Board of Directors
President: Sue Flanagan
Treasurer: Tabatha Dean (acclaimed for 2 year term)
Social Director: Vacant (Sue Flanagan - acting)
Environment Director: Rich Corbin
Secretary: Brenda Thomas (acclaimed for 2 year term)
Director: vacant

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a board member.

2021 Virtual Annual General Meeting

Please read and vote:

President’s Report 
2020/2021 continued to be another challenging year while dealing with a pandemic but unlike last year we were able to accomplish quite a bit while practicing the appropriate COVID-19 protocols. 

The board of directors has not met in person since COVID-19 began but we do continue to communicate through email as required.  If you would like to join the board we are looking for two new members.

I would like to thank Rich Corbin & John Boyce for continuing to test our water, please refer below to Rich's and John's reports.

We would like to form a committee to work with the local authorities in dealing with Starry Stonewort.  Our Cottage Association has the funds to help finance whatever needs to be done, whether that is the eradication of this invasive plant (if possible) or an education program, BUT we require someone to spearhead the project. If you are interested in sitting on this committee or chairing it please let us know. We've been able to identify many locations in Big Bald Lake, Catalina Bay is unfortunately full of it.  I would like to thank Nancy Boyce on all the articles in our recent newsletters that she compiled including the idea to create the map of locations where it's been sighted. 

June into July was a nightmare for many with the never ending infestation of caterpillars eating everywhere.  The oaks and birch all came back but many pine trees may have been killed from having their entire foliage removed.  It made living on the lake most uncomfortable for about 6 weeks as you couldn't sit out because the chewing was so off-putting not to mention the caterpillar poop that got everywhere and stained everything.  2022 will see the return of the caterpillars so please speak with your neighbours regarding spraying, try to scrape the eggs off before they hatch and lets hope they aren't as bad next year.


We started to collect them again this year after giving everyone a year off last fiscal year.  Please see Nancy's report below regarding this.  I would like to thank Nancy who continues to run our website, organize our membership and on line directory.

With the distribution of the welcome baskets we are officially out of printed directories.  Directories are often out of date the moment we receive them as so many cottages change hands every year.  Therefore I am proposing that we stop printing directories and just use the online locked PDFs which Nancy keeps up to date.

We continue to be financially independent with the sourcing of donations and the selling of advertising.  Membership dues will continue to be only $35.00 a year that pays for our insurance, FOCA membership, website, water testing and social committee items not donated .  See Tabatha's report below. 


We require a social committee director, duties include working with the social committee, building and distributing welcome baskets, helping if available with hosts of current planned annual events and potentially hosting a new event should they wish to but it's not necessary, sourcing prizes for contests.   

Looking for volunteers for the social committee or for specific events.  Also looking for individual to take over coordinating the kayak water polo games.  I failed to get this happening this year. 

2020/21 EVENTS
The Witches of Philrick gathered to have a safe socially distanced walk on Halloween.  And we'll be gathering again this year, time dependent on the weather forecast, stay informed by following our Facebook page or checking the website.
2020 Santa Claus Parade was cancelled due to the lockdown last December but we are optimistic to host one again this year on Sunday December 26, 2021.

In lieu of the Winter Carnival we hosted a scavenger hunt allowing people a month to walk the lake a find the items in the photos. Dean & Tracy won a great gift basket with donations from The Bobcaygeon Brewing Company, Garden of Eden, Cottage Country Connections, Sues Flanagan Creates, Barb Knill and the Boyce's.  The lake was a fabulous place to walk on because Matt Logan continued to groom a pathway that we were able to enjoy throughout the season. 

2022 we are optimistic to host the winter carnival again on the Family Day long weekend.  Tabatha & Theresa have volunteered to host.  Get your Chili recipes mastered for an outdoor event.

NEW: Canada Day Week Capture the Flag scavenger hunt was unfortunately mostly rained out but we are grateful to Huck's for the $75.00 gift certificate to our winners Monika & Trevor.  And thanks to our MPP Dave Smith for the donation of two flags.

Arr'some Pirate Regatta was a huge success with 8 locations and over 50 participants.  Depending on what the summer of 2022 brings us we will definitely host another water event again and if possible land events too.  Lots of people donated and there is a complete list on our website of all items donated.

Outdoor Movie Night  has been taken over completely by Michelle & Drew. They chose the children's movie which played on a television and then the main event played on the big screen.  I unfortunately missed it but I heard good things about it. 

2020/21 CONTESTS

We added a lot more contests in 2021 thanks to donations from many individuals. 

We continued with our Beaver Dunk contest, and added many other contests thanks to the very generous donations of many individuals.  We had an Earth Day Road clean up draw, a natural plant draw, Easter Draw, a Pet Photo draw, Mother's Day draw, Recipe Contest draw and lately a monthly hoodie  draw which we will continue until we run out. We gave away a prize this past week to celebrate having over 600 Likes on the BBLCA Facebook page.


We sourced items for 30 Welcome Baskets that volunteers are delivering this month.  If you are new since 2019 and haven't received your Welcome Basket by the end of October please reach out as we may have missed you.


I have wanted to create printed garments for several years now and I am thrilled it finally came to fruition.  It was a lot more work than I anticipated with offering so many colour choices but that allowed everyone to hopefully get the garment of their choice.  Because it was such a great success we were able to order extra hoodies for monthly draws.  We then had many requests for Little Bald Lake garments so we offered them again in black only this time.  And with the profits we were able to get 3 more hoodies for future prizes.  

T-shirts costs Tax Included were $20.00 each and we broke even on them
Hoodies costs Tax Included were $35.00 each and we charged $40.00 which enabled us to cover the set up costs and give us extra funds to purchase the prizes.  

Sue Flanagan
President and Acting Social Committee Chair
October 15, 2021

Treasurer Report

We have received quite a few new advertisers who are listed on our website.  We encourage you to support companies that support us. 

We also supported local with donations to The Buckhorn Community Centre, the Chamber of Commerce, the Kawartha Lakes Stewards Association, and District Lions Club. 

Tabatha Dean
October 15, 2021

Link to PDF of Financial Statements
Minutes for the BBLCA Virtual Annual General Meeting
Sunday, October 18, 2020

The BBLCA Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held virtually via email on Sunday, October 18, 2020. Members voted over the week via email and voting closed on Sunday, October 25, 2020.
President’s Report – Tabatha Dean gave an overview of what happened in 2020 including water testing, communications, social events & contests and membership .
Approval of 2019-20 Financial Statements
Financial Statements for the 2019-20 fiscal year, including past years for comparison, were included as an image and a link to the statements on the website was provided. All responding members voted in favour of approving the financials as is. Financial statements accepted.
Approval of 2019 AGM Minutes
Minutes for 2019 were included in their entirety. All responding members voted in favour of approving the minutes as is. Minutes accepted.
Board of Directors
The list of current board members and the changes to take effect on Monday, October 26, 2020 were explained. Members responding by email accepted these changes.
President: Tabatha Dean - Switching to Treasurer – acclaimed – will complete remaining 1 year term
Treasurer: Angela Gill - Stepping down
Social Director: Sue Flanagan - Switching to President – acclaimed for a 2 year term
Environment Director: Rich Corbin – acclaimed for a 2 year term
Secretary: Brenda Thomas - standing for remaining 1 year term
Director: vacant
Social Committee Director: vacant
Environmental Report
The Environmental Report was presented including E.coli and Secchi Depth water testing and a call for someone to investigate Starry Stonewort in our lake.
Social Committee Report
The Social Committee Report detailed events and contests for 2020 and some of what is planned for 2021.


You must be a member in good standing to vote. This means you must have paid membership for this fiscal year - 2021-22, which began on July 1, 2021. When you submit your vote, we'll let you know if you're not a member. We are accepting e-payments at this time. Go to our Membership page for details on how to pay.

You may use the button below to vote. We're using a Google form this year for voting and also to provide input.

Responses will be accepted until Sunday, October 24th.
Link to Google form to approve Board Members, Minutes & Financial Statements and to provide input.

Membership Report

We currently have 130 members.

My goal is always 140 members. It's reasonable to think we'll have 135 members by the end of this calendar year.

We have 257 households (approx. 51% are members). We had 119 members in 2017; 118 in 2018 and 132 in 2019. We did not collect membership in 2020.

Almost 40% of members paid by e-transfer. That's up 8% over a couple of years ago. That has saved us money because the association did not incur any cost and the money went directly into our bank account. FOCA has discontinued their payment option for our members. We are no longer accepting cash because of the pandemic, but we accept cheques and payment by PayPal. We pay an administration fee for PayPal, but feel it's important to offer options.

I believe that having such a variety of events and contests and opening them up to everyone regardless of membership status, has allowed us to reach more people all over the lake and has resulted in a healthy membership total.

Nancy Boyce
October 15, 2021

Environmental Report

E.coli and Phosphorus testing are complete  Please see the results below.

Additionally, we are looking for someone to investigate starry stonewort, an invasive species in some of our bays, especially in Catalina Bay.

Rich Corbin
October 15, 2021

You may click on the image above to see a larger image on our website.

Phosphorus & Secchi Depth (Water Clarity)

Phosphorus testing is complete for 2021, but results will not be available until spring 2022. Phosphorus testing was not done in 2020, because the labs were not accepting non-essential tests.

Secchi Depth testing was also done. This indicates how clear the water is. The depths listed below are how deep the disk can be seen. Testing is done mid-lake. Conditions and temperature are noted. 

John Boyce
October 15, 2021

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For all your Gypsy Moth (LDD) control needs including egg mass, caterpillar and pupae removal, tree injections and direct spraying.
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