March  2022 Newsletter 

Let’s see your photos having fun in
the snow this winter ❄️ 
Fun in the Snow Contest

Send us your photos of having fun in the snow and we'll do a random draw for the Mary Kay prizes donated by Barb Knill, Mary Kay,

It's been really unfortunate ice conditions this winter. I still haven't made it on the lake once but I have been enjoying the beautiful snow filled trees and I hope everyone is making the most out of the situation we have.  So let’s see how you are having fun this winter, be it snowmobiling, ice fishing, skating, building a snowman or just going for a walk.  

Send your photos in by March 31st to be entered in the draw.
Winter Bingo

Ends March 31st

Find and take a photo (if possible) of items on the Bingo Card.
Prizes are for a straight line, 2 straight lines, 4 corners, an X and a T. 

Use the
Winter Bingo Entry Form on our website as you get a BINGO and you can keep track  like I have been doing on the photo below. We've had two straight line bingos so far, Nancy got the first one and I finally saw my purple finch to get one. Let us know how you are doing, sightings don't need to be on our lake, just this winter. 

Email your wildlife photos to

Prizes for all participants: 20 pottery bird ornaments made and donated by Sue Flanagan.

We'll have a random draw from the entries for the Backyard Birding Bingo game purchased from The Avant-Garden Shop in Peterborough and donated by Nancy Boyce.

Our first Bingo was won by Nancy Boyce! And she can easily win another with two straight lines, a T, an X or all 4 corners.  Keep playing Nance 
Here's the prizes made and donated by Sue Flanagan,
circled ones have been claimed
Big Bald Lake Coasters

Contest closing date is Friday April 15th

Donated by Stephen DeBarros, these beautiful coasters will make a great addition to your cottage.  If you are not lucky enough to win them, you can order a set for $50.00 Tax Included at: 

Thank you Steve for your very generous donation. Steve also has clocks and cribbage boards available.

We are always looking for items for our monthly draws, give us a wave if you have anything you can donate.
New Contest Draw: Deadline is April 15th
Coaster Entry Form
Big Bald Lake Beaver Ice Melting Contest

Contest closing date is Monday February 28th.

The Big Bald Lake Beaver is on the bay between Elbow Point Road and Irwin Drive. Winner will get a $100 gift certificate for a local business of their choice.

The calendar and instructions are on the website and we've already had a lot of entries. Guesses must be unique, so don't miss out on getting your date for the beaver to go swimming. Get your vote in today, limited dates left. 

Winner of the February Draw: 


We have one black 2XL hoodie left that I will draw next month from all the sizes requested.  This is your last chance to win a Hoodie. We hope you all enjoyed this fun monthly draw that was paid 100% through the sales of t-shirts and hoodies. 

Congratulations Kelly, you can pick up your XL Hoodie at the Flanagan’s. 

Hoodies Entry Form

Community News

Snow Measuring Kit

If your kids are interested in making a snow measuring kit, contact the Trent Lakes Library, Buckhorn branch, at 705-657-3695.

We're not sure what these measurements are, but with the weather we're getting, feet might be most appropriate!

Trails in the Peterborough Area

Think spring!

Looking for the best hiking trails in Peterborough? Whether you're getting ready to hike, bike, trail run, or explore other outdoor activities, AllTrails has 18 scenic trails in the Peterborough area. 

Explore one of 11 easy hiking trails in Peterborough or discover kid-friendly routes for your next family trip. 

These trails include the Trans Canada trails from Peterborough to Lindsay, Omemee and Hastings.

Are you interested in joining a local hiking group? Weekly excursion to hiking sites that we can meet up at and enjoy a hike together?  Email and I will try to arrange something, let me know if you are a weekend warrior or available during the week. We’ll start off with smaller hikes and work towards longer ones. 

Trent Lakes Council Update

From Carol Armstrong, Trent Lakes Councillor, Galway/Cavendish Ward

We very much appreciate receiving council updates from Carol. We have posted Carol's January 2022 newsletter to our website Links page. You can read the newsletter here

Our Green News 

Degradable vs Bio-Degradable

For Dog Owners

It's important to dispose of pet waste properly to ensure bacteria is not washing into our lake. If you pick up after your dog when walking, be sure to use a biodegradable bag and not just a degradable bag. Read on to understand the difference and to see an example of a biodegradable bag.

Degradable bags (aka oxo-degradable)
Some plastic bags labelled ‘Green and Degradable’ or ‘Naturally Degradable’ contain an additive which makes them break down faster into smaller fragments. But these bags are made from normal plastic (polyethene), so they are not in fact ‘green’ at all. The correct term for these ‘degradable’ bags is ‘oxo-degradable’.

Biodegradable bags
Biodegradable bags are made from plant-based materials like corn and wheat starch rather than petroleum.

Below is a recommendation from Nancy for polyethylene-free bags.

Native Plants Feed Native Species

Here's another reason to plant native trees. Native trees attract more insects, which in turn feeds more birds. Native plants in general feed our wildlife, non-native plants do not and invasive non-native plants crowd out our useful plants.


(phrag·​mi·​tes | \ frag-ˈmī-ˌtēz)

This is an excerpt from an article written by Sue Flanagan. The full article is on our Environment page. If you think you might have Phragmites growing in your yard, please contact us and we'll try to make a definite identification and give you advice or possibly help to remove the invasive grass.

For a plant to be classified as invasive it must be a non-native with a tendency to spread. There are no natural diseases or pests to control them.

Many invasive plants are beautiful and some have even been sold innocently by garden centres, such as periwinkle and ornamental grasses. Phragmites is an invasive perennial grass that originated in Eurasia and is quickly becoming Ontario’s worst invasive plant. Phragmites release toxins from their roots that obstruct the growth of other native plants as they outcompete them for sunlight, water and nutrients. They will kill off the natural bulrushes and cattails. With their dense clusters there is no wildlife that will live within it.

To learn more about Phragmites and how to identify it go to: 
Invasive Phragmites – Best Management Practices

2022 Tree Seedling Sale - On Now

What better way to feed native species and replace non-native plants than to take advantage of Kawartha Conservation's seedling program.

Seedling order deadline: March 18, 2022 by 4 p.m. 
Pickup dates: Friday, April 29, and Saturday, April 30, 2022.
Pickup location: Ken Reid Conservation Area, 277 Kenrei Road in Lindsay.

Seedlings are 1 to 3 years old and bare root. Minimum order is 25 trees.

Order form:
James is a new advertiser, but not new to the lake.  The Flanagan’s have used James 3 times, to stain our garage, our cottage and recently to paint the stairs area we weren’t able to reach ourselves. I recommend him. - Sue Flanagan

You may contact us at if you are unsure as to whether your membership is paid for this fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).
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