September Newsletter 

This Saturday Night join us at an outdoor movie at Drew and Michelle Heming’s, our gracious hosts and organizers of the Movie Night.  
The child friendly movie is Angry Birds Two and starts at 6pm 
The main feature Jumanji Next Level starts at dusk and is sponsored by the Byles 

Please bring your own chairs and or blankets or boat in. 
Please wear a mask until you are seated in your group.
No food or drink is being provided this year, please bring your garbage home with you. 

451 Philrick Drive, park on the road above and walk down 

Their bunkhouse washroom will be available. 
T-shirt and Hoody orders for Big and Little Bald Lakes

Items are available in black. T-shirts available in youth and adult sizes. Hoodies are adult size only.

Order deadline is September 15th. Pick-up is Saturday, October 9th only.

T-shirts: $20, Hoodies: $40. Payment is by e-transfer.

Go to our website or use the link below to order: 
T-shirt & Hoody Order Form

A working group has prepared a report on Short Term Rentals in Trent Lakes.  The report recommends that Council draft a licensing program for short term rental properties, exempting those who only rent their properties for a few weeks to help pay for taxes and maintenance. That draft would then be shared with the public and a full consultation period would be held.

You may read the full staff report, here:
We will be having another virtual AGM this year, please send in your comments, questions, ideas, etc. that you want discussed.  

Please let us know if you are interested in sitting on the board, or on a committee or want to volunteer to help with the social committee.

We will advise the date of the AGM in the October newsletter. 
Volunteer Wanted:  Looking for someone to deliver the welcome baskets for us.  We will have 30 baskets ready shortly after the long weekend.  

Membership fiscal year started July 1st

We did not collect dues for Fiscal year 20/21 but we are collecting dues again.  Message us if you are not sure if you are current.  Membership is $35.00 a year or $100.00 for 3 years. Membership dues help us to continue to provide services.

Membership renewals have been sent out. Only paid members will be allowed to vote in the virtual AGM.

BBLCA Membership Page
Winner of the recipe contest is: Sue Flanagan (the only entry) 
Winner of a Large Forest Green
Big Bald Lake Hoodie is:
Brenda Thomas
This month’s Hoodie draw is for either an XL or L Royal Blue @BigBaldLake.calm hoodie 
please visit our website to enter only if you haven’t entered before.  We are including all names entered each month.
Starry Stonewort

Starry Stonewort is taking over Catalina Bay and is in other parts of the lake including May Bay.

Starry Stonewort is a bushy, bright green macro-algae. It produces a characteristic star-shaped bulbil. The unwanted algae grow into thick bushes that can take over breeding areas for fish, overcome native vegetation, and disrupt a lake’s recreational activities such as boating and swimming.

Starry Stonewort:
  • Creates dense mats at the water’s surface inhibiting waterways and clogging boat propellers.
  • Overtakes habitat and outcompetes native aquatic plants, potentially lowering diversity.
  • Provides unsuitable shelter, food, and nesting habitat for native fish and wildlife.
  • Can smother fish spawning habitat.
Preventing the spread
Although it lacks a true root system, SSW is anchored by clear filaments. It simply hangs above the lake bottom where it creates an anoxic or oxygen-deprived layer. The filaments produce white, star-shaped bulbils, which are the reproductive structures that give SSW its name and make it so difficult to eradicate.

If the spread of SSW is to be slowed, it is important to avoid boat travel from infested areas into non-infested waters. If you absolutely need to travel in or through an infested area, stop and lift your boat motor and remove all weeds. The weeds must then be placed in a bucket and taken to dry land and disposed of away from any water.

Right now, there is no way to eradicate SSW. However, the plant is sometimes harvested to facilitate boat travel and to improve recreational use of the lake. Unfortunately, harvesting does not eradicate the species but actually increases the risk of spread by fragments.

You should ensure that any commercial harvester that you hire to remove weeds on your waterfront has a permit from the Trent-Severn Waterway. It is critical that any commercial weed harvester is not moving in and out of infested areas. You must be sure that the weed harvester is clean, drained, and dry before working on your waterfront, otherwise you are at high risk of waking up to SSW right off your dock.

Removal of native plants, like pond lily, is more likely to create open areas which gives Starry Stonewort or other invasive species more room to grow with less competition.

Do Not Use Chemicals
There are no effective herbicides or other chemicals approved for use on Starry Stonewort in Canada. Use of chemicals in lakes can cause serious impacts to drinking water quality including increased risks of cancer for the many cottagers that filter water from the lake for drinking. They also impact the aquatic ecosystem food chain and overall aquatic ecosystem health.
Draft Peterborough Official Plan - Information Sessions

There will be online community information sessions on the final draft of the City of Peterborough’s new Official Plan.


Wednesday, September 1
3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. or
6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Thursday, September 2
3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. or
6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Registration to attend one of the four time slots is available online at:

The Official Plan is a policy document prepared under the Planning Act that will set the vision and direction for growth and development to the year 2051. 

The proposed Official Plan and the final Land Needs Assessment are now available for review on the City’s website at: and through Connect Peterborough at

For more information, see the City of Peterborough's website:
We would like to thank our newest advertiser and Big Bald Lake resident

A.J. Del Piero Electrical provides generator maintenance and will:
  • upon arrival clean your generator inside and out as well as apply a wax coating on the outside
  • visually inspect the generator for any anomalies
  • check gas or propane pressures at the generator to make sure they are within Manufacturer spec.
  • change the spark plug or plugs with Champion Spark Plugs with the correct plug and gap accordingly
  • remove and measure the amount of old oil in the generator and reinstall the correct amount of Castrol Edge Full Synthetic 5w30 oil depending on hours of usage
  • install a Generac Oil and Air Filter. Original Manufacturers Equipment (not some offshore junk) used by other dealers
  • check the valves and adjust where necessary
  • lubricate all hinges and key locks
  • provide a report to the customer on work completed and apply a service sticker for record purposes on the generator
Special offer for Big Bald Lake residents - $185 plus tax
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