The moths have left behind eggs that need to be scraped before next spring.

We've had inquiries about control methods including aerial spraying. We hope this article will help you prepare for next year.
Aerial Spraying
Some residents on Big Bald Lake are arranging for aerial spraying of Btk. If you wish to have your property sprayed from the air, then contact the following company:
Zimmer Air Services Inc

They are currently putting together a list of interested parties for their 2022 Gypsy Moth program.
You’ll need to supply:
·        Full Name
·        Phone Number
·        Email
·        County of property you wish to have sprayed
Details on the program will be provided to interested parties at a later date by Zimmer Air.

You will be required to get a waiver from neighbours who do not wish to participate.

Neighbours will have to be notified when spraying is going to be done as they and their pets will have to remain indoors during the spraying and for 30 minutes afterwards.
Does aerial spraying of Btk kill beneficial butterflies and caterpillars in addition to Gypsy Moths?
Information about the effects of aerial spraying is described in the following article:
Gyspy Moth FAQs
Zimmer Air has a very informative article on their website. It addresses what Btk is and how it works.
Please see excerpts below:

What type of pesticide is being used?
A product that contains Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies kurstaki (Btk). The product is registered under the trade name Foray@ 48B. Btk is a naturally occurring bacteria found in soil. Btk is not a chemical.

What organisms does Btk pesticide affect?
Btk only works against organisms that go from egg to larvae to pupae to moth (lepidopterans). Btk does not affect adult moths and butterflies.

How does Btk work?
Btk produces a protein that is toxic only to the larvae (caterpillars) of specific insect species. When ingested by susceptible insects, the toxic protein molecules break down the walls of the insect's stomach causing the insect to stop feeding. The insect usually dies within two to five days. For Btk toxins to be activated, the alkaline conditions that exist only in certain insects' digestive systems must be present. The acidic conditions in the stomachs of humans and animals are not present and do not activate Btk toxins, which is why the pesticide is not toxic to humans and animals.
Direct Spraying – an alternative to aerial spraying
Direct spraying of Gypsy Moth caterpillars can be done with Btk in the early caterpillar stage or with another type of bio insecticide for late stage caterpillars. This method targets gypsy moth caterpillars specifically and is not done near water or flowers.

These are local companies that offer direct spraying and other forms of control:

Logan Tree Experts

Pest Control 4U
Other Control Methods include tree injections (TreeAzin™), burlap traps, tape, moth traps and egg scraping.

TreeAzin® is a botanical injectable insecticide that protects treated trees from Gypsy Moth defoliation during the year it is injected. When caterpillars eat leaves that contain the insecticide, it kills the caterpillars. As such, caterpillars will not grow to their largest and most damaging size. You have to inject the trees every season for gypsy moth. The injections cannot be done until after the trees flower, but unlike sprays, can be used for trees that are near the water.

Burlap Traps
Many residents had good success with burlap traps. Burlap must wrap around the tree fully and be 3 feet in length. A rope is tied around the centre and the burlap is folded over to make a skirt. The caterpillars, pupae and moths congregate in and under the burlap trap. You need to check the traps regularly, then squish or drown the insects in soapy water.

Here’s a video from Tracy at Logan Tree Experts to explain how to make a burlap trap:
If caterpillars are travelling from neighbouring trees or if you’ve managed to knock them out of your trees with a pressure washer, you can stop them from climbing up your trees by wrapping tape, such as packing tape, around your trees and putting petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the tape. The caterpillars will not cross the tape.
Moth Traps
Female moths are white and do not fly. One moth can lay up to 1,000 eggs. Male moths are brown and you probably saw them flying everywhere this July. Moth traps contain a pheromone and are commercially available.

You can also make your own traps, but will need to purchase the pheromone bait.

You will have some success using newly hatched female moths as bait. Most people have reported better success with moth traps if they place them in a tray of soapy water. The male moths blunder their way into the water.
Egg Scraping
The time is now! Egg masses are often near the base of a tree and you’ll see dead white moths on the ground. Scrape the eggs using a paint scraper and put them into a container of soapy water. Do not just knock them to the ground as they are very hardy and will still hatch. If the egg masses are up high, you may be unable to reach them. Logan Tree Experts offer an egg scraping service. Their tree climbers are able to access egg masses in the canopy.

Thank you to our repeat advertiser, Logan Tree Experts.
Advertising helps us keep membership fees low.
Starry Stonewort is highly invasive and is being seen in many parts of our lake. 

Doug Dewar posted the following information and photos in the  Big Bald Lake & Little Bald Lake Facebook group.

I just wanted to make everyone aware of the Starry Stonewort (invasive weed) that is taking over Catalina Bay.  Make sure you clean off your propellers and Seadoo intake suctions before you leave the bay.  Please check around your docks if you have frequented Catalina Bay by boat.  I have attached a few pictures of what it looks like. If you do find any Starry Stonewort please let me know and I can help document its exact location and take samples.

For more information go to

Cottage Kits

From the Municipality of Trent Lakes:

If you have guests staying at your property, please ensure they are provided with a waste pass in order to properly dispose of their waste and recycling. Cottage Kits are available to make waste disposal easy for your guests. They are $3 each and available at the Municipal Office or any of our Transfer Station Sites. Cottage Kits must be purchased by the registered property owner.

Garbage Dumping

If you find garbage on the road, please take a photo and email the photo to the Trent Lakes Municipal office or give them a call. They will send someone to pick up the garbage or you may take the unsorted garbage to the transfer station with prior approval.

2021 E.coli Test Results

Click on the image below to see a larger image.

E.coli levels are somewhat higher this year, but within acceptable limits. This could be because of heavy rain as it will wash waterfowl waste into the lake.

Want to know how to keep our lake clean and safe? Here's an excerpt from our Environment page:

  • Don't feed geese and other waterfowl.
  • Naturalize shorelines.
  • Don't swim after a heavy rain.
  • Don't speed near shore as this stirs up sediment that contains waterfowl waste.
  • Clean up and properly dispose of any animal waste from geese and dogs.
  • Don't overload your septic - spread out your laundry loads.
  • Have your septic tank pumped out every three years.

Thank you to Rich Corbin for E.coli testing and John Boyce for Phosphorus and water clarity testing. Results can always be viewed on our website Environment page.

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