KIND Yoga By Heart - December 2015 Newsletter
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Practice what you preach

A note from Ellen

November was a scary month for me. I decided to leave my studio, my community behind to act with touring theatre company Theatre of the Beat. We traveled to different Canadian Mennonite churches and schools performing a play about the inclusion of the LGBTQ community. Although it was hard to leave, I'm so glad I did. I was able to see people coming together, learning how to love more fully, how to change when it's needed, and how to reconcile hurt that has happened in the past. It was so beautiful to see this all coming together. What does your "church" look like? Is it reading ancient scripts, meditating, yoga, intentional time in community, or something else? No matter what your church is, how can it live beyond your practice, into your daily life? Let's all stop focusing on what kind of pretzel we can mold into, and start looking at what kind of knots we can unfold in the real world!

Kindness is the most valuable gift you can give someone.

'Tis the season

We love Christmas, and the warm fuzzy feeling it can give to one and all. So, we have decided to celebrate in style this month! You don't want to miss our Christmas party on December 17. It will be a great time to remember the potential of Christmas, outside of presents. And be sure to set your alarm clocks early on December 20. You will be serenaded by musicians singing hymns and Christmas carols as you practice (last month's Hymn Yoga was a huge success!). Treat yourself to any of the wonderful classes while you have some extra time off around the holidays, but remember we are closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day! (You can see the entire schedule here)

Free Yoga!

We need your help. Would you take 5-10 minutes out of your busy days to complete this survey? We want to know your thoughts, so we can make KIND Yoga by Heart the best it can be. All survey participants will be entered into a draw for a FREE 5 class pass! As always, if you have feedback, questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to speak with Ellen in person or via email at Thank you so much for all your support.


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Give the gift of yoga

Still doing last minute shopping? Why not offer your loved ones the gift of rejuvenating yoga! A drop-in class would be a great addition to any stocking. If you buy a minimum of a 5-class pass between now and December 24, receive one free class for yourself. 

New classes

KIND has introduced some new classes over the past few weeks. If you haven't had the chance, be sure to check them out! Gentle yoga is a slower, more calming practice. It is accessible to all; modifications are readily available, there is a focus on breathing, and classes tend to be more intergenerational (Ellen's 84-year-old grandma loves this class!). If you want to calm your mind and be kind to your body, try out gentle yoga. Slow flow is perfect for regular Hatha attenders who are intimidated by a regular flow class. In these classes, you will focus on strength and power in a slower way: a great way to understand your alignment, breathing, and mind! Family yoga has been a big hit for kids and parents. So far, families have enjoyed nature walks, walking meditations, yoga games, and of course yoga! Look out for the upcoming pre-registered family yoga series in the new year.
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