KIND Yoga By Heart - August 2015 Newsletter
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When seeds grow into sunflowers

A note from Ellen

KIND Yoga By Heart has officially been open for 2 months and it has been an incredibly beautiful process. Watching the studio transform from an idea, to an empty plot of land, and finally to a magnificent greenhouse with students practicing yoga every day has been a dream come true. I can’t express enough the gratitude I feel towards everyone who has helped along the way, as well as all the students who are coming regularly to practice in this space and who desire to see the community grow and expand as much as I do. We are off to a great start, and there are so many amazing things that are yet to happen in this magical space. The possibilities are endless, and I can’t wait to see them all unfold!

Check out the current class schedule here!

Live Music Classes

KIND Yoga By Heart offers weekly live music classes on the farm. A local musician offers a playlist for your practice, and the results are phenomenal. There are so many benefits to mixing live music with yoga and being in the outdoors. Here are just a few:
-Both yoga and live music are proven to lower stress levels, improve mood, and alleviate anxiety.
-Live music has the power to provide a positive shared experience for students, teachers and the musician, creating a supportive community.
-Live music enhances yoga by setting the tone for class. Students who attend these classes find the music helps them to feel less self conscious and creates a synchronized practice. 
-Live music classes encourage creativity!
-Live music classes support local musicians and encourage students to discover these hidden gems within their own community.

Meet a musician

Nimal Agalawatte is a talented musician who has been playing the stand up bass for 7 years, furthering his studies at Mohawk College. Although he hasn't played for a yoga class before, his girlfriend loves to dance while he plays bass, which definitely has some similarities. Nimal is excited about helping students connect to nature in a new way through his music and through their yoga practice. When not playing music, Nimal can be found cooking or riding his bike. Nimal will be the featured musician at the live music class on September 22. Book your session today! 

Pose of the month

Let's talk about Warrior 2, aka Virabhadrasana II. The Hindu myth goes that a powerful priest hosted a great sacrifice but did not invite his daughter, Sati and her husband, Shiva, the supreme ruler of the universe. Distraught by her father’s unwillingness to invite her, she walked into the fire and killed herself. When informed of her death Shiva created the ferocious Virabhadra warrior to avenge the passing of his beloved.
Although this story is rooted in considerable aggression, Ellen says this pose has a lot of merit in helping students to realize their concentrated might and abundant inner strength that proves we are capable of anything if we put our minds to it.
Here are some major health benefits of Warrior 2:

Strengthens and stretches the legs, ankles, groin, chest and lungs. Relieves backaches, especially through the second trimester of pregnancy. Therapeutic for carpal tunnel syndrome, flat feet, infertility, osteoporosis, and sciatica

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