July 2022 Newsletter 

High Waters 
As you have probably noticed we have high water levels and many of the locks have been closed but are scheduled to reopen. Please be kind to your neighbours and reduce your wake to help prevent erosion. 
Arr’some Pirate Regatta 
Water Only Event

Sunday July  31st

We have decided to have a similar regatta as last year, non-motorized boats will travel a path to get prizes along the way. Dress up as pirates. 

Give us a wave if you can do any of the following:
  • Host a location
  • Donate approximately 30 - 40 prizes 
  • Set up and take down the water clotheslines in Saunders Bay and area
  • Retrieve balls at the challenges
These are our confirmed Regatta locations. Please contact us if you can host a location.
Donations Needed

We have the following items for the kids so far:
  • Treasure bags
  • Pottery ornaments to paint
  • Individually wrapped cookies
  • Tattoos
  • Whistles
  • Plastic frogs & lizards
  • Rubber frog slingshots for clotheslines
What we still need:
  • Items to hang from another clothesline
  • Individually wrapped treats
  • Markers to colour ornaments
  • Small toys or activities
  • Suggestions for items and challenges!

Volunteers needed

We need help for the water challenges to retrieve balls. We'd like to have a basket ball hoop and a goalie net setup at different locations. If you have a suitable location or can be in the water, let us know.

We need people to setup and take down the clothes lines that are over the water.


We need to know the number of children attending, so please register below or visit our website.
Regatta Registration
Summer Bingo

Ends August  31st

Find and take a photo (if possible) of items on the Bingo Card.
Prizes are for a straight line

Use the Summer 
Bingo Entry Form on our website as you get a BINGO and you can keep track 

Prizes for all participants: pottery bird ornaments made and donated by Sue Flanagan.

We'll have a random draw from the entries for the Bear jigsaw puzzle purchased from The Avant-Garden Shop in Peterborough and donated by Nancy Boyce.

Canadian Flag /Winners

Congratulations to our winners: 

Tabatha Dominguez
Mike Bowman
Tabatha Dean
Ted Ykema
Debbie Thornhill

Thank you to Dave Smith's office (MPP Peterborough-Kawartha) for donating two flags. Our association paid for the other three.  
Canada Day Celebrations 

Celebrating to do or not to do… 

You may set off fireworks on the weekend of July 1st, unless there is a fire ban in place.  Follow our Facebook page to see if any ban is in place.  

As a proud Canadian I enjoy celebrating Canada Day but last year with all the residential school children found it was hard to know if celebrating it was disrespectful so I think we just need to be mindful.  So I did a bit of research to find out if celebrating Canada Day would offend Indigenous People and this is what I found:  Mallory, TRIBAL TRADE

    “For some Indigenous communities, the trauma of Canadian history is deeply rooted.  In these cases, they might be offended by celebrating Canada Day. Other Indigenous people who are activists, advocates for Indigenous communities, and passionate allies, but even they aren’t offended – for these people, Canada Day is just a day.”

Kelly Burrows Trio Concert on the Lake
Saturday, July 30th
From: Kelly, Robert and Dan
Keep the date! The 3rd annual Kelly Burrows Trio concert on Big Bald Lake will take place at the same boat house as last year on the south west end of Big Bald Lake. More details are to follow, but they expect to get started at 3pm until approximately 5pm.
5 things you can be fined for when driving your boat 

From Cottage Life Magazine
  1. Personal flotation devices (PFDs) and life jackets are the first thing that police officers are looking for.
  2. An open container of either liquor or cannabis is not allowed on board a boat. 
  3. The operator must have their valid Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card with them in the boat.
  4. A spotter is required when using your boat for “towed sports”.
  5. Powered vessels require a Pleasure Craft License and the Transport Canada vessel license numbers are to be properly displayed on the bow of the vessel. You are also required to have the registration—on board—and the vessel’s ownership (or copies) too.

With the high water this year, complaints about boaters breaking the speeding law–10 km/h when 30 meters from shore or speeding in speed restricted zones, is the most common call that the police are getting. The high water has damaged a lot of shoreline structures in Ontario and people are concerned about further damage from boat wakes.

Read the full article here:
Canoe, Kayak and SUP Laws in Ontario 

From Northern Travel Magazine

Canoe and Kayak Life Jacket Laws
The law requires a properly sized PFD on board for each person on a boat.
Bottom line: responsible paddlers always wear their PFDs on the water.

Inflatable PFDs are recognized. It’s not enough to just have them on board, they must be worn. 

The fine for boating without a PFD of appropriate size for each person on board is $200, plus an additional $100 for each missing PFD.

Safety gear has to be accessible, not under a kayak skirt. 

Sound-Signalling Device
Paddlers of all sorts need a “sound-signalling device.” The obvious choice is a whistle, but it needs to be “pealess”—so there shouldn’t be a little ball of cork bouncing around in the air chamber.

Are Canoe and Kayak Lights Required By Law?
When paddling between sunset and sunrise or in periods of restricted visibility, such as fog, paddlers must carry a watertight flashlight. 

Heave Ho: Buoyant Line
Paddlers need a buoyant heaving line at least 15 metres long. If paddleboarders and sit-on-top kayakers are wearing PFDs, they aren’t required to carry one.

Paddleboards don’t need a bailer, but only if the paddler is wearing a PFD.

Canoeists and kayakers must pack along a bailer or manual bilge pump. 

Bailers must be metal or plastic, hold at least 750 mL, and have an opening of 9 cm in diameter. To its credit, Transport Canada encourages you to fashion your own by cutting the bottom off a 4-L plastic jug (but keep the cap screwed on).

Read the full article here:


Fox 40 Marine Safety Kit


Enter our draw for a safety kit. 

Contest closes Monday, July 25th.

Enter using the button below or go to our website.
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Our Green News 

Nesting Loons

Most loon chicks will hatch by July 1. Cottagers and lake users can help. Please give loons the space and calm waters they need. If you set off fireworks, be sure you are far away from loons and other nesting birds.
Thank you to Brian, our repeat advertiser from Big Bald Lake. As we recently experienced a very prolonged outage at the end of May, many of us were extremely thankful to have a generator to keep the lights on. If you don’t currently have one, don’t be caught in another power failure without a generator, contact Brian for a quote. 
Thank you to Lynn for her continued support of our association as an advertiser and past sponsor and presenter.

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