February  2022 Newsletter 

Let’s see your photos having fun in
the snow this winter ❄️ 
Fun in the Snow Contest

Snowman Building and Scavenger Hunt Pivot

We didn’t get enough entries for our snowman scavenger hunt, so we have decided to have a new contest and do a random draw for the Mary Kay prizes donated by Barb Knill, Mary Kay,

I loved spending time on the lake last winter but I haven’t ventured onto it once this year, so I totally understand the lack of participation.  This January first had no snow, then way too much snow and now It’s way too cold to go outside, but fingers crossed it’s killing the gypsy moths.  Even Gracie hasn’t wanted to be outside as much lately and she loves the snow as you can see by her photo above.  

So let’s see how you are having fun this winter, be it snowmobiling, ice fishing, skating, building a snowman or just going for a walk.  Keep reading below because Nancy has found some great things to do this winter around the Peterborough area.  

Send your photos in by February 28th to be entered in the draw. 

Below is Ria and Randy’s Frosty (Left) and Nancy & John's (Right)
Below the Shark & Penguins by the Lasky family which are exactly what I was hoping for for the scavenger hunt.  Now entered in the draw. 

Winter Bingo

Ends March 31st

Find and take a photo (if possible) of items on the Bingo Card.
Prizes are for a straight line, 2 straight lines, 4 corners, an X and a T. 

Use the
Winter Bingo Entry Form on our website as you get a BINGO and you can keep track  like I have been doing on the photo below. I am one purple finch away from a straight line.  

Email your wildlife photos to

Prizes for all participants: 20 pottery bird ornaments made and donated by Sue Flanagan.

We'll have a random draw from the entries for the Backyard Birding Bingo game purchased from The Avant-Garden Shop in Peterborough and donated by Nancy Boyce.

Big Bald Lake Beaver Ice Melting Contest

Game on! The Big Bald Lake Beaver is on the bay between Elbow Point Road and Irwin Drive. Thank you to Mark and Theresa for hosting this year. Winner will get a $100 gift certificate for a local business of their choice.

The calendar and instructions are on the website and we've already had a lot of entries. Guesses must be unique, so don't miss out on getting your date for the beaver to go swimming. Contest closing date is February28th.

Winner of the December Draw: 


We have 2 hoodies left, both are the tree design. One is XL Green and one is 2XL Black. Use the link below to enter. You only need to enter once. Your name stays on the list until all the hoodies are gone.

Hoodies Entry Form

Community News

The Green Flag is Up!

As of Friday January 14, the green flag is flying beside the Trent-Severn Waterway canal below the Peterborough Lift Lock for the first time this winter — meaning the ice is safe and skating on the canal is officially allowed.

The City of Peterborough’s public works department maintains the ice surface on the canal, as allowed by weather conditions, with a flag flying beside the canal to indicate the status. A green flag means ice conditions are safe and skating is permitted

We love this photo posted by Peterborough Green Up of the canal at night.

Lakefield Speed Skating Oval

The Ontario Speed Skating Oval is a 400 metre track located in Lakefield. According to their Facebook page, the oval is OPEN until further notice. Exercise caution out there, the ice is a bit bumpy. 

You can check their site for details:

Polarfest - Selwyn Township

Candlelight Skate at the Ontario Speed Skating Oval (3358 Lakefield Rd.) on both Friday, February 4th and Saturday, February 5th.

Register for your time slot by visiting:

Cross Country Ski Trail: Bobcaygeon Wilderness Park 

Bobcaygeon Wilderness Park provides over eight acres of safe, accessible trails for walking, hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing through a beautiful mature forest. The park also provides a unique educational opportunity to visitors.

Interpretive signs provide an educational component, explaining the significance of many of the natural features found within the park and along the trails.

The Bobcaygeon Wilderness Park is located in the northeast corner of Bobcaygeon, just off County Road 36.

Find more featured trails:

Peterborough Re-Frame Film Festival: Jan 27th – Feb 4th

From the North Pigeon Lake Association's newsletter

Peterborough Re-Frame Film Festival: Jan 27th – Feb 4th
Re-Frame Film Festival is back on-line for 2022.
“From January 27-February 4, 2022 you can stream 70+ documentary films from the comfort of home, lighting up the darkest time of year with inspiring activist stories, fascinating trips across the world, incredible images and thought-provoking discussion!”

There are a number of local films that may be of interest to our members, including: 
Conserving Catchacoma about efforts to preserve the Catchacoma old growth Hemlock forest; Mnoomin: Gift of the Creatora short film about local Mnoomin (Wild Rice) harvesting festivals; and The Hands That Feed Us which tells the story of Roberto Garcia and Julie Fleming at Circle Organic Farm in Millbrook, Ontario.

You can 
check out the complete line-up of films here.

New Draft Official Plan for Peterborough County

The draft new Official Plan is now available for review and comment. This document not only serves as the Official Plan for the County of Peterborough, but also as the local Official Plan for seven out of eight local Municipalities.

Go to their website for further details and to see how you can provide input.

Our Green News 


From the Municipality of Trent Lakes

Did you hear about our FoodCycler Pilot Program but you were unable to participate? Are you interested in significantly reducing the amount of food waste that goes into your garbage?

We are happy to say that we have a few FoodCycler Units available to be purchased at the Municipal Office. 

The FoodCycler cost is $169.50 which compares favourably to a retail price of $500+HST. The reduction in cost is due to municipal discounts from Food Cycle Science, Impact Canada Investment, and subsidization by the Municipality of Trent Lakes.

The picture below is 65 cycles through the unit for the 12 week pilot project period for the Flanagan household.

Wouldn't that be nice!

From Peterborough Green Up

One bonus to the extreme cold is that it may kill some of the LDD moth eggs laid last summer when this invasive species devastated local forests. 

If you see some, gently scrape them off (don't hurt the trees!) into a bucket and soak them well in soapy water. Scraping the eggs onto the ground may kill some, but snow cover may also provide some eggs with insulation from extreme temperatures and increase their chance of survival. 

Learn more via Ontario's Invasive Species Awareness Program @Invspecies:

We got a worthwhile clarification from Pam Dickey: 
-25C kills only 20% of eggs. There needs to be a constant 5 days to kill 95%. This is only if they are not covered by snow.

Gypsy Moth - LDD - Aerial Spraying

From Zimmer Air

Zimmer Air Services Inc is now accepting applications for the 2022 spray season.

This year’s program will be organized by the Ontario Centre for Defoliator Control. You can find the application on their website:

Zimmer Air Services Inc
9742 Burk Line
Blenheim ON
office: (519) 676 9550
cell: (226) 627-4107

The last date for submitting an application is March 31st, however, if all the "sprays" are allocated, you'll miss out.

Environmentally Friendly De-icers

From Peterborough Green Up

Reducing the use of salt as a de-icer can make a BIG difference in our creeks, rivers, and wetlands. Salt can negatively impact water quality and biodiversity in waterways, plus it can also impact the health of trees and gardens.

There are several alternatives to salt you can use to improve traction, including unscented kitty litter, pea-gravel, and sand.

If you do really need a de-icer, consider Swish Clean and Green Ice Melter, made right here in Peterborough and sold at the GreenUP Store. This product does come in a single-use plastic bag, But otherwise it is an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to salt.

Designed to improve traction on icy roads and walkways, Swish Clean and Green Ice Melter is also gentle on animal paws, vegetation, and concrete. It contains magnesium chloride, which melts ice quickly even at lower temperatures. Plus, since Swish products are manufactured right here in Peterborough, that means fewer carbon emissions from shipping and transportation.

Order yours now via our online shop or swing by the GreenUP Store at 378 Aylmer Street North to get some today: open 10am-5pm weekdays and 10am-4pm Saturdays!

2022 Tree Seedling Sale - On Now

From Kawartha Conservation

Seedling order deadline: March 18, 2022 by 4 p.m. 
Pickup dates: Friday, April 29, and Saturday, April 30, 2022.
Pickup location: Ken Reid Conservation Area, 277 Kenrei Road in Lindsay.

Seedlings are 1 to 3 years old and bare root. Minimum order is 25 trees.

Order form:

Night Skies

Do you sleep better here on the lake because it's so much darker and quieter than in the city? Do you enjoy being able to see the stars?

We can all do our part to keep our skies dark. If you need to light your outside area at night, consider these tips:
  1. Use motion sensor lights that are only on as needed.
  2. Point lights down and not across at your neighbours.
  3. Avoid bright white lights or LED white lights.
  4. Cover lights with orange or red films or use coloured bulbs.
  5. Use reduced wattage bulbs.
Animals sleep better when it's dark too. Having lights on at night destroys the sleeping areas for many animals.

For more information on night skies and how it affects us and animals, see The Land Between's article on their website:

Septic Systems in Ontario Webinar

From the Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations (FOCA)

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 (12:00pm - 1:30pm EST)

Join FOCA and Make-Way Environmental Technologies for a "Lunch and Learn" webinar for homeowners about septic systems, with an overview of the types of septic systems permitted in Ontario, and creative solutions for difficult sites. There will also be a discussion of rainwater harvesting solutions, and the final half hour will be devoted to Q&A. Pre-registration is required, but this webinar is free thanks to event sponsor Make-Way Environmental Technologies, certified installers of the Enviro-Septic system. Register now! Feel free to share the registration link with your neighbours:
Lynn Woodcroft is not a new advertiser. Lynn has been advertising with us for years in our printed directories. Lynn has also been a sponsor for our Regatta every year and has presented at our educational meetings in her environmental capacity. We really appreciate Lynn's support. We know that Lynn promotes our association to new residents on the lake. It's not surprising really as we know Lynn is very involved in the community and sponsors many large events. We're so happy to have her as a neighbour!

You may contact us at if you are unsure as to whether your membership is paid for this fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).
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