April 2022 Newsletter 
Happy Spring

St. Patrick's Day

A few of us got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather on St. Patrick's Day.
Big Bald Lake Coasters Draw

Contest closing date is Friday April 15th

Donated by Stephen DeBarros, these beautiful coasters will make a great addition to your cottage.  If you are not lucky enough to win them, you can order a set for $50.00 Tax Included at: 

Thank you Steve for your very generous donation. Steve also has clocks and cribbage boards available.

We are always looking for items for our monthly draws, give us a wave if you have anything you can donate.
Coaster Entry Form
Contests ending March 31st

Our Fun in the Snow and Winter Bingo contests are wrapping up on March 31st. See our website for details on how to enter.
We will be using the leftover Bingo Prizes for our Christmas tree we will be donating to the Buckhorn Community Centre for their Festival of Trees.  With the help of our tree we donated in 2021,
the BCC raised $10,185.00 

Our theme for 2022 is birds, if you have any items to contribute towards either the tree or gifts under the tree please let us know.  
Earth Month Road Clean-up

On now, contest closing date is Saturday April 30th

We know many of you clean up garbage on a regular basis. We'd like to encourage people from all over the lake to do road clean-up in their area during Earth Month. Once you pick up the garbage, complete our entry form if you'd like to be entered into our draw. You may email photos to: or DM us on Facebook.

We have one prize so far. Samples from Kawartha Lakes Honey donated by Nancy.

We are always looking for prizes, so give us a wave if you have anything you can donate.
Road Clean-up Entry Form
Welcome Baskets

Do you have any new neighbours?

We are working on welcome baskets again. Do you know anyone who is new?  Are you willing to help deliver baskets in your area? Are you willing to look after welcome baskets for next year?

Please email us at if you can help.

We are always looking for donations to our welcome baskets.
I have had a few people inquire about joining a local hiking group. Weekly excursion to hiking sites that we can meet up at and enjoy a hike together. Currently it looks like everyone can do mid week hikes.

I am looking to do our first hike in May.

  Email and I will try to arrange something, let me know if you are a weekend warrior or available during the week. We’ll start off with smaller hikes and work towards longer ones. 
Board News

Board Changes
Nancy Boyce has been appointed to the BBLCA Board of Directors, this time as Vice President. Nancy wanted to take a more active role to support our President, Sue Flanagan. Nancy will run in our fall election for a 2 year term. 

Bylaw Review
Ontario’s Not-for-profit Corporations Act (ONCA) was proclaimed on October 19, 2021. Nonprofits have 3 years to update their bylaws and letters patent to comply with ONCA. Sue and Nancy will be attending a FOCA sponsored webinar on April 6th to find out more about the changes. They have already started their review of our bylaws and the new regulations and it looks like we're in good shape. Kudos to the team who worked very hard to come up with our existing bylaws when we incorporated in 2001.

Join the Board or a Committee
Sue Flanagan has been wearing many hats to keep the association going. We still need to fill the Social Director position. Please consider stepping into this role, volunteering to sit on the Social Committee or hosting an event.

We have a Starry Stonewort Committee, but we would welcome participants on committees to deal with other environment issues/projects. Some topics under consideration are Phragmites and shoreline planting.
Big Bald Lake Word Search Game

Thank you to Kathy Mako for developing a fun word search game for us using wildlife found on Big Bald Lake. Nancy had so much fun playing the online version, that she's donating the Great Canadian Cottage Puzzle Book as a prize. 

Note: Words in the game are horizontal, vertical, diagonal and even backwards.

You can play online until Saturday, April 23rd and then it disappears. The online puzzle is different each time you play.

Or print the game to play. Go to our website, use the link below or click on the image to print the game.

When you finish playing the game, complete and submit the entry form. We'll draw a name on May 1st.

Winner of the March Draw: 


That was our last hoodie! We are thinking about purchasing Buckhorn Hoodies from the Buckhorn Welcome Centre for the fall or if you have an item for a draw, please contact Sue. 

Congratulations Bruce you can pick up your XXL Hoodie at the Flanagan’s. 

Community News

Trent Lakes Council Update

From Carol Armstrong, Trent Lakes Councillor, Galway/Cavendish Ward

Check out Carol's March 2022 newsletter on our website Links page or you can read the newsletter here

Carol has included information about the municipal 2022 budget.

Our Green News 

Starry Stonewort Committee Update

From Dawn Griffin, SSW Committee Chair

As you may know, starry stonewort (SSW)--which is quite a pretty name for such an aggressive and ecologically devastating aquatic invasive plant species--is, unfortunately, now making itself comfortable in Big Bald Lake and the Trent-Severn Waterway.  If you don't know much about it, visit 
Invading to get a good overview, but the short story is that SSW is an invasive plant that:
  • creates thick matted "deserts" where native aquatic plant species, fish, insects, etc. cannot survive
  • establishes new colonies from just a tiny fragment of the plant so it spreads very easily (e.g. by swimming or boating through infested areas)  
  • is difficult to impossible to eradicate; and
  • is spreading quickly through Ontario waterways.
On January 26th, 2022, BBLCA's newly formed SSW Committee had the opportunity to attend the Ontario Starry Stonewort (SSW) Partners meeting, hosted by Nature Conservancy Canada.  The meeting brought together local organizations, homeowners, cottager's associations, botanists, ecologists, and water quality specialists to share information, collaborate on methods to help control the spread of SSW and to try to combat it where we can.  You can read the meeting minutes, but we've learned that:
  • Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) has proven to be somewhat effective control method in the New York Finger Lakes, though monitoring continues
  • herbicides/algicides are not effective and are more likely to impact native species than SSW growth/spread 
  • plant suppressing (benthic) mats are only effective if they are moved frequently or SSW will colonize in the sediment on top
  • SSW has a lot of lookalikes and can look very different in different water conditions so identification of new colonies can be tricky (check out this SSW Identification Guide)
For Big Bald Lake, our committee continues to look for companies that can provide DASH services in Ontario to get more information. We are also looking into how we can raise awareness about SSW and its impacts on Big Bald Lake, as well as how we can partner with organizations to share signage, information, and control and management methods.  Stay tuned. 

To learn more about SSW, check out these links: 

Spongy Moth Eggs (formerly Gypsy Moth or LDD)

Egg Scraping

The time is now! If you didn't scrape eggs from your trees last summer or fall, you're going to need to do that now. The eggs will be hatching in May before Victoria Day.

Scrape the eggs using a paint scraper and put them into a container of soapy water. Do not just knock them to the ground as they are very hardy and will still hatch. 
Thank you to Lynn for her continued support as a regular advertiser.

You may contact us at if you are unsure as to whether your membership is paid for this fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).
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