I wanted to share some of my recent artwork with you!

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Hi <<First Name>>,

Join us and enjoy ART, wine, beverages and hors d’oeuvres this First Friday Art Walk at The Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce located at 443 Congress Street, Portland, ME


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I'll do a mailing every month or so. Any of my paintings can be made into gift cards ($25 / dozen delivered.) I can also make  mounted and framed giclee prints on canvas.
Abstract for Martin
18 in x 20 in - Oil on Canvas - 2018
My friend Martin was curious to see what would com out of me if I painted something 'abstract.' This is in the context of our discussions: A paleo-hebrew tetragrammaton for the 'name of god,' the four letters that represent a sound that is the aural name of god. Beneath this painting is another painting my wife calls 'mush' and will be revealed four hundred years from now when this painting is finally X-rayed to see what in fact lies beneath.

Uetliberg, for Anna (this could be Vermont!)
18 in x 24 in - Oil on Canvas - 2018
My step-daughter Anna took and always loved this photograph on a trail at Uetliberg, Switzerland (and I do too...)

Roman Bust
11 in x 14 in - Oil on MDF Panel - 2018
We were visiting the Getty Villa at Pacific Pallisades in Southern California and I photographed this Roman bust that reminds me of my step daughter Sarah. There's this painting exercise where you render a sculpture in 2D so appears as 3D. I approached this work for both reasons.
Liz Fraser 
9 x 12 Oil on Panel - 2018
Years ago my brother Larry Beckett wrote songs for Tim Buckley. Among them is a work titled, 'Song to the Siren.' Liz Fraser performs this work on the album 'This Mortal Coil,' and is my favorite rendition.

My friend Jack Flowers has a new book out (available here), recounting his experiences as a 'tunnel rat' in Vietnam.

"Few people understand fear of the unknown better than Jack Flowers and his fellow tunnel rats of Vietnam.

A combat engineer platoon leader in the 1st Infantry Division, Flowers, equipped just a knife, pistol, hand grenades and a flashlight, would lower himself into one of the dark, narrow crevices 

He and his men had no idea what awaited them. Squeezing themselves through the unlit, narrow passages and slipping through a trap door to another level, danger was everywhere: Enemy combatants, punji sticks, trip wires and booby traps that set off explosives or released poisonous snakes and scorpions, for example.

“It was scary,” Flowers said. “We were pretty well trained, but at the very beginning, if you went into a tunnel, it was almost suicidal.”

The Auburn resident estimates he went on more than 80 such missions. The Chicago Tribune, in a 1985 report, put the number at 97.

On his final mission in 1969, four to six weeks before the end of his tour, Flowers admits he “went berserk.” The stress of the tunnels finally brought him to a breaking point, and Flowers was sent home." 
By Steve Sherlock, Staff Editor - September 3, 2018


My brother's new book, Amelia Earhart is now shipping and is available at Amazon!

"above that ceiling of mist,

in this blue world, the sun is always out."

"There’s more poetic muscle, more colour and image in one line of Beckett’s blank verse than there is in an entire poem in a typical supplement of today." 
Alan Morrison The Recusant, 2017

I have shows coming! Next January at Cia's in South Portland, and at Lasell College, Wedeman Gallery in Newtown MA in February. Brrr... let's not think about that now...

On a deux vies. La deuxième commence le jour où on réalise qu’on en a qu’une. 

We have two lives. The second starts on the day we realize that we only have one. 

originally by Confucius


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