Board of Directors
President: Tabatha Dean - Switching to Treasurer - acclaimed
Treasurer: Angela Gill - Stepping Down
Social Director: Sue Flanagan - Switching to President - acclaimed
Environment Director: Rich Corbin - acclaimed
Secretary: Brenda Thomas - standing for remaining 1 year term
Director: vacant

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a board member.

2020 Virtual Annual General Meeting

Please read and vote:

President’s Report 
2020 will be a year no one will forget!  The arrival of Covid19 in mid-March brought us to a standstill in bringing our members community events.  We were able to get a few things in just before Covid19 arrived and a few more things during the staycation. 

• WATER: Rich Corbin was kind enough to continue with E.coli testing this year. Phosphorus testing could not be done this year because the lab wouldn’t process the tests due to COVID, but John Boyce was able to do Secchi depth testing (water clarity). You can see all of the results on our website.  Thank you Rich & John for taking on this initiative.
• COMMUNICATIONS: Thanks to Nancy Boyce & Sue Flanagan for keeping our website and social media updated with the many changes that were occurring within our community as businesses reduced services and then increased them again.  Our website, is a great resource where you can always find links to other organizations and everything you need to know.
• SOCIAL EVENTS: BBLCA usually provides many popular social events like the Regatta, Winter Carnival, Movie Night, etc. This year due to social distancing or quarantine we were forced to cancel most of these events with the exception of the Winter Carnival & Chili Cook-off which took place at Glenn and Kim’s house. A special thank you goes to Kim and Glenn for all the support they have given the BBLCA over the years. They have been instrumental in making this organization what it is today.  Unfortunately for all of us, they moved to New Brunswick this year. We wish them much happiness!

 • Thank you to John & Nancy Boyce who hosted a full moon lake walk. Unfortunately we could not get all three in due to weather conditions.  I was fortunate to participate and it was a memorable night and a great opportunity to meet new neighbours on the lake! Special Thanks to Pete Crawford for plowing a path for us for this event.

• We were successful in still having a few contests; our 500 Facebook Likes contest, Beaver Ice Melting contest and Build Your Own Boat contest. A special thanks to Ann Shier for donating one of her encaustic paintings for a prize. 
• MEMBERSHIP DUES: As we have not participated in or provided a lot of programs this year, the board has decided there will be no BBLCA membership fees collected for 2020.  If you prepaid for this year, you will be credited for an additional year!
Tabatha Dean
September 15, 2020

Treasurer Report

With minimal events and no membership fees collected there is very little difference between the BBLCA assets in 2019 and 2020.  The one year pause has not impacted us to any real degree.  Noting that our fiscal year ends in June so last year’s regatta plus expenses show in the 2020 year column. 

We have received a few new advertisers that are listed on our website.  We encourage you to support companies that support us.

Angela Gill
October 17, 2020


Link to PDF of Financial Statements
Minutes for the BBLCA Annual General Meeting
Saturday, September 14, 2019

The BBLCA Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at the Buckhorn Community Centre. The meeting commenced at 11:10 a.m.

Welcome – Glenn Joray, current BBLCA President, welcomed everyone and explained the format for the meeting. Glenn reviewed events and activities over the past year. Approximately 24 people were in attendance.

Approval of 2018 AGM Minutes
Motion by Kim Letto to approve the 2018 AGM Minutes, seconded by Pam Dickey, carried.

Approval of 2018-19 Financial Statements
Motion by John Boyce to approve the 2018-19 Financial Statements, seconded by Tabatha Dean, carried.

50/50 draw – Greg Fee won $32; additional prizes were distributed.

Glenn Joray, Nancy Boyce and Mark Richardson are stepping down from the Board.

Election of Board Members
Glenn Joray & Nancy Boyce described the board and committee positions available and what is involved before Glenn called for nominations.

Call for Nominations
Angela Gill nominated Tabatha Dean, seconded by Mark Richardson, nomination accepted by Tabatha. Tabatha Dean was acclaimed as a Director for a 2 year term.

There was a call for a volunteer to be Recording Secretary. The Secretary will be a committee and not a board member. Brenda Thomas volunteered to be Secretary.

Catherine Selinger asked about Starry Stonewort. Nancy Boyce explained that Starry Stonewort is on Stoney Lake and Scugog Lake, but not on Big Bald Lake at this time and that the upcoming Kawartha Lake Stewards meeting will have information about Starry Stonewort. Paul Butler asked about water levels on the Trent Severn and Rich Corbin gave an explanation of the many factors affecting water levels. Glenn Joray gave an overview of how the association works with other groups.

Presentation Boards/Displays
There were displays from the BBLCA board, which can be viewed on-line on the BBLCA website Documents page.

Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 11:40 a.m. Mark Richardson motioned, Angela Gill seconded.
You must be a member in good standing to vote. This means you must have paid membership for last year or this year (which has been credited to 2021-22). When you submit your vote, we'll let you know if you're not a member. We are accepting e-payments at this time. Go to our Membership page for details on how to pay.

You may use the button below to email us.

Responses will be accepted until Sunday, October 25th.
Email to approve Board Members, Minutes & Financial Statements

Environmental Report

As stated above by Tabatha we were not able to do Phosphorus testing this summer.  We were however able to continue to test for E.coli.  Please see the results for 2020 below.

Additionally, we are looking for someone to investigate starry stonewort, an invasive species in some of our bays, especially in Catalina Bay.

Richard Corbin
September 23, 2020


You may click on the image above to see a larger image on our website.

Social Committee Report

As Tabatha pointed out above we canceled all events once the lockdown occurred in mid March.  There were a few smaller socially distanced things going on this summer

  • Weekday kayaking events, where different individuals meet up on the lake in their kayaks to gather together with each other safely.  We also swam midway through.
  • Philrick road and area clean up Thanksgiving weekend
  • Witches Of Philrick will be out on Halloween, dressing up and walking around to our own amusement. 
  • Santa Claus Parade will be Friday January 1st this year, dress up your vehicle, come for a walk along Philrick and have hot chocolate back at the Flanagan's, details to follow to ensure we are Covid19 compliant 
  • As Kim and Glen have moved, we're wondering where that beaver of theirs has gone to.  Go to our website and enter your guess. Random draw for a gift basket prize.
  • Which of course leads us to our annual beaver ice melting contest.
  • In lieu of the winter carnival we're coming up with a "Find It" Contest.  You may have noticed us out on the lake taking pictures of things you will need to find on the lake between January 15-February 15th.  All correct answers will win a prize, one entry per household.  Details will be sent out in early January.
  • We produced a Nature Activity Colouring Book in the spring of 2018. We have now published the book to our website for you to print individual pages to entertain the kids at home.  If you or your kids would like to draw a colouring page to add to ours please let us know. 
  • We don't know what the summer of 2021 will bring us so we won't speculate on the regatta at this time, but we do have some great new ideas for the next one.
  • Working on a @BigBaldLake.calm t-shirt that I hope to put forward in 2021 for you to place an order. If you have a design idea please put it forward.

And most importantly WE STILL NEED a Social Committee Director, please message Sue if you want more information.  We are a great team who work well together but fresh ideas are always welcome so events don't get stale.

Sue Flanagan
October 17, 2020


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